Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Prompt: A Poem

A Plea for Sympathy

The temperature climbed into the triple digits early and stayed there
and I feel a kinship with King Tut, wrapped in a sheet and three blankets,
and laid prone on the flatbed of a two-ton, rumbling over the desert.
The washboard road shakes my bones and my stuffed and swollen head
Causing me to see double
to see double…
I’d wanted to write about love and beauty and passion
but like Tut, I no longer care where I’m taken down this dusty road,
just let me rest
and if I survive, I promise,.
to write a new chapter for the Book of the Dead,
for I will have experienced resurrection.

Yes, the flu has hit, coming on last night and I now feel like crap having slept most of the afternoon. Today’s Sunday Scribbling prompt is “passion.”


  1. Oh,Sage, I'm sorry! Hope you recover soon. I like the poem; any reference to Tut or Egypt is good with me.

  2. It's here too but fortunately my ducking and weaving has thus far eluded it. I don't know if I can make it to spring.

    Funny how spending a few days in bed during the winter seems so appealing until you do so with the flu and want nothing more but to get back at the grindstone feeling normal.

  3. You know I like such detailed poetry where I can see, hear and smell. This scores on all that.

    Maybe you should be thankful to the flu for inspiring you to write such god verse.

    Believe me, it was a pleasure to read this.

    Do get well soon.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, your 'A Plea for Sympathy' would make a great country song if you remove the King Tut references.

  5. Thanks Kenju

    Yeah Ed, I got a meeting this afternoon I have to make (I'll carry lysol) other than that I've not getting out much

    Gautami, I'm glad you like it--poetry doesn't pay enough to get sick for! :)

    Murf, No, it doesn't make me feel one bit better to think of myself as a country music writer... :)

  6. I don't know, Sage. I think you may have missed your calling. You have the pick up truck, the ex-wife, the dog, your from the south.

  7. Sage, even with a foggy head you can still write poetically. I'm impressed.

    Feel better. :)

  8. Sage, I'm sorry you caught the flu. My wife caught it a couple weeks back and it was no fun. But at least you have not lost your creativity yet. So there must be some life yet in you. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Sorry you're weathered out - but your passionate poem makes it worth it - at least for me! Sorry! :)

  10. oh my, I hope you feel much better very soon

  11. Great poem! I love it. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Sorry to hear "Tut" has the flu. Try not to get bounced out of the back of the truck.

  13. I sympahasise and smile! I have had bronchial pneumonia now for over 2 weeks! Writing is keeping me sane! Just!

    Nice write! Makes me feel un-alone!

    Smiles and Light

  14. ahhh, all of my bloggie buddies are sick together. :(

    hope you feel better soon!

  15. Hope you feel better soon.

    Happy Inappropriate Card Day!

  16. Well, that's not any fun at all. Sorry to hear it. I hope you are feeling better soon, if not already.

  17. Sage: This is the worst I've seen of this epidemic. While I am now in warmer climes, I have a runny nose from people who coughed on the plane and in the airports with their mouths open. Please get well soon and thanks ever so much for your supportive comments to me over at my site regarding the NPF Gala. It really meant so much!