Friday, October 25, 2013

An afternoon of paddling

I haven’t been on the water since I took my sailboat out late in September and was itching to be out while there were still some leaves on the trees.  Surprisingly, this fall hasn’t been as colorful as last.  This year, we got adequate water.  There are some nice splotches of color, but nothing as spectacular as last year when we were in a drought.  I was only on the water for a little over two hours, paddling about six miles.  There were numerous ducks and kingfishers, a few great blue herons, nearly a dozen abandon hornet’s nest, lots of falling leaves and one turtle.  I would have thought the turtles would have found their winter homes already, especially since there was no sun to speak of today.  It was cool, in the low to mid-40s with a few moments of sleet.  The wind was strong which made it feel cooler at times.   Paddling by myself, I was attentive to the scenery as I listened to the ripple of the water and the wind howling in the trees.  It was soothing to my soul, a desperately needed outing.  Enjoy the photos…
I always take a few reflection shots

Calm waters and leaves

shallow and fast water

Great Blue Heron taking flight


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Art Prize 2013 and Checking In

I have been really busy and distracted the past few weeks and haven’t spent very much time on blogger as I’m sure you know.  Or maybe you don’t know, or even worse, maybe I’ve not been missed at all.  I’d be like the tree falling in the wood and no one hears… Well, I could throw a pity party, but I don’t have time...  So instead, I am going to share a bunch of random photos that I took a couple weeks ago at Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This year’s show ran from September 18 to October 6.  Art Prize is one of the largest displays of public art (and much of the art is also over-sized, such as the flags flying in the Grand River).  This year’s winner was a massive mural of Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, which was beautiful but might also show some regional pride as the art is judged by votes and the natives voted!  One thread that seemed to run through much of the art was recycling as all kinds of old junk (old tires, scrap metal, driftwood, glass bottles, etc) were converted into artwork. Check out the "Top 10." Enjoy the photos and I’ll try to write or share more about what’s been going on later…
Cubism isn't dead after all
notice the boat, the barrels, the old license plates!

Earth Giant (6 Place) with a fishing line out into the river

Waves on the Grand (or a giant canoe obstacle course)

Recycled tires created into a panda (10th Place)

Giant Quakers (but do they float like the one in Pittsburgh)

One junkyard depleted...

The Ford Museum has always been a venue
due to the government shutdown, everything had to be moved outside

This year's winner

My attempt at enhancing art by adding my photo to it!