Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Photos

I’m kind of watching the Superbowl as I’m creating this blog. Tom Petty is getting old, but that’s not what I wanted to grip about… I’m getting tired of this weather. We get a good base of snow, then it warms up for a day or two and rains and we have to start all over. But for this weekend, I’ve been able to enjoy cross-country skiing. Friday afternoon I skied with my daughter. The first picture is of her and the Triscuit (the dog). The dog loves to go with us, but he constantly has to stop and clean the snow out of his paws (I know, I should get him some booties, but I also don’t take him (or my daughter) when I putting in miles.

This weather also brings out the birds. In the dogwood tree outside the kitchen window are two female and one male cardinal. The next picture is of a cardinal at the feeder off the breakfast nook.

Today I went skiing with friends along the North Country trail. The trees are beautiful when snow hugs the trees…
When completed, the North Country Trail will be the longest in America, running from Upstate New York to North Dakota, over 4000 miles (no, it doesn’t take the most direct route). Below is a trail sign along the way.
I know Kenju has decorated some lovely Christmas trees for the Governor of North Carolina, but nature can put the best florist to shame.
Our skiing took us along side Glass Creek…
Ok, back to the game. I'd kind of like to see the Giants win (they're down by 4 right now), but I really don't care...


  1. I'm watching for the commercials, and will soon stop that because they have a myspace for that. :)

    Love the pics

  2. Lovely photos but I have to say I'm sick of winter weather already too. Bring on the sun.

  3. Love the photos! Your daughter has a very stylish snow outfit and the birds are beautiful . . .

    I had the same ambivalent feeling about the game

    We had another windy, rainy day here

  4. It is snowing and the wind is blowing like crazy right now. We have had ice and snow on the ground for over a month now (which is not normal -- it usually snows and then melts away). It's been a cold winter so far. So, suffice it to say that I'm with you.

  5. Thanks for the link, Sage, but I like your natural trees better! Those are some fat cardinals!

  6. You make me want more winter in my life. Your pictures are beautiful, especially the one of the red cardinal on the snowy branches. I love the contrast.

    As for Tom Petty, I remember that old refugee song of his. My old boyfriend used to sing it to me trying to be funny. (Notice how he's my OLD boyfriend.)

    The only song I like by TP is American Girl, the opposite of the refugee song.

  7. beautiful winter scenes. That last one is almost sculptural.

  8. Your photographs make me want more!

    BTW, you come and pick your award from my blog.

    No, it is not a return one. You deserve it.

    I liked the book review too prior to this post. I will come and read it again.

  9. I'd love to go cross country ski-ing, I can't cope with downhill! But we don't get enough snow here for the cross country. I like your photos, specially the one of the cardinals in the trees, stunning that is.

  10. Kontan, I actually hate the commercials! A few are clever, but they're still trying to get me to buy something I don't want or need. As for the beer ones, I drank a brown ale brewed locally and it's far superior than anything advertised last night.

    Mistress, you really need to live in AZ--I remember moving to Pittsburgh and then discovering the place has only 48 (or something like that) clear days a year and wondering what I was doing there...

    Diane, but ya'll need rain, right (of course it's not good for the burned over areas)

    Dawn, the good thing about the west (in areas that I lived, is that you could always find snow for much of the year by just going higher--and the idea of having a storm and then having it clear out and give you beautiful clear skis is wonderful compared the gray steely skies of this part of the country

    Kenju, think I'm feeding him too much? ;) All the birds appear fat when it's cold and stormy as they fluff out their feathers for warmth

    Scarlet, What little I know about your family's background, I can see how he became an "ex-boyfriend!"

    Smiler, thanks

    Gautami, thanks, I'll be over. As for my bookreview, I added a quote from the book as a heading!

    Crafty, thanks for stopping by. Do they not get enough snow in Northern Scotland? Of course, I can't understand my ancestors leaving Scotland for the Carolinas, such contrast in weather and geography, but I think the English had something to do with that.

  11. I think you got your wish for the Giants. It was a pretty good game.

  12. Sage those are all beautiful photos, glad the white stuff is there and not here!!

  13. Beautiful photos - and words. The cardinal is a delight - ten feet of snow and more expected - the birds here have hidden.

  14. I'm over this winter crap too. It just looks so much prettier in photos than dealing with the realities of slick roads and increased traffic and travel times and all that other stuff.

  15. Oy, it's been in the forties here in San Fran at night — freezing! It might not get warm again for a couple of weeks! : )

    I miss cross-country skiing. I graduated from downhill to cross country in my twenties, and it was so fun to take an old logging road up to the top, and after all that work, to speed on down (with a few falls along the way). Beats the chair lift, hands down.

    I wonder what would happen if I tried it again. I wonder if I'd make it, I mean.

    I missed that whole super bowl thing.

  16. Giants were underdogs and won so...

    goooooooooooo Barack!

  17. Ed, yeah, it was a good game at the end!

    Pat, thanks

    Tumblewords, I looked at your profile, you're from Idaho (a favorite state of mine, I spent a couple of summers there). Ten feet of snow, wow!

    TC, yeah, the roads have been bad a lot this winter

    ing, I still downhill but I gave up my devotion to it when I was in my late 30s

    Karen, is Barack the underdog today (it's becoming a chore to watch or listen to or read the news...)

  18. I hated rooting for a Manning but I guess I hate Bill Belichek and his cut off sweatshirts even more. My goal is to winner the lottery and by the New England Patriots just so I can tell him to shape up his wardrobe.

  19. Beautiful snow photos! We have seen much more than a dusting or an inch or two of snow all winter here in Pennsylvania. Most of the time, we're just getting rain.

    Hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  20. Beautiful photos, and interesting about that trail.

  21. Murf, are you trying to emulate me in my unique use of grammar? That second sentence needs enough corrections that it could appear in an English workbook. :)

    Tim, it does appear that we're getting warmer--we should have snow on hte ground all the time--it's snowing now as I write

    Paul, thanks for stopping by, you have an interesting blog

  22. Thanks for sharing these! We haven't had any snow since the pics I posted in January, so these are welcome to this South Carolinian!

  23. I didn't really care who won, but agree with Murf, it's hard to root for a Manning.

    And can we just not do the halftime show anymore? I enjoy Tom Petty's music, but the whole SB halftime production is just so fake, with the pseudo fans around the stage screaming and waving their arms every year.

  24. Beautiful, beautiful snow!

    We've had so little rain here this year in Kuwait but it got so cold that we actually had some ice on the ground in remote open areas!

  25. gorgeous pictures. it's been snowing here and we haven't been able to get out for 3 days, because there's not really anywhere fun to go when it snows in the city. still we did have fun in the park and on the balcony. just not quite as rich for photographs ;)