Sunday, October 09, 2005

Heading for Safe Harbor

About thirty minutes before sunset, we turn out of Hewitt’s Creek and head south taking the waterway through Masonboro Sound. My brother is at the helm, and I stand next to him, holding on the center console. The smooth water allows us to open the throttle. He turns his cap around and I tighten the adjustable band on my hat. The wind feels pleasant, the early October air still being warm. To our west, homes, condos and piers dot the landscape. But to the east lay Masonboro Island, a nine-mile long nature preserve. About the time we pass Whiskey Creek, the sun drops below a cloud and the marsh grass lining the waterway suddenly becomes golden. Gulls take flight, in search of a last meal before dark. An occasional crane is spotted along the water’s edge, searching for food. A couple of pelicans fly north while others sit on the pilings of piers. In John’s Creek, a lone heron hunts. A pair of porpoise gracefully rise in front of the boat, only to dive and come up for air on the port side. We pass a few sailboats, on their winter migration south, anchored for the evening in creeks and cuts safely away from the waterway. As we cross Snow’s Cut, where the waterway turns west and heads toward the river, the sun sets; it’s rays gradually disappearing as the water turned gray. By the time the boat is secured at the marina, it's dark. Although we didn't catch any fish, it’d been a wonderful day that ended perfectly.

This was the first day since I arrived that it didn't rain! This place has received 14 inches of rain since Wednesday. I did a lot of reading. Cape Lookout will have to wait till Christmas--time for trout and stripper fishing. The water is all brown and the fishing terrible, but my brother and I had a pleasant afternoon out on the water. Tomorrow I'm heading to Pinehurst to visit my grandmother. I fly back north on Tuesday.


  1. Sounds beautiful. Are you in NC? I lived there for several years, long ago. Hope the end of your trip is enjoyable and your Grandmother is well.

    Michele sent me!

  2. I'm glad it didn't rain for ya...and I hope you have a safe trip on Tuesday.

    Btw, Michele sent me!

  3. So why exactly do you live here and not there?

  4. why do I live here--that's a work in progress. Check my next post--I'm not quite sure why I've lived any of the places I lived... but I do like the water and Michigan has plenty of it (but I miss mountains).

  5. Yeah, one has to make mountains out of molehills here in southern MI.

  6. This sounds absolutely beautiful! I can see the whole thing through your vivid imagery...

  7. To me, in my opinion, perhaps you needed this time away and a chance to give thought to what means the most to you. I hope that your trip brought you peace and whatever it is you are facing...the answers you need. That is what I read between the lines, or maybe I didn't? hummm

    Sounds gorgeous the way you described your journey back in from fishing. I bet your brother will treasure that memory as well.

    Have a great day w/your grandmother. She will be thrilled I am sure. Hoping you have a safe flight. (smiling) Take care!

  8. that is a beautiful arrangement of words you did well
    Thank you