Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Rant

A few years ago I’d said that we have about the same chance of having 70 degree weather at this latitude in November as we do of electing an African American to the presidency. Today, thanks to global warming (or a freak sign from heaven) combined with Bush’s eight disastrous years, it looks like both will occur. I voted at 8 AM this morning (wearing a short-sleeve knit shirt) and must have hit the polls at just the right time. I didn’t have to wait at all. But by the time I’d finished filling in all the little ovals on my ballot, a line had formed. They’d been busy earlier, too, but they seemed to have more staff than normal and it made the process go smoothly. I did have to show my picture ID, even though I knew two of the three women handing out ballots and they greeted me by name.

And yes, I voted for Obama. I admit, I did vote for McCain back in the Michigan primary, only because there were no Democratic primary and I feared a Rommey presidency. I feel sad for McCain. I was excited about him in 2000. Back then, he was a maverick. I was even excited when there was a rumor about him being on Kerry’s ticket in 2004. But the maverick spent the past few years kissing up to those on the extreme right and buying into the belief that tax cuts, when we have a 10 trillion dollar deficit, can do everything including cure cancer. McCain has become an old mare and it’s time for him to go out to pasture.

I voted for Obama for three primary reasons. First of all, I think he has the ability to restore our image in the rest of the world. Second, we need a radical change and barring something wild like having two different political parties represented on the same ticket, Obama may be the closest we’ll get to a seismic shift in politics in my lifetime. Finally, he’s a great communicator. I hope he comes to understand that we must make some serious sacrifices in order to rebuild our financial house and that he uses his oratorical skills to sell us on making the necessary sacrifices (as opposed to tantalizing us with new promises for things we can’t afford).

I fear, however, one party dominating both the legislative and executive branches of government. We saw what kind of chaos having no one mind the hen house caused in Bush’s first 6 years. If Obama is elected, I hope Congress keeps him accountable and doesn’t give him a blank check like they gave Georgie Boy. Our government depends on checks and balances!

I hope that whoever is elected will find some wise economic advisors. In the blog of my friend, the economic professor, I came upon this quote and I bring it up because I am a cynic at heart:
Doctor Memory at Blah, Blah, Blog explains the bailout: In a sane world, this would be the beginning of an epochal re-alignment in American party politics. Everyone who voted "no" on this monstrosity would immediately join a new party, let's call it for the sake of argument the "For The Love Of God Don't Do Completely Insane Shit" party. Everyone else would be in the "OMG FREE PONIES!!!11" party. Except that's too depressing a thought to contemplate, since based on the roll call, the Ponytarians have at least a 2-to-1 advantage. And by the way, whatever happens on November 4th, one of them is going to be President.

One final thing on the elections: Yesterday, Arianna Huffinton provides us in her blog the 60 most memorable commercials for the campaign. I’m not sure why Huffington (she’s far more beautiful than Sarah Palin or maybe I’m more drawn to a Greek accent than to a moose gutter), thinks we need to have these commercials available at our fingertips. Perhaps she’s hoping to provide a public service by easing the pain of those addicted to this seemingly eternal campaign. So, to keep them from having to withdraw “cold turkey,” they can listen to the commercials and slowly be weaned of the rhetoric. Or maybe she’s more like Sarah than I think, and has a sadistic streak that runs down her spin, and gets a kick out of tormenting us once more with all the hot air.


  1. I didn't have to wait at all either! So glad to hear I'm not the only one with this experience: I was starting to feel weird :)

  2. I voted absentee yesterday. There was a rather long line, considering. High turn-out expected.

    And last night, I watched a district soccer game in shorts. I'll take it.


  3. Fortunately since I went early, I didn't have to wait. I carried through with my threat and voted Baldwin. The rest of the ballot I voted for change which in democratic controlled Iowa, meant all republicans with one exception. Our state representative had no republican challenger and just has a 4th of July Party challenger whom I know personally and is more than a few cards short of a full deck. In that one I vote democrat.

  4. Hhmm, what's wrong with 10 trillion deficit? Don't you like your new name Sagey Chan? And I s'pose I can teach you how to curse in mandarin, FOC, if you kowtow to me! :)

  5. TC, I only remember once in my life having a long wait--maybe 45 minutes--and ever since I have not gone to the polls first thing in the morning.

    Randall, weird weather, isn't it!

    Ed, I got a laugh out of the "4th of July Party" That's the party with hot dogs and beer, right?

  6. Mother Hen, me kowtow to you? As long as we only borrow dollars and don't go into a deinflation cycle, we shouldn't have to worry too much about speaking Chinese. We can always allow the dollar to weaken and pay it off with cheaper bucks.

  7. I'd definitely be with the For the Love of God Don't Do Completely Insane Shit party.

  8. Are you being serious (in your reply) or I just pressed the wrong button?

  9. I waited about an hour. I really like your breakdown of why you voted for Obama. I did the same for much the same reason.

  10. I mailed in my ballot (for Obama, of course) last week, so there was no waiting for me. Weather-wise, it rained here in Southern California, and was cool enough for me to bring a jacket along to work.

    I just heard on the news that they're projecting Obama will take Michigan.

  11. Fantasy Life--the OMG Free Ponies party sound so childish, which sounds like Congress!

    Diane, I think you're going to get your wish!

    Kenju, ditto my comment to Diane!

    Mother Hen, I was just playing with you--but I also think other countries have to be concerned with a cheap dollar if they're holding lots of Treasury bonds... As for Chinese, I'd love to speak it, but I don't want to learn words that would get me in a fight

    Epiphany, As for the wait, there is an advantage of small towns. As for your rational, what can I say, you must have good reasoning skills :)

  12. Dan, McCain pulled out of MI a month ago! The way it's looking now, Obama may win enough electorical votes to win before he gets to California results!

  13. Obama 08 What a wonderful night it was. I hope he stands by his words to work with both parties to turn this country around. That is the change we really need.

  14. Thanks for the visit, Sage. I don't know if that inn used to be something else after it was a private residence. Maybe the link shows some history of it - but I didn't check.

  15. I just found this, Sage. Go read it:


  16. "Change has come to America."

    Amazing grace!

    "I fear, however, one party dominating both the legislative and executive branches of government."

    In normal times I would agree with you, sage. But this is the moment of truth for the nation. I believe we need sweeping change, and I'm glad Obama has the support in congress to help make it happen. I trust Barack's integrity. If this marathon campaign has taught me anything about the man, it's that.


  17. Wow just wow
    I too believe that at this moment we need a Democratic congress. Remember Newt?

    We have ourselves an honorable decent president and how often could we say that?

    New Yorker's took to the streets. It was incredible

  18. My feelings about McCain are very similar to yours.

    Obama's acceptance speech was the most inspiring thing I have heard in a very long time.

  19. Mistress, if he doesn't stand by his word, we need to remind him. In 2000, Bush talked a good game of reaching across the aisle and it was all talk

    Kenju, I now remember it--it was the American Legion when I lived there

    Joe, I agree that there is no other way at this time, but I do think politics work best when there is tension and people have to work together, forcing them to seek the best way (and if the Senate isn't fillbuster proof, that'll require cooperation)

    Pia, I remember Newt being more willing to work with Clinton than Bush was willing to work wtih Democrats. The danger was after 2000, when they controlled both. HOpefully, this time, you will have congress and the administration both working together and also keeping tabs on the other. When are you heading back south?

    Bone, Obama's speech was exceptional, and so was McCain's concession speech, it was very gracious.

  20. You prefer Huffington because she has a working brain.

    I was impressed with McCain's concession speech. He should've been THAT person rather than the person that's been showing up giving his speeches.


  21. McCain's speech was phenomenal. I have the same fear you do when it comes to Obama, but I pray for the best.

  22. I'm still speechless but a warming calmness has enveloped me and it's a wonderful feeling.

    Hope is on the way.

  23. The whole world was watching it, and as expected Obama won. Malaysians too are happy with this change. Hope we will see more positive changes in the world from now onwards.