Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lucky Seven!

Although I am currently overwhelmed at work, I am beginning to feel like a lucky man. Fate has been smiling on me. Last weekend it was an incredible college football game… And now the following things are happening…

I discovered yesterday that I was the last winner in Maggie’s Southern Summer Challenge. Lucky seven! My prize is a copy of Martin Clark’s (Deana's husband) The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living (which I already had and have just started reading) and some pecans. Maggie’s husband wanted to read the book, but Maggie kept it away from his dirty hands so as not to spoil the pages. Now, with my blessings, he will have his chance! As for the pecans, I can now get over my envy of Diane (who won pecans in the contest a few weeks ago).

Back early in August, a local company that makes and rebuild large presses had an open house. I went out of curiosity, jumping at the opportunity to see what goes on inside that big building. Helping them with the refreshments were teachers from a local elementary school they sponsor (many of the businesses here “sponsor” a school). I knew some of the teachers and they nagged me into putting in five bucks in their 50/50 raffle. I tried to beg off, saying that I don’t gamble. They suggested I consider it a donation and if I win, give the proceeds to the school. So I brought a ticket but because my daughter goes to another elementary school here, in playful fashion I designated her school as the recipient. I won second place in the raffle, which entitled my daughter's school to $65 and yesterday I got a card signed by all the teachers at my daughter’s school. I was overwhelmed for it was really such a small gift and it didn’t cost me hardly anything.

Sorry about not being faithful in my posting. The next two months will be very busy for me, but I hope to keep posting somewhat regularly and to keep up with your blogs. However, there may be times like last week where I don’t get around to seeing everyone. Don’t take it personally, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I no longer like you (there may be exceptions!). Have a great weekend and since few of us are going to be in Eastern Pennsylvania at Tim’s wedding, send him an email or step over to his blog and wish him and his fiancĂ© a very special day!


  1. Congrats on all your wins! I'm sure you'll enjoy the book, and I KNOW you'll enjoy the pecans!

  2. Hope you do get some breathing time. BTW...I responded in kind to your 8 Things meme. It's posted :)

  3. I've always believed that good things happen to good people. You know, the fundamentally, good-to-the-soul kind of folks who make this world a better place.

    This entry proves it. You're wearing a rainbow; deservedly so.

    From one swamped work-dude to another, I feel your pain. I soothe my stress by reminding myself that real challenge always seems to seek out those most qualified to rise to it. You're eminently qualified, so like a magnet, it finds you.

    All the best from Michele. And from me.

  4. And let's not forget the daily blessing of knowing me. :-)

  5. Thanks Diane! So the pecans were good?

    Mistress, now that I suggested you do a meme about things you're glad you done (as opposed to regrets), I assume I need to return the favor, he?

    Carmi, you're too kind.

    Murf, yes I'm just a lucky guy. Instead of the standard issue, shoulder mounted conscience that we all come with, I have you, an "in my face" conscience just in case I don't listen to the other one!

  6. Wow - you really are lucky lately! Perhaps you can send some of the lucks towards SC?

    ONLY if you have time, if you happen to have a couple of favorite recipes that you make with molasses and wouldn't mind dropping me an email at, I'd LOVE to have them. Even if they aren't vegetarian... my family's still omnivorous, lol. =o)

    Hope the busy time you are about to face is rewarding and that your lucky streak continues!

  7. Oh, I know so well what it is like to be swamped at work. I ease my stress by cycling and reading -- not at the same time, mind. ;)

    The blog world is really a small place isn't it, because Maggie's a regular reader of my reading blog and she once sent me a book without me entering any competitions or challenges -- she just knew I'd like it! Quite lovely of her.

    Hope you've had a good weekend.

    Michele sent me, but I've been here before -- though not in a long, long while. Shame on me.

  8. You're quite the winner aren't you? I've only won one thing my whole life haha. Congrats, and hope that while you're busy you are taking care of yourself.

    Michele sent me.

  9. I am in no place to be offended if someone is not visiting regularly, LOL. I'm having to stop by and play catch up on most people. Enjoy the hectic life for a little while, it will make you appreciate the slow days more. :)

    Cgrats on winning with Maggie and it is really awesome that you gave the raffle winnings to your daughter's school. EVERY bit helps!

  10. Jaded, I'll try to dig out some--I mostly use it in baking (the best ginger bread in the world!). I've also use molasses in barbeque sauce, but that was a while ago.

    Kimbofo, yes, exercise is important when life gets more stressful!

    E-Thanks! What did you win?

    Kontan, Unfortunately the slow days are too few--it seems to be either fast or supersonic

  11. I will miss your post and do know the feelin'. Ah, the 'cans were ordered tonight, so 'pect them Tuesday. ;D

  12. I was wondering if you let Maggie keep the book. When I read you'd won I thought "of all people.." I mean you are the only one to have the signed book already! Go figure. But then I learned of Maggie through you so I guess that is how things evolve! But the are a lucky guy!