Sunday, October 02, 2005

How much head can one beer have?

October is supposed to be cool in the North Country. Not today. It has been warm and extremely humid. Taking my dog for a walk this evening, I come back sticky and he’s panting. He heads for his water bowl, as I open the fridge and select a beer. A Starboard Stout from the Arcadia Brewing Company of Battle Creek sounds like it’ll hit the spot. So I sit a bottle on the counter, find the church key, and open it. Then the bottle erupts. This isn’t unusual, normally I take a gulp or two of foam as the beer settles down. But not this evening. The foam just keeps coming. This bottle is putting on a better display than that volcano down in El Salvador. I give up trying to drink all the foam and look for a chilled mug, but remember there all downstairs. So I sit a towel under the bottle and, with the interest of a volcanologist, watch one half of the beer foam out. I think I’m going to need another beer.


  1. Kudos for walking the dog, at least. I won't tell mine. He'll probably be envious. Enjoy the next three days of Indian Summer. I hope you have enough beer to make it through it.

  2. I think that is a good idea!!
    Perhaps a few may be an option!

    Sounds like quite an adventure you took with your dog and the weather....hummmm it is 90 here or hotter...a good excuse for a beer after a dog walk every day!! (smiling)