Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Commentary on the News by Nevada Jack

Blogger photos doesn't seem to be working this morning so I was unable to post Nevada Jack's mugshot. Nevada Jack's commentaries are guaranteed to be politically incorrect.

This morning on NPR Radio, the Michigan edition, I learned that the city of Saginaw is applying for a federal grant to tear down eighty houses in an attempt to deter arsonists. Something just doesn’t seem right about using tax dollars in this manner. Of course, the houses are abandoned and dilapidated and probably need to be removed. I can think of a variety of valid reasons to remove them: to make the neighborhood safer for kids who play in them, to cut down on rodents who live in them, to create park space, or to prepare for redevelopment. All of those reasons seem valid, but to tear down a building as a way of fighting arson sounds a lot like eliminating banks to deter bank robbers, removing speed limit signs to end traffic violations, or making women wear tents as a way to keep men from being tempted by their curves and softer features. There is no way we can remove every temptation and sometimes we need to be responsible for our own actions. Now, in Saginaw, if someone is looking for a house to torch, they’ll have 80 less houses to choose from and may do something ever more terrible like burning down an occupied house or dropping a match on the fur of a hibernating bear.


  1. While he may be politically incorrect, I'm sure Jack is smart enough to know never to hibernate anywhere around Saginaw or even Midland. He may enjoy Pinconning and their cheese though.

  2. Who owns the property? I would think it would be their responsibility. Do people really buy property and then just leave it?

  3. Dawn - Yes people buy property and leave it. Try not paying the mortgage for a few months. I've always wondered who meets the city ordinances regarding lawn care when the property is owned by the bank the repossessed it.

  4. Murf, I've only been in Saginaw once. I use to love the sound of the name, but once I saw the city, I realized that I didn't lose anything there.

    Dawn, I didn't catch all the report but they were talking about them trying to get clear titles to the property so it could be redeveloped. I assume if the building is falling down and your not paying taxes, the city ends up owning the property.

    Murf, I don't understand buying property and leaving it either, but I know it does happen.

  5. Sometimes we need to be responsible for our own actions? Surely Nevada Jack you jest

    Don't you understand that in 21century America only a fool takes responsbilty? It's just not the American way

    Many good housing developments have been torn down in the name of progress, stopping crime, whatever

    We infantilize people so much that they honestly believe that Brittany and Kevin's divorce is real news

    As a society we are a failure. However, I do believe that many of us are sick of the status quo and want to take America back to real values

    I find it fascinating that many of us can disagree on politics, religion etc, but believe in the same values---and the biggest I think is personal responsiblity

    Thanks for a great post

  6. I've been to Saginaw a few times. It's like Flint (third highest crime rate in U.S.) if that tells you anything. That's probably why they want to tear down the houses. Personally, I think it's a good thing.

  7. Seems to me that the more cost-effective way to do it is to let the arsonists have at it!

  8. I was thinking about doing a post about how gung ho Bush was on six party talks with North Korea but against three party talks (Syria, Iran and the U.S.) with Iraq. But instead I will scrounge around for scraps of turkey that Ed might drop over the next couple of days.

  9. Here in Iowa, immenent domain is a big issue and I suspect will be a big issue in this years legislative session. I suspect it will play an issue up there as well because I'm willing to bet people will be coming out of the woodwork to claim their house and hopefully a payoff before the city removes them.

  10. federal grant? just give a bunch of 16 year olds some hammers and red bull . . .

  11. I always look forward to Nevada Jack's commentaries. Although I was sorta hoping he was at the TomKat wedding. Nevertheless, I'm glad he's back.

  12. Pia, agreed, we don't take responsibility for our actions in America and it's a top down problem!

    Karen, Saginaw isn't a very attractive place, but it's sad because some of the old buildings there are quite nice

    Kenju, let the fire depts burn them for practice! Of course, there are still clean up issues after a fire

    DesertRat, good luck getting a few crumbs, I hear Ed cleans his plate!

    Ed, don't know who immiment domain might play into this, but it might be hard to find someone to "occupy" some of these houses (but then, you have the homeless)

    Diane, there's an idea, give jobs to the local youth

    Bone, Nevada Jack doesn't do clebs, well not normally, there was that one time I just couldn't help but speak out on Michael Jackson...