Monday, August 15, 2011

A quick update (and a neat photo)

I'm in Tallinn, Estonia.  I got here because it was A LOT cheaper to fly out of than St. Petersburg, Russia and I thought it would be neat to see a bit of the Baltic States...  It is a neat town and I found myself thinking I'd like to spend a little more time here.  Unfortunately, that's what is happening, but my time is in the airport and not the city center!  The flight I'd booked no longer exist (and for some reason Expedia only tried to connect with me via my work email which I'd archived till the end of my Sabbatical, even though they sent a confirmation for another email of mine).  Anyway, I'm off to Scotland and on the 24th, will board a ship for the US...   The photo below was taken in St. Petersburg on Saturday night.  That's the Hermitage in the background (what a unique art collection).

In another month, maybe I can catch up with blogs!