Saturday, November 04, 2006

Too many tears

I am shocked and sad and have shed quite a few tears over the past 12 hours. Last night, I learned that a friend and a mentor committed suicide. Some of the details are messy and I realize now there were things about this guy many of us didn't know. Right now I don’t feel like doing much of anything, but since I had already prepared a post for today and my quote post for tomorrow, I’ll go ahead and run them. I’m not sure how much reading and commenting I’ll be doing over the next few days as I need to sort some things out.


  1. We'll be here when you do and until then, will be thinking of you.

  2. Sage I am so very very sorry. You will be in my thoughts and prayers along with your friends family! What a sad thing when someone feels the need to take their own life.

  3. It's catching? One of my best friends attempted suicide 2 days ago, and thank God she didn't succeed. I am sorry about your friend, Sage, and I hope you can find peace about it.

  4. GYE NYAME Sage.

    This saying comes from Ghana and stems from the Akan aphorism: "Abode santann yi firi tete; obi nte ase a onim ne ahyease, na obi ntena ase nkosi ne awie, GYE NYAME."

    Literal translation: "This great panorama of creation dates back to time immemorial; no one lives who saw its beginning and no one will live to see its end, EXCEPT GOD."

    While there may not be any answers right now, and too many tears, God has the answers, and now your friend does too. In time may the answers be revealed to you also.


  5. oh honey i'm so very sorry.

    be well sweetie.

    love and thoughts from afar.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, the numbness is still present but I'm doing okay.

    I'm no Angel, if you're who I think you are, you're right, you're not an angel, but for a mortal, you're pretty good! Thanks for the perspective. Are you studing up to visit your cousin in Ghana?

  7. Seems like this world is full of senseless acts. Someday we will all be able to go someplace that makes more sense. Until then, we get by the best we can.

    Take care Sage. We'll be here when you're back.

  8. I'm so sorry, Sage. Take care and we'll be here when you're ready to come back. You'll be in my prayers and thoughts.

  9. Sending good thoughts your way as you deal with the loss of your friend.

  10. Oh sage I am so sorry to here your news, it is always so hard to over come the loss of a loved one and I don't feel that we ever really do. Sending lots of love and prayers and hugs your way
    your friend

  11. I am sorry for your loss. I too have lost people close to me.

    Sometimes life just feels so futile: do your best to be a good person, to help others and be self-sacrificing and get old and die anyway...

    Kind of a bummer. People get tired and depressed. Life beats us down and it's hard to make a comeback...