Thursday, October 21, 2010

Carolina Beach (A Travel Tip Thursday post)

Travel Tip Thursday is a writing prompt that encourages us to write about favorite travel places, giving folks a “tip” about where to go (I’m good at telling folks that) and what to see. Today, I’m taking you to Carolina Beach.

By the way, having just made a trip to North Carolina last week and heading down to Central America next week, I haven't had a lot of time to write or to keep up with everyone's blog and this will probably continue through the first week of November.

Growing up in the Myrtle Grove Sound area, east of Wilmington, NC, we were exactly half way between two beaches: Wrightsville and Carolina. It was about nine miles both ways, and about the same amount of time to travel. We liked Wrightsville Beach best (they still have nicer beaches that don’t drop off so quickly and clearer water as Carolina Beach is too close to the river and the water is often dirty). Carolina Beach also had a reputation. When I was a kid, the country radio station that was always on when in my parents car (which is why to this day I can’t stand country music) played a song called Carolina Beach over and over again… The lyrics went like this:

Carolina Beach, Carolina Beach
Sure did ruin my life
Lost my home, lost my car
Lost my sweet, sweet wife

Said I was goin’ fishin’
Well, that’s what I said
But I didn’t go fishin’
Went to the beach instead

Today, Carolina Beach has cleaned up (that’s not to say that a lot of folks haven’t lost their “sweet, sweet spouses at both beaches). Plus, with the traffic to Wrightsville Beach, it’s a lot quicker to drive to Carolina Beach. So last Saturday morning, the last day while visiting my parents, I headed down there in time for the sunrise and I caught a guy catching bait, snapping the photo above as he appears to be throwing the net in order to catch the rising sun.

Although sunrises are always nice, I did miss out on one treat. Along the boardwalk (which is now mostly cement), there’s a place that’s been a local establishment since the 1920s. Britt’s Donut Shop makes the best donuts around, Krispy Kreme don’t hold anything on Britt’s. It’s not very big and the place is normally crowded, but it closes up in the winter. It was already closed. A sign on the door said they’d see everyone in April 2011. So I drove back to my parent’s house, with an empty stomach but a soul recharged for having seen such a sunrise.

If it’s summer and you’re in Carolina Beach, check out Britt’s Donuts. That’s my travel tip for today.


  1. Looking forward to your travel notes on Central America.

  2. nice. love carolina beach...and going over to Kill Devil Hills to see the monster truck garage...smiles.

  3. Lana and I are planning some travel for next year. Haven't done as much as I'd like.

  4. I've never been a Krispy Kreme fan. I do like the old donut and coffee shacks which used to dot the landscape. Now, grocery stores and gas stations sell donuts and it's just not the same.

    Safe travels!


  5. Man I wish I lived nine miles from any ocean beach.

  6. Dang, I just noticed. Your ad on the bottom of your blog is tailored just for me with a political ad from a state senate race for my district. I can't even avoid the ads reading my favorite blogs.

  7. So many beaches, so little time...

  8. Ron, I'll try to have a few stories to share, if not, I'll make 'em up!

    Brian, don't know about the monseter trucks at Kill Devil Hills, but that's a long ways north

    Charles, I could be a regular vagabond.

    Randall, Agreed!

    Ed, the beach was actually closer and I plan to talk about it in an upcoming blog--across the sound was Masonboro Island, but you had to go via boat! As for the ads, I wonder what other people see--I'm seeing ads for cottage beach rentals

    Jen, Yep!

  9. Sage: Do not fret about blogging irregularly. This summer and fall have been challenging over at my site too and travel is good for you. I think the Carolinas are a very beautiful part of the country. You are most fortunate to hail from there!

  10. Britt's Donuts and Carolina Beach...I've added them to my bucket list (it's a mental list now of about 10 pages!). :)

    Beautiful sunrise, Sage. I can understand where those lyrics were inspired.

  11. The song sounds quite funny to me -but poor guy-. Don't worry about posting later, Sage. First thing first. I'll be here to read your next post!

  12. Its so funny that you wrote about this area as I was just talking to my friend about the east coast, and where might be a good beachy place to relocate(yes, that's still in the back of my mind). She mentioned the Carolinas, but I haven't ever been to a Carolina coast. Only Asheville and Lake Toxaway. Thanks for your insight, Sage. It has inspired me to do some more investigating!

  13. I wish I had known about the donut place when we were there in Sept!!

  14. I was all the way to the end and I was like "Um, Sage, where was the tip?"


    Looks gorgeous.

    Then again, the beach always does.

  15. Beautiful sunrise pic! They are soothing to the soul!

  16. I've only been to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. That's it for the Carolinas, but this makes me want to visit the beach and that donut shop. :)

  17. You've been to so many places, but I did not know this was where you started. Loved the sunset.

    Look forward to your Central American travel post.

  18. My son Paul and daughter in law Leanne are travelling Canada and North America for a year via van and motor bike ... are in Wilmington right now ... Love, cat.