Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nice Matter's Blog Award

This award thing is going to my head. A few weeks ago I received the Reflective Blog award. Then on Labor Day, Deana at Friday Night Fish Fry honored me with the Nice Matter’s Award. I’m going to have to get into town soon and buy me some larger hats to fit my expanded head (and expanded bald spot). I was touched by what Deana said about me (and also a little amused that I have her fooled!):
Sage at Sage Covered Hills. If you are a regular at Sage's then you know how nice this man really is. Always recognizing blog friends birthdays or hardships this guy is involved with the youth and his community. He has had posts on his trips away with kids or cooking for some fund raiser. Plus he is just a nice guy with nice posts.

Now I have the hard task of picking out three winners for the Nice Matter’s Awards (that’s the requirement of winning this award, you nominate three other recipients). This is a hard one. I thought about Murf and Ed, for they’re both are really nice, but after doing a reference checks—I called each of their neighbors and got an earful about them blowing their cut grass on their neighbor’s driveway—I decided that maybe I better look elsewhere. There are a lot of other nice folks in my blog and narrowing them down to three is really hard. But I decided to pick out blogs that both are an encouragement to others and ones that I haven’t focused on yet to receive a reward or birthday party. Here are my nominees for the coveted “Nice Matter’s Award”:

Tim at Ramblings: They don’t make them any nicer than Tim. A baker by trade, Tim has supplied cakes for virtual birthday parties for Kevin, Diane and Murf. He enjoys the simple things in life and often shares photos of his regular hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania. He’s always kind in his comments. A Mennonite, he works with the youth at his church. He adores his nephews and nieces. Tim has not been around blogland much lately as he’s getting ready to get married so we wish him our best. (wedding is on the 8th!)

V at Film Literate: V’s blog often contains movie reviews and TV recaps, but he also focuses on justice issues and calling people to help others. On his sidebar is a link to an organization that makes small loans to those in developing countries who need capital to start a business. For a few bucks, you can invest in one of these projects and really help make a difference in a life. V is also where I first learned about the Jena 6—a month before it was picked up by the news media. V’s comments are always encouraging and kind. As a law student, I thought I’d better present this award now, for I’m not sure he’ll still qualify once he passes the bar! (And for that comment, I might have my Nice Matters Award revoked). Since I haven’t seen any photos of V, I’m posting one of my own photos of the Golden Gate Bridge (taken from Berkeley). V lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Carmi at Written Inc comes to us from Canada. Carmi set’s the example of niceness in blogland. He’s always kind and encouraging and his writings and photos are always positive and uplifting. His comments encourage us to be our best. You can tell from the way he writes that his children are his treasure. He’s an all around good guy who makes the internet a better place.

Of course, there are many other nice bloggers and I could go on all day pointing out nice things about ya'll. Unfortunately, I can only choose three, but that’s also good because I’m about out of time. Lunch is over and I need to get back to work. When you get a chance, check out these blogs and may we all continue to do our part to make the world a better place.


  1. I'm guessing Deana didn't know you back in the Suzie days. You had a little more spit and fire then.

    P.S. Suzie is still alive and recently updated her blog.

  2. Ed, you had to remind me, didn't you. I suppose I have been less than kind to illogical ditto-heads who seems to have a problem understanding the written language. After that confession, I'm going to lose the "Mr Nice" award for sure.

  3. I am touched by this, Sage. I really don't feel worthy: I'm just like everyone else, trying to navigate this planet in the best possible way.

    You've given me much to think about, my friend. Thanks so much.

  4. I agree with what you've written about Carmi. The way he writes about life and his family, you just want to keep going back for more.

    I'm not surprised you won another one, Sage. Not just because you're so "nice" and you write all nicey-nice but because your style is unique and you never know what you're going to get when you pop in for a visit.

  5. Ah..Suzie.

    Sage, if your head got any bigger, you'd be s.o.l when it comes to finding hats. You must already be a 7 5/8 as it is. :-)

    I haven't checked out V but you know I dig Tim and I enjoy Carmi as well. I like how he poses a question at the end of his blog entries; encouraging reader involvement.

  6. Good choices, Sage, and congratulations.

  7. I ditto what kenju said! I'm a regular reader, and big fan of, V's blog and need to add Carmi and Ramblings to my regular list!

  8. Carmi, you may be trying to get through life like everyone else, but you do it with such grace.

    Scarlet: Thanks.

    Murf, remembering Suzie helps keep my head at a normal size

    Kenju, thanks for the kind words. Take care of yourself, we're pulling for Mr. Kenju's quick recovery and I was glad to read of his progress yesterday

    Diane, Tim isn't writing much as his wedding is now just hours away... But his comments have are always grace-filled and he can find the most interesting things to photograph

  9. My first thought is "oh no, Murf is going to gag herself with her finger" at the thoughts of you getting the NICE award.

    I don't know the others but I agree with Carmi as a choice. He really is just a super nice person or so I have always thought his blog and comments portray him.

    Nice post and hope you search for a bigger hat goes well!

  10. Mistress, I don't think of myself as nice, but I sometimes try to be!

    Deana, thanks again for nominating me. As for a big hat, Murf keeps my head from expanding too much

  11. Hey, Sage--

    Good to see you at 3WW, short or otherwise.

  12. I don't know Tim or V (but will definitely check them out), but I can certainly attest to the fact that Carmi deserves this nomination. =o)

  13. Congratulations yet again. You do write good things..:D

    What I know od Carmi, he too deserves this award.

    Have a great weekend.

    BTW, I too recieved two blog awards in space of a few days...


  14. Gay--I was hoping to do a 3-WW yesterday, but I didn't have time to write three words, much less a story...

    Jaded, check 'em out! And like so many others, you deserve this award too

    Gautami, you also deserve many awards for your blogs--great poetry and book reviews and also an insight into what is for us a different culture. Thanks for your blogs.

  15. Shows what I know. I thought that Mennonites didn't use computers. I bet they get that a lot.

  16. Wow. This is a really great post. Very cool of you to do this Sage.

    Carmi is the only one here I am familiar with. And I echo everything you said. He is a great person.

  17. Great list Sage. Everything you wrote about Carmi is so true. I love his photos and inspired to carry my camera more. Carmi just has an eye for capturing the beauty in simplicity.

    btw, LOVE the pic of your daughter kayaking. BEAUTIFUL!

  18. Diesel, you're thinking of the Amish, the "conservative brethren" of the Mennonites. But the Mennonites are not flashy, but will use modern technology

    Joe, great to see you around here again, the game was incredible! And Carmi is a good guy, but check out the other two also.

    Kontan, as I avoid writing about family--I don't show pics of her face--but I can tell you she loved it and now wants a kayak! (She's still too small to do much paddling in a canoe)