Saturday, February 23, 2008

Real Quick (just some thoughts)

Photo taken a few weeks ago on a cross country ski trip.

This has been a long week. The week’s highlight came last night when I took my daughter downhill skiing (sorry, no pictures). This was her first time on downhill skis and we had fun. She was great and by the end of the evening, she was up on top of the mountain (we’ll, the very large hill). Downhill skiing here in this end of Michigan isn’t great. The place had 280 feet of vertical and I’m sure if we go again, I’ll get her on their black diamond run (in most places out west, this black diamond would be an easy intermediate run), She thought she was tough getting to the top of the mountain.

On another subject, scientists have now discovered that the fastest way to the top of a steep hill is to zigzag up it. Check it out. I suppose zigzagging is the fastest way if you don’t have a helicopter or ski lift. I wish those folks who like to short-cut switchbacks and create erosion problems would read this article, but most of them can’t read trail signs so why should I expect them to read something with more than a few words in it… As for this scientific study, couldn’t they be working on creating new energy sources or the cure for the common cold?

One final thing. Do any of you know anything about blogshares? My blog has been linked there (as well as many of your blogs). It’s some kind of game where you buy and sale blogs… Kind of like you buy and share stocks (wonder if there is a mutual fund for blogs?). I don't really have time to figure out the game, but I noticed that my blog has shot up in value to 1.4 million. If any of you want to buy it for ½ that price, I’ll sell. Then I’ll finish funding my retirement account and go off someplace where the pace of life is slow and I can write a book…


  1. Haven't heard of blogshares, but let me know if the retirement plan works out LOL.

  2. I saw that zigzag/sawtooth study - very interesting

  3. I noticed I was #2 on Blogshare, and thought, woo-hoo, I'm right behind you on that retirement, but then realized the list was alphabetical. Oh, well.

    I think you shouldn't settle for less than 2 mil. Then you can settle down in the Keys and write that memoir. ;)

  4. Kontan, I will, but for the time being I'm not going to stop making my regular retirement contributions...

    Diane, they had to have a study to learn that? Soon we'll have a GPS giving us the right angle to attack a hill!

    Scarlet, Nothing against the state of Florida, but the Keys are the only place in that state that I find attractive. I just wish they had the old bridge as a way to discourage development.

  5. I have no idea what that blogshares is, Sage, but I don'e have time for it......LOL

  6. Erosion people - it's always the few causing problems for the many isn't it ?

    Never been skiing, sounds like it would be fun :-)

    Michele sent me

  7. The skiing sounds great.

    I agree its strange to continually run into all of these internet business models and sometimes be surprised about how some of them can be worth any money.

    Here to ponder, sent today by Michele - Hiya!


  8. I went skiing once and loved it. Unfortunately we don't get much snow here in the UK. Glad you had fun :)

    I never knew about the blogshares thing. I'll have to check it out. It would be so nice if someone would buy my blog - I think I would do something pretty similar to your plan.

    Michele sent me over to say hi.

  9. Mine is only worth $23k and change. But if someone wants to buy it for that, I'll sell.

    I thought I was pretty good skiing black diamonds here in the midwest until I tried skiing the black diamond run called The Outhouse at Winter Park. It chewed me up and spit me out hard, about four or five times before the bottom. After that, I learned my place among the category designations of the west.

  10. Love the scientific study. There are very few more pressing issues in the world today than the outrageous amount of time it takes to get up a steep hill.

    So I say, bravo!