Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sibling rivalries

Yesterday was the Michigan/Michigan State game. Since there could only be one winner, roughly half of the state’s population is pissed off today. Sometimes it’s great to be an outsider, even if people do think I talk funny.


  1. But yet it makes all the girls tingle. :-) Since I can't seem to find you to IM again after our riveting conversation, feel free to email me if you want. My IM name is also my Yahoo email address.

  2. How funny do you TALK?? (smiling)

    We always have that rivalry game between Alabama vs Auburn last game of the season. Even though I live in So. Florida now, my roots of where I grew up and lived most of my entire life....that game is still a big part of every year.

    Thanks for your little quiz or Q & A I enjoyed it. (smiling) Hope this fines you having a great day...please do come back and visit. I added you to my links! (smiling)

    I checked out your pictures yesterday, wow - it sure is beautiful all the places you shared and you looked good too! (smiling)

  3. Re: My funny talk--Let's just say I do have a southern accent, but not an Alabama one--a "down east" accent from coastal North Carolina.

    And I failed my own word verification to post here--let me try again

  4. Wow...that's a lot of (smiling). Sage, I think she wants ya.

  5. People think I talk funny up here in Wisconsin. I have an accent they say. I like it too!

  6. " that rivalry game between Alabama vs Auburn "
    Let me just add a WAR EAGLE here...nothing like that rivalry!

    now to sage, it's not you that speaks funny, it's them...and don't knock the bama accent :)

  7. wonder what kind of accent Kiki has? And Kontan, I looove the 'baba accent--but don't understand how people can play football when it's so hot and humid!