Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reflective Blogger Award

Kevin recently nominated me for the Bogger Reflection Award. I am most humbled and have been nearly speechless for the past two weeks. I need to send my mom a picture of me holding this treasured virtual award, but that can wait because it's getting near the end of my lunchtime, and besides, I must first get a hair cut and press my suit.

This is what Kevin wrote about my blog:

Sage's Musings - I first started reading Sage because of our mutual interest in mining history. Over the last year I have come to appreciate his blog for a plethora of reasons. His reflections upon books, church, politics, family, God, the outdoors, movies, etc. are full of insight and always stretch me in new directions.

Thanks Kevin. Of course, receiving this award requires a response. Kevin, thanks also for increasing my workload at a very busy time of the year. In addition to the rules below, I decided to honor blogs that do not appear in the list of blogs in my sidebar. It takes me forever to get around to updating that sidebar, so I’ll honor some of the blogs I’ve been reading lately here. Oh yeah, there are some other rules for participating (not all of which I’ll obey):

Rules for participation:
1. Copy the rules for participation.
2. Replace my bloggers with your five bloggers, then reflect and write at least a paragraph about each one. (Don’t worry, you want get your wrist slapped with a ruler if you fail to complete this).
3. Make sure you
link this post so others can read it and the rules.
4. Go leave your chosen bloggers a comment and let them know they’ve been given the award.
5. Put the award icon on your site. (I’m too humble and computer inept to do this)

My nominees in no particular order:

Diesel at the Mattress Police Anti-Social Commentary: This guy is funny. I don’t know how to put him all together. Diesel is a left-handed church treasurer who writes wonderful satire about life and politics and other nonsense. He’s running for President, but don’t get too excited. We don’t get to vote for him for another 13 years. Instead, he’s offering advice to the 2008 candidates as to who’d make an ideal running mate. You’ll have to look up his pairing of Ms. Clinton with Monica (the girl with the stained dress). I should also say that Diesel has gone into the publishing business. He has written a book (I need to get my order in) and is under investigation for using child labor in his distribution system.

Scarlett at “Another Day in Paradise:” If you want to know why Castro rules with such an iron fist and tries to keep people from leaving Cuba for the beaches of Miami, take a look at Scarlett. The old dictator is afraid he’ll lose another jewel like her, the red-headed Cuban who writes with humor and would have been a tourist attraction herself if she’d stayed on the island. Castro’s lost is our gain. Scarlett is embarking on a new paralegal career. She writes about her work, her travels, Miami’s nightlife, her church, and her family.

Herb Urban This guy is even funnier than his picture, a little crude sometimes, but you'll get a laugh! ‘nuff said, check out his bio.

Maggie at Maggie Reads: If you’ve read this blog for anytime, you’ll know Maggie. Why she isn’t in the list of blog friends is an example of my ineptitude. As a librarian in Mississippi, she sponsored the summer’s “Southern Reading Challenge.” She writes wonderful book reviews as well as making wonderful observations on life and pecans. She even gives away pecans so yes, this is an effort to kiss up in the hopes of getting a bag of the South's finest pecans (or is it pekans in Mississippi, I forget).

D.O. M. Dan… Dan is a family guy with a motorcycle, but DOM doesn’t stand for Dan on Motorcycles. It's an acronym for Dirty Old Man (I see little evidence of in his posts, if that’s what you’re looking for, go read Herb's blog). Dan's posts are thoughtful, often reflecting on what he and his family are doing. He loves his wife. His recent memory of his father’s death was most touching. He’s emotional; he makes the rest of us men look bad by expressing his feelings in such warm and tender ways--kind of like Barry Manilow. Thanks Dan, may we learn something from you.

I agree with Kevin in that I could list many more of you who deserving of the Reflective Blogger Award. Murf should have received it for the reflection off the top of Big A’s (her husband) head. Ed should have received one for the reflection off his polished stainless steel slide rule. Diane should have received one for the reflectors on her new bike. Jaded (Angie SC) should have received one for the glow she’s had since successfully completing her comps. And the Ms. Night Music is currently reflecting a warm glow from all the attention she received Saturday-from a fish. And finally, all of you reading this should receive the award for reflecting on why it is that you keep coming back here to read this nonsense.


  1. As if you have room to talk about reflections off the top of people's heads. :-) Just to let you know, I just keep coming here for possible new postings of pictures of your hands, not to learn things I otherwise wouldn't know.

  2. I am truly honored, Sage. You have been much too kind in your description, but I'll take it. You made my day.

  3. Aww thanks for the mention..if only the fish would give me a little attention now.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Sage. I think I may have to use that photo for my profile pic.

  5. This is quite an honor. Thank you, Sage. But what do you mean I can be crude sometimes? Just sometimes?

  6. Murf--I wear hats almost always when I'm outside--I'll have to make sure I have an ASU Mountaineer hat for Saturday's big game

    Scarlet, glad you could take Castro jokingly--I thought I was going to flunk physics in college when my Cuban professor called me a commie one day

    Mistress, there are other fish in the sea. Congratulations on your 5 year blog anniversary

    Diesel, it's a neat photo!

    Herb, maybe instead of crude, I should have said "a little rough," nah!

  7. I bet an ASU hat isn't that much different then that stinky, sweat stained hat you like to wear.

  8. Murf, you're wrong, if I get an ASU one it will be new (I don't have one now, I'll have to tell my uncle to import me one. And since I didn't go there to school, I wouldn't wear it much anyway (unless they happen to beat Michigan)

  9. Which reminds me, I need to go on another cruise through the blogging world someday soon to find some new blogs to read.

  10. Can one really be wrong if the comment was a joke? I don't think so.

  11. I'm truly honored!

    It also helps to read this nice praise after the harrowing experience last night. See, my husbands shiny knob atracted a honey bee, which found the reflection annoying and irksome. AND, what do bees do when they are annoyed? My hubby went into anaphylactic shock at 6:15pm and I'm so thankful we decided to go to the emergency room!

  12. "I need to send my mom a picture of me holding this treasured virtual award, but that can wait because it's getting near the end of my lunchtime, and besides, I must first get a hair cut and press my suit".


    Congrats, Sage!

  13. Sage - I second your observations on Maggie and Dan, and will definitely check out the other bloggers you reference. And I have to say that I LOVE both my new bicycle and the pecans I got from Maggie!

  14. Sage, thanks, that was very nice. I'm honored.

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