Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nevada Jack weighs in on politics

The politically incorrect reporting of a bear getting ready to hibernate.

All this mumbling about Kerry once again running for President is crazy. He can’t even tell a joke. If he could have told a few jokes back in 2004, he’d now be President. I don’t know if he’ would have been a better President, but it is hard to imagine him being any worse. He didn’t run a good campaign in 2004 and isn’t doing too good of a job this campaign season and he ain’t even running. His blotched joke has given Bush and all his henchmen something to talk about which takes the focus off the mess they’ve made.

Yesterday, Bush indicated he’s planning on keeping Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld around. I don’t understand why he’s keeping Rumsfeld, unless his idea for victory in Iraq is more of the same old failed ideas. And the President says the Democrats don’t have a plan for winning. He’s probably right, but neither does he have such a plan! Of course, I know why he keeps Cheney as VP. You can’t get a better insurance policy than having someone as sinister as Dead-eye Dick next in line for the presidency.

President Bush is now running around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off, trying to get as much support as he can muster for Republican candidates. Georgie Boy is worried. He knows the next two years might be a little uncomfortable if his party loses control of Congress and that wise system of checks and balances created by the Founding Fathers once again begins to work. Heck, if the Democrats take over, they might even dock his pay for those extended vacations he takes to his ranch in Texas.

Here is my advice to the political parties. The Democrats should continue to talk about Iraq and terrorism and how the two have no connection. And they should also hit the Republicans on the deficit and the economy. Can someone tell me when conservatism and economic irresponsibility started going hand in hand? I wish they could talk about morality and ethics, but both parties seem a little short supplied in that field. The Republicans, many of whom think they're divinely appointed, should look to the Good Book and take the advice of Proverbs 31:6-7. They should throw one heck of a beer bash on Monday night so that those who are perishing, those who are in distress or in poverty might “drink and remember their misery no more.” And as they recover from a hangover on Tuesday, they just might forget to vote, giving the status quo/stay the course party a chance to continue their failed polices.

Of course, I’m only a bear and can’t vote. But if Sage doesn’t vote, I’m going to gnaw his leg off. Enough ranting…

Addendum: I know, I really should stop ranting and start hiberating, but I need to say something about the Michigan gubernatorial race. Dick DeVos, the silver spooned heir to the Amway fortune, has put about $35 million (that's a lot of soap) of his own money into the race, with about $34.999 million going out for negative ads telling us how Granholm’s polices have failed, how she keeps making the same mistakes, how she blames everyone but herself, and so on. This is an interesting strategy for a Republican, for if you changed Graholm’s name to Bush, the commercials would be just as viable. And the scandal today is that DeVos lied about his high school football career (at least that's what his old coach says). However, we shouldn’t hold that against him, that’s just a macho thing. I’m sure there are a lot more former starting quarterbacks than there have been games played.


  1. I hope there will be no gnawing!

    We have a Rep. candidate around here who said during a campaign stop that his opponent must be gay because he and his wife have been married for so long and still don't have children. He actually said that. Of course, the same guy, when he was running in another area of NC had a sculpture of the 10 Commandments placed in a parking lot of a gov. building (with his name on it). Of course, it was removed quickly.

  2. You're actually registered to vote in MI or are you flying back to Utah or NC?

  3. Kenju, I always thought NC politics were crazy, but after living in NV and UT, I find that they're quite tame.

    Murf, I live here, I'm registered to vote here. Why do you think otherwise?

  4. I am so sick of the commercials bashing each other!
    That is why I can't take sides...the Rebuplicans have done a fantastic job of running this country in the ground yet the Democrats don't have anyone I really think can fix it. I too wish we could get back to the real moral greed and lies. Would someone NOT power hungry and has a REALLY GOOD plan to help people in our country and fix this Iraq mess please stand up????? I'm looking......

  5. I'm so sick of the commercials as well. Today at ASU there were signs that said "Bill Clinton on Campus today" and I didn't believe it! I went home and missed him.

  6. A couple of months ago, I received a phone solicitation to contribute to the "Friends of John Kerry". I told the guy, that he'd run a terrible campaign before, and although I contributed in 2004, I wasn't giving him any more money. The guy says, well, Kerry isn't running for any office, but he is seeking contributions so he (Kerry) can support candidates across the country he deems worthy. I responded that I was capable of deciding which candidates across the nation I wanted to support on my own. . . now he embarasses the party again. I'm looking forward to the elections being over, and I'm afraid there won't be enough of a change when they are . . .

  7. if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting...

    tired of it. a change is in the air. i'm not the only one tired of it. *sigh*
    DeVos (or, what my daughter calls him, DeF*cker) is NOT DeAnswer FOR MICHIGAN!

    my bumper sticker says it all: If you're not outraged, you probably voted for Bush. Twice.

  8. I understand both parties use negative campaigning, but one party uses it in abundance and, in many cases, in a horrendously extreme manner.

    Anyway, great post Nevada Jack.

  9. You seem to move fairly often and perhaps re-registering everytime isn't something that you like to do.

  10. Deana, you've got to be a bit power hungry to want to stand up--that's the catch-22 of politics!

    Peri, Did you want to see him, or just glad you avoid the crowds and traffic? I wonder what kind of crowds he's drawing these days. I would like to meet him--even though he had his problems--'cause I think he's one of the most interesting and intelligent presidents we've had.

    Diane, Sounds like a good philosophy to support candidates yourself--and besides Kerry has enough money

    Karen, this end of the state is strongly Republican, but I do know a lot of them who are really questioning Bush, but they'll probably still vote for DeVos

    Murf, I've been here almost three years, was in Utah over 10 years--I really haven't moved a lot since my early 30s. And besides, they don't allow you to stay registered in a state you don't live in (unless you're a Bush or a Cheney)

  11. Oh, I skipped V. And his link to the Slate article on negative advertising should be read by all--check it out. Kenju, I think Slate uses your NC candidate as an example.

  12. Well I unfortunately came back from the desert southwest in time for the election. I too am going to gnaw the leg off of Ed if he doesn't vote. Plus, on Monday I am going to post a riddle on his blog about all the scandals going on in the House of Representatives. See if anyone can figure out what all the scandals have in common. I'm guessing it will be an easy riddle to solve.

  13. Desert Rat, say hi to Georgie Boy, it seems he's doing a lot of campaigning out there in traditional Republican strongholds, in places like Nevada and Montana and Arizona. Maybe it's campaigning, maybe it's running scared.

  14. I did not know that. I do know, however, that if someone is dead, they will still send voter information. One would think a city clerk would have an updated list on people can actually vote. I was nearly going to call and let them know that my dad would need an absentee ballot.

  15. I'm afraid my knowledge of the US Government is limited to The West Wing! Although I do at least recognise some of the names!!

    Here from Michele's today!

  16. Claire's speeding up my move to Canada.

  17. Murf, are you going to vote twice--once for you and once for your dad? Don't let Clara drive you to Canada, she don't have to know that much about American politics cause (and it took me a while to figure it out from her blog), she's from Britain and probably knows as much about our politics as we know about theirs.

    Clara, thanks for stopping by. The West Wing is one of the few TV shows in the past decade (other than sports and history stuff) that I've seen more than once.