Friday, January 19, 2007

What's Important

Sage overlooking Liberty Lake, Ruby Mountains in Nevada, 2001

As I am no longer 49 years old, and therefore on the down hill run, maybe it’s time I get around to formalizing what is important to me. Without being too “religious” and hopefully without sounding too self-righteous (believe me, my closets ain’t that clean) here’s a start.

Sage’s goal in life is to:

-To leave the path he travels a little better than he found it
-To realize that everyone is special and valuable
-To help those who can’t fend for themselves
-To understand that beauty and looks, needs and desires are often different things
-To be thankful for what I have, for those who have helped me along the way, and for the Creator
-To never be too busy that he can’t take a moment to appreciate a sunrise or sunset, to stand in awe and watch a thunderstorm, to be amazed at a snowfall or to value the serenity of a fire
-To savor good food and drink and entertainment, but all in moderation knowing that both hoarding and indulging cheapens the experience

This is a start. What do you think?


  1. By the way, when does the golden years start?

  2. Wouldn't 50 be more like cresting rather than heading downhill?

    I like the second one. I'm going to remind you on occasion how special and valuable I am. :)

    Now, let's hear more about those dirty closets.

  3. AMEN to all of those worthy ideals. Funny how you help me to crystallize my thoughts. I want all of those as well.

  4. I think one would not be doing too badly if he accomplished those.

    Good job.

  5. This is good start. Maybe I should have some goals too...

  6. I think it is more than a good start - I think that pretty much sums up the way to live a good, rewarding, and honorable life

  7. You can't hear me but I am clapping, applauding I guess is the right word. Your list is so similiar to what I want to do....I think you are headed in the right direction. Good Luck in your paths and your journey down the next 50 years.

  8. Those are good aspirations that we should all aim for.

  9. I think you're almost as old as me. I like that in a twisted sort of way :)

  10. Live life, give joy, be at peace.

    Off to a good start Sage

  11. Absolutely!!! The big 50!! I wouldn't mind backing up the trail a bit. Happy Birthday!!

  12. fabulous.

    happy belated birthday babe.

    ooh and i just love the twain quote below a bit. i've dreamt about something similar when reading her... and a few others. :) billiant. i wonder who the other author he was talking about was too though.

    peace sweetie.

  13. Here from Micheles,
    I like & agree with your goals, very well put!

  14. Sounds like an excellent set of goals for any time period of life!