Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A midweek tour around my blogworld

Okay, I’ve written enough stuff for work this morning, let me file a quick post as I review what I’ve been reading around the Blog world and see if I can’t upset a few folks along the way…

Every since she first appeared in my blog, a month of so ago, I’ve enjoyed Moogirl’s (Joan of Shark) biting satire on politics and life in general. As an Oklahoman, she’s filling the void created when Scribe and his cronies at “Independent Christian Voice” (who were also Okies), signed off from their blog last summer. Yesterday Moogirl wrote about a university study in Oregon on gay sheep. Her take on it is pretty funny and I encourage you to check it out. With a name like Moogirl, I can’t help but wonder if she’s kind of like the Chick-fil-A cow, encouraging the consumption of meat of the non-beef variety. My own take on gay sheep, having known several sheepherders when I lived out in Utah, is that as a general rule, herders are homophobic and not sympathic. A gay ewe will quickly wind up as mutton and a gay ram will be auctioned off to a dog food company.

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Patrick McManus’ book, A Deer on a Bicycle. Kevin, down in Texas, who’s on pace to read every book published in the last decade during the next 12 months, has a more favorable review of the book. Check it out!

On other fronts, the Wendy guy Murf stalks has made a life changing decision. Ed is up to his elbows in drywall mud. Tim has a girlfriend which is cutting into his blogging time. Pia will probably get the first entry in for Bone’s contest, Bone’s is also Kevin in Alabama. Kontan, who is also from Alabama but lives in Mississippi, is the only person I know (or know of) who saw Ford’s casket in the capitol (I know a lot of people around here who will go up to Grand Rapids to see it). Dawn, who is reading George Orwell's essays out in Arizona, has discovered that when dating a fireman, smoke is an occupational hazard. The folks at Assimilatedpress are offering sure-fired solutions to fix Iraq.

One of the most interesting statistical analyses I’ve seen lately was done by Kevin (at Transmillennial). Kevin offers an interesting glimpse at the percentage of folks thinking that Jesus will return in 2007. Ten percent of non-religious people think it’s somewhat likely that Jesus will return. What’s wrong with these folks? Why are they non-religious when they think Jesus is coming back soon. As for the rest of those who think Jesus is on his way, I want to know how many of them are behind on their bills. It seems that the one thing Jesus made clear about his return is that no one knows the when it’ll be. On another unrelated topic, why is it that I’m reading three blogs of guys named Kevin?

That's enough of a tour, it's now time for lunch! Check out other blogs listen in the sidebar.

As for me, having been inspired by Dawn’s story of the smoking fireman, I’m working on a memory of summer fling some 2 decades ago with a smoker. Diane's story about stuffed animals has also conjured up memories of the worst class ever-in my long years of schooling—taxidermy. Ever since, I’ve been a compulsive hand-washer.

Have a good day!

Since the London Times retracted the sheep story, which caused Moogirl to retract the sheep story, I suppose I need to tell folks it ain't true. However, it's still pretty funny!


  1. I look forward to reading about those two things. I wonder if a job at Cabela's is similar to my view of being a secretary. I'll have another blog entry about a blog entry from the Wendy's guy soon. He's like a car wreck. I can't stop watching.

  2. Whew! That's a lot of links to chew on. I better get chewin'!

  3. Kevins rule!

    Actually, when you said that about the three Kevins it made me think of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase in "The Three Amigos."

  4. Thanks! It's not a contest just fiction and I do it
    on my blog for real

    Never thought about gay sheep before. Actually
    have never thought about gay animals

  5. I hate to break it to the herders but I believe most, if not all, animal species exhibit high instances of bisexuality. I guess they're not as hung up about sex as the human animal is. In any case, I think this means the "gay" sheeps they are segregating (let's face it, for death) are perhaps more "normal" than the "straight" as an arrow sheep. Anyway, these herders should be ashamed.

    Speaking of gay sheep, Happy 2007!

    How's that for a segue. Actually does anyone know if 2007 is the year of the sheep? Because if it is, that would be a stellar segue.

  6. Murf, did you have a job at Cabelas?

    Ed, yeah, I swung around the Net fairly quickly and spent a lot more time doing it than planned.

    Kevin, I hope you three are that funny. It is odd, I can't think of but two Kevins I know personally, and there's three of you I know from blogs.

    Pia, I was overstating myself when I said "contest." I put my entry into his "writing exercise" just a few minutes ago. It should go down in history as the worst (or at leas the most tasteless) analogy ever: “My neck twisted around, like Saddam’s in a noose, as I took a second look at the secretary in heels.”

    V: these sheepherders all keep good records on which ewes and bucks produce, and they breed for production! (Of course, we could go down another road about sheepherders and sex, but I really don't want to go there). According to one Chinese Zodiac calendar I googled, this is the year of the Pig (the other white meat). Accoring to this calendar, there's no year of the sheep, there is a year of the goat. I'll have to check out the most realiable source next time I have lunch in a Chinese place--the placemat! Good to see you back.

  7. What a great idea for a post! I'll use it next time I feel the urge to just ramble. It will give me a topic!

  8. Speaking of gay animals, I read in a recent issue of smithsonian about the bonobo chimps, who exhibit all types of sexual behavior with both sexes, and have multiple partners everyday. Seeing as how they are very close to humans in their genetic make-up, it is interesting to say the least.

    I will check out your links as time permits.

  9. Best of luck in '07 with your Blog, Sage. It's a pleasant thing to find a "tough guy" with an I.Q. higher than his age in the Blogosphere. And thanks for the plug on MooGirl, just to correct your little typo, it's Joan Of S(N)ark, ( You two are just a great addition to the world of ideas dominated too long by Neanderthals.
    Come out of the closet Free Thinkers! There's more of us than than you thought. Let's hear from you, toss in your "2 cents."

  10. No but I am thinking about getting a part time job at Target. Much better environment than Cabelas, I think. Although less men at Target.

  11. I think I will check out on those.

    And I need to sulk as my name does not figure here.


    PS: No Delhi never had any snow. Never will!

  12. You changed your picture...a nice winter shot.

    I've been trying to get over here for days and my computer is being a bitch. I think I need to check out moogirl, she sounds like an interesting blogger.

    As for Jesus returning, my hubby, a judge actually had this letter sent to him recently: It seems for years this lady has been trying to get her hands on the tiny bit of money the state has set aside for her sister's kids she wanted to raise. The sister is in prison. It is about $12,000 total they receive when they are 18. Granted they are already on a monthly check from the state. Basically it read:

    Your honor I know I have asked you many times but I am leaving my husband now. I am leaving because he doesn't' live and understand God the way I do. And I know you have said I can't have that money until the kids are 18 but Judge C____ I believe that Jesus is coming back before then and that money would be wasted.

    I am not kidding. I wanted to post the letter on my blog to show how sorry and stupid people are but he wouldn't let me!

  13. Kontan, It'll be interesting to see the blogs you read.

    Kenju, sometimes I think we try to read to much of our own ways into animals.

    Shooter45, Don't you have a blog?

    Gautami: I'll try to include you the next time I do this--your blogs has some interesting insights for those of us in the West who know little if anything about Hindu culture.

    Deana, sorry to hear about your computer. The letter your husband received sounds like a great story... It may have to wait till after he retires (I have a lot of those stories)

    I'm reminded of a friend who is an attorney. He once got blind-sided in a divorce hearing when it came out that his client had bragged that if he "lost" his house, he would burn it down. When questioned, the guy admitted that he'd said that, but that he no longer planned to carry out the arson, for he knew that God would burn down the house for him! I'm sure the guy is still locked up, for he did later burn down his wife's house.

  14. Hahahaha :-) I'm so glad my dating escapades inspire you.

    I've had a male dog that was attracted to a male pig (and vice versa). I really don't think they care. They don't have the social issues we have.

  15. I've always wondered why I'm "Kevin in AL."

    I really like this idea for a post, Sage. I checked out a couple of those you linked to. Good stuff.

    This is Kevin in AL, signing off.

  16. Landing Beech Twin at night, on instruments, in a blizzard, at Kennedy..................Piece of cake

    Astrophysics, thermodynamics, neural networks, quantum field theory, .................falling off a log

    operating a blog..................................................................................impossible

    I'll just hide out here at your place for a while, if you don't mind, Sage. I think MooGirl is a little pissed.

  17. I am SOOO not pissed! I’m a little irritated that the whole gay sheep thing turned out to be a huge pile of, um, sheep dip though. I was having such fun with the whole thing, and now I’ve perpetuated a big fat fib! Again, sorry about that, Sage.

    Shooter, just wait til I get you home…

  18. Picture a chubby 12 year old with freckles/ hiding behing Sage......

    I'm not coming home and YOU can't make me

    Na na na na naaaaaaaaa

  19. Sage, I hope you’re happy. I have fingernails to paint and laundry to fold (not in that order, however), but am I doing that? Nooooooo. I’m hopelessly lost in your link-land. Some pretty interesting folks out there. I should really get my nose out of the news and pop into other’s houses more often.

    Shooter, you only THOUGHT you could hide over here. You forget, Moo knows all….

  20. Awwww right, I'm coming, but don't spit when you smack, I hate when you do that. And you gotta smack Clint too. He started it.

    Bye everyone (I'll wear a mustache next time)

  21. Dawn, you write a lot that inspires and that pushes my thinking along the edge, along with your wonderful photographs

    Bone, didn't you, at one time, use Kevin? I thought that was the reason when I put you on the sidebar, I used Kevin. Next time I update it, I'll change it to Bone. BTW, I update it about as often as I go to the dentist.

    Shooter and Moogirl, proud to be the host of your domestic fight. I'm really sorry to be the cause of Moogirl's chipped and peeling nails (nothing looks more child-like that nails polished three weeks ago). Shooter, you need a blog!

  22. .............." Shooter, you need a blog!".........

    Translation......."Then you'll leave me alone." lol

    Actually I started a blog 3 or 4 times, but as you know, it's all consuming. I have all I can do trying to keep mooGirl from going over the edge. Something tells me I'm losing that battle.

  23. shooter, are you (or were you) Scribe from Oklahoma?

  24. If you or anyone else owes him money, yes, it's me all right. Otherwise, I only drove through Oklahoma once on my obligatory pilgrimage to California back in the early 60's, where I sustained myself as a stunt man for a subsidiary of M.G.M. Even hung out with Clint Eastwood, Tommy Smothers, and Nancy Sinatra. The only thing I remember about Oklahoma is 10 million farms, and each one flying giant flags, "Kill Nebraska!" Hey, how can you not fall in love with people who have their priorities straight? lol
    California was so perfect, everyone more beautiful than the next, friendly beyond belief, and great, great weather. Coming from the Bronx, I hated it, so I signed up for a cruise on the luxury liner, USS Independence, where upon learning of my Shooter Moniker, they put me on the catapults shooting Tomcats into the South China Sky.

    By the way, who's the Scribe from Oklahoma?

  25. I don't owe him anything, but I once got kicked off a blog for defending his right to speak and his reasoning. Like moogirl, he was from Oklahama and had a blog with two other folks called "Independent Christian Voice" It was a nice blog that brought rational Christian thought to politics. If you really want to learn more about him, go back in my archives to last January and read the posts about the sorry state of political dialogue.

    That's a good story about how you got your name--true or not--it's a good story. Never done much hanging around the hollywood types, but once saw Clint on the streets of Ketchum ID, and had a beer in a bar when Steve McQueen's widow was present.

    I once flew into OK, in August, it was 9:30 at night and the pilot welcomed us with the news that the temp. 103F. I begged liked a dog for him to take me back to Chicago, but he kicked me off the plane anyway.

  26. lol @ host to our domestic fight.

    In case you couldn’t tell, Shooter is to me what Murf is to you. If he had his only blog, my nails would never get painted.

  27. Right, because you'd be bringing me my lunch(pastrami stacked high, not too fatty, just a little mustard, kosher, of course) and umm, let's see , gimme a minute, o.k! Iced tea, no lemon. Can you handle that sweety? Aw, you're a doll.

    Sage...."true or not?"
    And Sage, Murf is your idol?

  28. Moogirl: Hoping that I sound like one speaking out of experience and not like a holy roller, we all have thorns in our sides and crosses to bare. It's nice to know you still have time to do your nails.

    Shooter: Idol? Not unless I've gone over to the dark side!

  29. I messed that one up. I meant are you Murf's idol, referring to "Shooter is to me what Murf is to you"

    That's what 5:00 a.m. does to me.

  30. When it comes to men, Murf is not a monotheist; she’s more of a pantheist, with a handful of guys she torments with her questions. Just as you’re lucky enough to have (or to believe) Moogirl (why the cow image?) to be (or is) enchanted with you, I’m lucky enough to be on Murf’s list. I suppose the correct way of saying this is that I’m one of her idols! Is Moogirl a monotheist or a pantheist?

  31. Sage, I'll be out of touch for the forseeable future as I have a confluence of projects whose deadlines are looming. As to Moo's enchantment....I wish. Please note the name of her blog, emphasis on "Snark." I tripped over her on another blog and, again the Bronx upbringing, was smitten by her wise ass and razor sharp brain. As to the "Moo" tag, I heard the story once but the memory fails. Pantheist? No, but I'm sure she'd be sympathetic. She's a good Christian girl.....with a brain, eyes wide open.

    Later, y'all.

  32. yes, I realize that she is a snark and not a shark (a former typo of mine). Also, I wasn't talking about a literal pantheist, just referring to all the guys Murf enjoys playing with in addition to me (AI, Ed, Tim, Kevin, S, etc)

    Have fun on your projects.

  33. I don't think I ever used Kevin, best I can remember.

    I remember looking at your sidebar a good while back and seeing I wasn't on there. But I was gonna read what I thought was my fellow Alabamians blog. And it turned out to be mine :)

  34. Oh now, know you're my favorite boy toy. And I do idolize you. I want to be just like you when I get as old as you are. :)

  35. By the way, I am patiently awaiting the day when you admit to being smitten with me as Shooter admitted about Moogirl. Yes, I realize I will be waiting a long time but I'm prepared. :)