Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sage looking for a Muse...

For some reason, I just ain’t been up to writing much lately, ‘cept for what I have to write and even that has been a chore. Maybe I need to spend a night in a Holiday Inn Express—I could wake up refreshed, ready to write and also solve the cold fusion challenge... But I don’t have any such plans. Anyone have a Muse that I can borrow?
After warm temperatures on Monday and Tuesday, along with rain which greatly reduced our snowpack, winter returned today. Taking a break from my cozy spot by the fire, I looked out back and it was beautiful. These are evening shots taken from the backyard. Taken at 10 PM, camera on a tripod, f5.6, shutter speed around 10 seconds. It now looks like I’ll be back skiing again this weekend.
Have a good evening (or if it's morning, have a good day).


  1. Enjoy the snow I sent to you from Iowa!

  2. Beautiful shots!! My muse moved out months ago. I've been faking it, but I'm running low on that too.

  3. When my muse does not seem to work, I write reviews! Of even stupid romances. That keeps me going.

    I do not know what is going to help you in that direction. You can trying doing this meme. No, it is not a stupid one. I do not do anything remotely stupid. Even if you do not do it, you can read my answers. It is about books.

    Most of all, do not worry. Muse will come.

  4. You can always use the fall back I use . . . post photos of your dogs)

  5. Ed, thanks!!!

    Pat, you may not be posting as many poems as you were, but the ones you post are still great!

    Gautami, I may take you up on that idea

    Diane, but I have a dog that's afraid of cameras!!! I suppose my fall back position has been photos of the snow.

  6. Keep rubbing it in, Sage. I've never seen night shots like this before (nice job!) and I haven't gone skiing since the 90s, so I'll just live vicariously through you for a season...if that's okay.

  7. What's that eery green light in the last shot? Did you have alien visitors?

  8. As you know, snow is baccccccccck!

    Nine and a half inches here, breathtakingly beautiful!!

  9. Scarlet--I spent this morning on skis--breaking trails.

    Murf, my neighbor has one of those bright power company pole lights behind their house--that's the light you see to the right of the pic

    Yes Karen, the snow is back and the temps are dropping this weekend.

  10. Oof, your words hit home. Some days, I wake up and the voice just isn't there. This is a frightening prospect given what I do for a living now.

    I've tried to find inspiration in a Holiday Inn Express. All I got was bad coffee and a lumpy mattress :)

    Glad your inspiration extends to mondo cool long exposure night shots of the landscape. This would make even the most fickle muse want to click right back into place.

    Popped by from Michele's to let you know we're socked in by snow, too, and I wish I could ski along a nearby trail. Maybe I'll move...

  11. Your pix are beautiful, but I don't want to be there....LOL

  12. I got tired of being so un-creative with the "stuck indoors syndrome" and did some nice close ups of piano keys...did some cool exposure adjustments in Lightroom and printed on metallic paper. I was very pleased with the end result and it made my winter creativity perk up. I donated a framed, matted 8x10 print of the piano shots for our free clinic auction and was thrilled that it brought $120 for the clinic!

    Your snow is lovely but it looks so cold! You did a really good job here, quality night shots are not very easy.