Sunday, October 10, 2010

What My Fellow Bloggers Did This Weekend...

I haven’t been up for writing blogs recently, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about my readers. Yesterday evening, I got to wondering what some of my fellow bloggers was up to.

Bone: Two weeks ago, Bone was so mad at a friend whose wedding was the Saturday of the Auburn/Alabama game. He spent much of this Saturday afternoon looking for a wedding to crash. Bama losing to the lesser of the Carolina’s was just too humiliating.

John: After suffering from a toothache all week, he forgot all about it as the Gamecocks caught Bama at low tide. I guess those boys from South Carolina had a lot of fight after losing to the other USC (in the Supreme Court over a logo dispute). Joining John at his party was Pia, who was trying to show loyalty to her newly adopted state.

Murf: While tailgating at the Big House, she realized that she was lucky to be on the outside where they couldn’t see the scoreboard. Though they fancy themselves as liberals over there in Ann Arbor, the city had never been this green.

Do I have any readers who are MSU fans?

Sage: He woke up Saturday morning wondering why a slew of his Facebook friends had changed their profile pictures to green and blue football helmets. He thought it nice that no one was on the highways Saturday when he took bicycle ride. Instead of worrying about traffic, he was able to enjoy the colors of fall. He also found it a nice weekend to do a little paddling and photograph the fall colors reflecting off the water.
Have a great Sunday and be sure to take time to enjoy the colors of the season (for those of you living in the northern half of the planet.


  1. I love those reflection shots. Very nice. Sounds like a good bike ride instead of watching football. :)

  2. The first reflection shot looks like a Monet - from his water lily series. Thanks.

  3. Lovely photos! One day I will spend a year living in a climate with real seasons. Glad you got out for a relaxing paddle... xxoo

  4. Excuse me--the lesser of the Carolina's? Just because I take everybody to Brunswick County NC to see beautiful country and exceptional beach or to your hometown which is amazing, etc--doesn't mean...yes it does
    But as I tried explaining to Bone losing to us could be a good thing as the Bama's needed to lose just one game and who better to than the state of indecent politics etc? The Yankees almost always lose before they get pennant ready. A loss is both humbling and ennobling. Somehow I don't think Bone buys my story but...
    We actually had two oaks in my hood that were a glorious red but I went to get my camera and lost the moment. Your pictures are wonderful

  5. Lynn, growing up in NC, we never really knew there was college football! The bike ride was healthier.

    Ron, I saw a collection of Monet "lilies" years ago, my photos are nearly that good! But thanks!

    Michela, don't you just have opposite seasons from us down there?

    Pia, I wonder if Bone is going to come around this week? Glad to here you're touring my old haunts.

  6. So who won the big game this year? And uhh quit pushing the Autumn color thing...bad juju for extended summer until like March or so,

  7. Love the photos, though I'm shocked you didn't post a Mizzou or NC totem.


  8. Walking Guy, Winter is coming, get use to it :) And from what I hear, MSU won, which may be why everyone in my house (except me) wore green yesterday

    Randall, I'll talk NC trash when basketball season comes around!

  9. hey UNC had a big win on saturday...3-2...not bad when half your team sits the bench each week...smiles. wonderful pic!

  10. i must be the only fool running a marathon

  11. Cooking and freezing for the week, studying a bit of German to prepare the new course and blogging!

    Your pictures of the autumn colours reflected on the water are amazing!

  12. I think I'm through the five stages of grief now. Denial was almost non-existent. (Unless I'm still in denial in which case I wouldn't actually know it.) Anger was only partially verbalized this time. Depression was the worst, but that only lasted a couple of days.

    Bama and Michigan play in a couple of years. Hopefully, that one turns out better for us.

  13. You can feel free to do one of these for me after this weekend :)