Friday, September 28, 2007

A Dream, A Field Trip and a 3WW

Our capturers’ identity was a mystery. None of us adults imprisoned in a cold stone building understood their language, forcing us to guess why we were being held. I wasn’t even sure why we were in this place to start with; we must have been trekking as we had backpacks with us. The old town where we were held was situated in a deep valley surrounded by imposing snow covered mountains. Maybe they were Taliban, for they wore head scarves, yet they allowed music and dancing. We were fairly certain they were soldiers of the government. Toward us, they were all business, herding us with the business ends of their rifles into a common cell and locking the door. We were later called us before a tribunal and I was shocked that my daughter understood and could speak some of their language. Although it was frightening and we knew we were in great danger, I was proud of her abilities. When we got back to our common cell, we began to gather that which we’d need to survive the mountains. We collected only what we could carry in our pockets and cached it under a mattress that was on the floor. I had a Swiss army knife, a lighter, some cord, nuts and candy. For some reason I had a pack fly rod and thought I should also take it, for I assumed there’d be streams and lakes in the mountains from which we could fish. We would make our break right after darkness fell, and head for a mountain pass, knowing that if we could get through we’d be safely in another country. Then I woke up, it was 6 AM and I had to get ready to go as a chaperon on my daughter’s class field trip to the Saugatuck Dunes.

I wondered about the dream. I’m sure part of it was my mind drawing on the fact that the evening before I prepared a fanny pack for the trip. Interestingly, I had gone through and taken out things that I had dreamed about saving—the knife and lighter—things I didn’t want in my pack while on a school trip. I’m wondering if the renegade soldiers holding us captive had some connection to the unrest in Burma (Myanmar). I’ve been more interested in Myanmar since reading, a few years ago, Pascal Khoo Thwe’s story, The Land of the Green Ghost: A Burmese Odyssey. However, the mountains in the dream looked more like Nepal than Burma.

As for the field trip, it was great (see the pictures). A naturalist at the park gave a great tour, pointing out many geological features as well as identifying numerous trees, shrubs and flowers and giving some legends and history to their importance.

We were lucky, the rain held off till we were on the way home!

The words for this week’s 3WW are: caught, eager and perfume. I thought I’d spend more time with this, but haven’t been able to get back to it, so here’s my entry, two days late. And yes, before you ask, I do not like strong perfume.

My nose caught a whiff of her strong perfume, which turned my stomach and made me less than eager to meet her.

A late addition to this edition: Go over and wish Joe a happy 30th Birthday. He wrote about all this stuff he remembers happening in his life and I think, gee, that all happened well into my adult years!


  1. When I have dreams about being chased, I seem to always wake up feeling exhausted, making me wonder if I really got out of bed and ran around the house in my sleep.

    I should set up some trip wires or something for next time, just to see.

  2. Careful Bone, you might hurt yourself doing that. My dreams are exhausting too. I spend the night planning for the next day and organizing all the things that need to be accomplished. When I wake up I am less rested than when I went to bed...but I'm more organized!

    Loved the dream sharing Sage and the first picture is eye catching.

  3. Bone, I am not a runner, but have run a marathon a few times in a dream.

    Thanks Kontan.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    That looks like a great place to visit, I'm a guy-who-lives-in-the-city-but-likes-to-visit-nature. So I always enjoy going to places to see the wildlife and such.

  5. Hello, Michele sent me.

    Thanks for sharing your dream. Sometimes it's hard to interpret them.

    I am very picky about perfumes. I don't like them strong myself.

  6. Strong perfumes turn me off, too, especially in close quarters with the offender.

  7. I usually end up swimming instead of running in my dreams. I can outswim great white sharks and terrorists and all kinds of stuff. I usually wake up exhausted too, Bone.

  8. YW...and I have to agree with Karen, strong perfumes are a serious no.x

  9. You have some interesting dreams, and I suppose it has to do with the life you lead. You're always on the go.

    As for your three words on a Wednesday...caught, eager and perfume...very nice. Here's mine: I was eager to catch a whiff of her perfume, but instead I caught a whiff of her b.o.

    I know, I don't necessarily have a way with words. That would be YOUR gift.

  10. Jon--it is a great get-away and I will have to go back in the winter--it looks to be a good place to ski and with the hills may be a little more challenging than other places around here

    Shari, thanks for stopping by

    Karen & Kontan--I agree!

    Jaded, although I swim laps, I can't recall swimming in a dream as much as I can either fleeing or running

    Scarlet, I like your 3WW! You should go over to Bone's site and post it (I forgot to link it to him, but he's the originator of 3WW)

  11. I'm glad it was a dream. Lovely photos especially the woody one. Talking of strong perfume, I have only just run a bath with a herbal stress relief flavour and it is very strong. Hope it works. Michele sends her best.

  12. I am always chasing MYSELF in my dreams. Maybe nightmares!

    Who cares?

  13. Hope you're having a great weekend. Going off to tell Joe happy b-day

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  15. Ohh, creepy dream. I wonder if you're right, and Burma is creeping up on you.

    Michele sent me.

  16. PI, I hope you had a pleasant and stress reducing bath

    Gautami, I had a cat that use to chase itself!

    Mistress, the weekend is okay, hope yours is going well too

    Celia, thanks, it's great to know that I have a "good written" blog

    Margalit, I've just been too busy lately

  17. See Sage, you're even "good written" by the spammers! :)

  18. Hey Sage...thanks for the birthday shout-out! Still having a hard time believing I'm 30 now! Oh man!

  19. Sometimes, I wish I remembered more dreams... then I read about other people's and I'm kind of glad I don't :)

    Too much/too strong perfume is evil! :) Growing up, my best friend's mom always wore stuff that almost made me gag: literally.

  20. Fascinating dream; you really caught my attention there. It could make a good beginning for a book. :)