Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Outside the Forbidden City
I wish I could find a new (old style) Mao hat
to replace my well-used Calico Jack cap
 I am in China and will soon be leaving for Mongolia (and on to Moscow) on the trans-Mongolian/Trans-Siberian Railway.  I've not had any time to keep up with bloggers lately, so I hope you've all been behaving yourselves.  This has been a wonderful trip--nearly 8 weeks into it and I still have yet to take an imodium AD (or any other stomach drugs, for that matter).  That's a good trip. 
The Great Wall
Now China has the Great Fire Wall!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beautiful Vietnam

I'm in Hanoi, having just spent a few days at Ha Long Bay.  What a beautiful place!  I'm not doing a good job keeping up with blogs or with my own blogging here, but you can check out my other blog, www.jeff-ridingrails.blogspot.com.  Be good!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Good morning, Vietnam!

I left my room in Hoi An, on my rented one-speed bike, for the beach.  It was 5:15 AM (I should have left at 5 as I just missed the sunset.  The first photo is of the beach.  Unlike sunrises on the beach in the Carolinas, where there will be a few walkers and fishermen, but your mostly along, here there was a party with people swimming, playing soccer and boys through mud!  The photo below was taken from the bridge to the beach (a few hundred meters from the beach itself).  
Again, I'm not around here much this summer, as I am traveling and I'm mostly posting in my other blog.  Be good!