Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dreaming of Snakes

This morning after a snow...  Not exactly snake weather!
Saturday morning I woke before dawn to a weird dream.  I was somewhere South, by a woodpile where there was a brownish looking copperhead (poisonous snake).  There was another guy there that I am pretty sure who he was even though I never got a good look at him, but he picked up the copperhead and thrust it at me.  I quickly grabbed the snake a few inches behind it s head, but the snake slithered backwards, trying to free its head.  Although it happened in an instant, I knew that if it’s head got free, he’d bite my hand so I camped down, catching its mouth between my thumb and index finger.   It’s not the best way to hold a snake, but I knew I was safe and could let it go where it wouldn’t threaten me or anyone else.  I then woke up and was unable to get back to sleep.

It seems as if I have been dealing with a lot of metaphorical snakes lately.  Although I am not particular afraid of snakes, except for the heart rate jump that comes when I’m startled by one, I also don’t make a habit of handling them.  But I have been dealing with a lot of stuff lately, and although I haven’t thought of it as dealing with snakes, when I woke up I knew right away what the dream was about.  I also had a feeling that I am going to be okay as I was able to let the snake go free and where it wouldn’t be a danger anymore. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cross Country Skiing & Checking In

 Lately it seems that what I need to write for work has been more than enough and I haven't been doing much blogging.  I keep thinking I'll get my muse back, but it just ain't happening.  But I am still around, occasionally, and here's some photos to prove it.

Last Thursday we received a wonderful snowstorm and Friday I was out at Yankee Springs skiing along the North Country trail...  The storm cleared out in the morning, by the afternoon it was beautiful.
 It seems my favorite travel is on two-tracks: trains, back roads, and ski trails...

 Unfortunately, we had some rain and warmer temperatures and there isn't enough snow to ski on tomorrow, when I am off....
A frozen Hall Lake just before sunset