Thursday, April 26, 2007

An Invitation and an Interview

An Invitation to a Birthday Party

I learned this past February, through comments on my blog, two frequent bloggers who visit here share April 28th as their birthday. I haven’t met either blogger in person, which will make it even more fun to host a virtual birthday party for them this Saturday! Diane is the oldest, but Kevin isn’t far behind. Although neither have reached the big 5-0 mark yet, they’re both closing in fast! This is how it will work. On Saturday morning I’ll put up a happy birthday post (I’ll have to see what I can salvage and steal from their blogs to do it up nice). I’ll also have a toast that we can share as we raise our double-old fashion glasses (out of respect for Kevin, please fix yourself a Baptist Screwdrivers—OJ and Water). I’ll see if I can get Tim to furnish a cake and maybe I’ll turn out some ice cream. If anyone is good with party games, I’m open for suggestions. By the way, presents are requested! Please bring Diane your favorite blonde, faux-blonde, California and lawyer jokes. For Kevin, bring your favorite Baptist, theologian, clergy, redhead and Texan jokes. I know Kevin says he’s not really a Texan, but he married one and is guilty by association. Keep it clean or at least discreet and let’s have a good time!

An Interview by Sage
Being the infamous correspondent that I am, Murf and Trailady have requested that I interview them. After consulting with Nevada Jack, I’ve come up with some questions for each and posted them below. I should note that Murf’s blog suddenly disappeared this morning. She said she accidentally erased it while trying to change some of the settings or something. Personally, I think she erased it to keep me from coming up with better questions.

Questions for Murf
Sage: “Murf, why can’t you let just let things be? (This only partly refers to the “accidental” erasing of your blog.)”

Sage: “Living where you are, with the prevailing winds out of the Southwest, what will you do this fall if your SW neighbor decides no longer rake his or her leaves? And will you put your house up for sale is a family with Iowa license plates moves in to a home on the non-leeward side of your house?”

Sage: “In order to get to know your household, what comic strip or cartoon character best describes each member of the household (including pets).”

Sage: “By some weird accident of nature (heaven forbid), the 80s have returned. Describe your “big hair” style. What would you listen to while sitting in the salon? Would you vote for Reagan?”

Sage: “Both Trailady and you seem to have a thing for 80s music? What do you think Trailady’s favorite song from that era is? And since I spent most of the 80s catching up on the 70s, would I know it?”

Questions for Trailady
Sage: “In order to get to know your household, what comic strip or cartoon character best describes each member of the household (including pets).”

Sage: “Be honest, did you read all of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress? If so, which of Christian’s temptations and challenges have you struggled with the most. If you have not read it, describe beating yourself up with a wet noodle as an act of contrition.”

Sage: “Name a favorite food of yours that your kids won’t touch.”

Sage: “You say you’re Scot-Irish. Isn’t that like diluting Glenfiddich with Bushmills? How did your Scottish blood get so contaminated?”

Sage: “Both Murf and you seem to have a thing for 80s music? What do you think Murf’s favorite song from that era is? And since I spent most of the 80s catching up on the 70s, would I know it?”

Final instructions for Murf and Trailady: You need to update your weblog with your answers to the questions and include an explanation. You must be willing to interview someone else. When others ask to be interviewed, you get to ask them five questions and the pyramid will continue to be built.


  1. This is too funny... a virtual party. Sounds like lots of fun. Thanks.

  2. Sage, I emailed you a birthday cake recipe and a photo of a birthday cake. The birthday cake though was meant for a child. But maybe your birthday people are kids at heart. :)

    Sounds like fun what you are setting up here.

  3. I am unfamiliar with your loyal subjects, Sage, but I look forward to their answers! Good questions, BTW.

  4. What a wonderful birthday present! I can't wait . . . :-)

  5. Actually I'm glad I "accidentally" deleted it (to use your quotation marks). Every year I should do it. It's kind of like getting a new book and cracking the binding on the first few pages. By the time you get to the end it looks really worn, the paperback cover no longer lays flat. Who wants to be that? :-)

    I shall inaugurate the new blog with the answers to your questions.

  6. By the way, on June 8th, I'd like a virtual American Girls party.

  7. Sending you some b-day wishes early. Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

  8. Since I will be working frantically on my basement this Saturday, I won't have time to virtually attend the party. Please give both individuals my congratulations on surviving another year.

  9. Murf - I don't think it was a coincidence that your blog was deleted. The last time I took a good crack at you it got deleted too. Can't wait to see what my pecking order is when you get it back up.

  10. You know Ed, this will probably come as a shock to you but sometimes things happen for reasons which don't involve you.

  11. I thought I had some neat questions for my friend this morning but yours are really, really good questions!

  12. Kevin, I hope you enjoy the party

    Tim, thanks for the recipe and photo--it's perfect and will be posted on Saturday

    Kenju, thank you for your questions and spurring me along

    Diane, I hope it'll be fun. I got to dig out my file of lawyer and blonde jokes ;)

    Murf, I look forward to your new blog (you have to tell us where it's at as I don't have time to go lookin' for it!) After the real thing, a virtual American Girl party might be easy, except I'm not sure I'm going to have internet access the week of June 3-11.

    Mistress, sure you can add me! BTW, my "big" birthday was back in January.

    Ed, don't you want to take a reprieve from the basement? I think you understand Murf's psychology too well!

    Deana, thanks!

  13. You going to the U.P. again? :-)

    I thought Ed understood my psychology but now I'm not so sure. I actually found his comment funny as was my comment to Tim. Geez, since when did he start taking me literally?

  14. Great questions, Sage

    If I accidentally deleted my blog, I couldn't be held responsible for my next actions :)

    A virtual birthday party on a weekend. For you Sage, I will try to attend