Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Calm Before the Storm, or photos and excuses

I just ain't got blogging time when I'm putting in 15-plus hours a day like I have the past two days, getting home at 10 PM or later. I started writing a review of Jimmy Carter's book Our Endangered Values and to write a 3 Word Wednesday post, but just don't have time. Maybe after this morning is over as I have nothing scheduled after 2 PM today. However, on Monday, I went canoeing and fishing at dusk on Middle Lake. I didn't catch a single fish, only had one to rise to the bait (I was mainly fishing with a fly rod and hoping to catch bream). But it's always beautiful to be out on the lake when the light is soft and fading.
I like the contrast of the red motor boat!
I needed a few more clouds to make the sunset more interesting--at least more photographically pleasing.
This was one of those ulta-light flying machines--if he could have only been a little higher, I might could have gotten the "ET Photo" of him flying across the moon. The beautfy of flying around in one of these contraptions at dusk is probably worth the risk of crashing!
I love being on the water when the light is like this. It doesn't matter that I don't catch fish! I hope to be around and catch up on everyone's blog over the next day or two. Then, come next Monday, I'm going to be away from the computer a bit as I head down in the Southern Appalachians for a week. Ya'll take care now.


  1. Be careful of any mountain boogers out and about! Hope you have a great is so hard to blog in the warm months anyway. Too much work to be done outside plus all your normal work.

    I love your pictures.

  2. No "fraternizing" with the bears!! Beautiful pics!!

  3. This entry made me go visit in hopes they had an adoption list of sorts that I could sign up on and have someone take me fishing...with my floaty wings on, of course.

    A whole week with no you?!? I wonder if Ed and I can last that long without one of us getting ticked at the other. If so, it could be a world's record.

  4. Love stories and pics of all your boat excursions!

  5. I've always wanted to spend a night on a lake in a canoe watching the sun go up and down from the confines of a sleeping bag. Haven't yet got it done.

    As Murf alluded too, I'm going to miss you.

  6. The 2nd and last photo are both gorgeous. It makes me want to drive north to one of our lakes.


  7. Seems like you had a lot of fun. Like the pictures. Your pictures posts are so interesting.

    Would like to read your book review. Got the book but yet to read it.

    I posted for 3WW and poetry thursday. And a book review of "The Places in Between" by Rory Stewart on my reading room blog.

    Have fun NOT blogging!

  8. Deana, I haven't had time to get outside this week--except for Monday--and still no time for blogging!

    Pat, you might be interested to know that I wrote a story about fratenzing with bears: I've had some interesting bear encounters in my life.

    Murf, the site of you fishing with floaties on your arm band would be enough to crack up all the fisherman and fish! Hooks and floaties might be a deadly conbination, be careful.

    Karen, thanks

    Ed, DO YOU HAVE A MOSES FIXATION? sleeping in the bottom of a canoe? I haven't tried that--would you be tied up to shore or just floating?

    Thanks Tim.

    Mistress, I hope you are able to get away to the lakes!

    Gautami, I'm going to try to get the bookreview up today and hope to get around and catch up with everyone before I head out.

  9. I've always just wanted to float free. I took many naps in a canoe like this in the Boundary waters during the day. Most of the time I just woke up still floating but once I woke up to loud scaping and found myself up again a rocky bluff.

  10. First Sage is sleeping nekid in the middle of nowhere and now I know Ed likes to sleep in untethered boats. You guys make me really love my bed...and my pajamas.

  11. You've awakened some powerful memories from my teen years. My summer camp arranged a canoe trip to a provincial park in Northern Quebec. I didn't have a camera with me - no one did, come to think of it - but the images I captured in my mind's eye that week were every bit as vivid as your pictures here.

    You haven't just recorded a scene: you've reflected the spirit of an incredible place on earth. Thanks for that!