Sunday, September 18, 2005

Random observations, thoughts and questions...

I saw the Harvest Moon rise last night (in my mirror as I was driving down I-94). It appeared huge, yet mysterious with a black cloud across the center, like someone placed tape over the moon to hide its name. It took a couple of glances into my mirror to recognize that what I was seeing was the rising moon. This morning I watched the same moon set in the west. I always feel blessed when I see the moon rise at sunset and set at dawn.

Living this far north, the moon takes a very low path in the sky during the summer and seems to always peek through the trees to the south of the house. I dream more when the moon is full and it’s light seeps into the bedroom. I don’t remember any of my dreams from last night.

The headlines for a newspaper I saw Friday read: "Bush says we can’t afford to hesitate any longer in Gulf Relief" or something like that. Where did the word "hesitate" come from? I listened to part of his speech, which sounded a lot like a confession. He certainly didn’t talk the fiscal conservative line, but then he never has. Cut income and increase spending hasn’t worked in my own little micro-economy, why should it work in his macro-economy. Certainly the relief is going to cost a lot of money which would make prudent people question other programs (such as wars and tax cuts). UPDATE, SEPTEMBER 21: I just learned how's he's financing all this. Check this out:

Why are "Fried Green Tomatoes" considered a Southern thing? When I lived in the South, my tomatoes were always harvested red—the way God intended I would think. The only thing about fried green tomatoes that’s southern is the frying. I only started making Green Tomato Relish when I lived out in the high desert where I had tomato plants killed by frost in the middle of June and in early September. It’d only get a few nice ripe tomatoes before I’d lost the vines and would have to make due with green tomatoes. It seems green tomatoes would be a northern delicacy. Would anyone want to share recipes for Fried Green Tomatoes? What kind of batter do you use? Virgin or extra virgin olive oil? Or is that peanut oil? And what do you eat with them?

The Steelers won again today. Even though we got a few more weeks of baseball, I’ve retired my Pirate cap for the year and now am sporting a Steelers’ cap.


  1. The last time I made fried green tomatoes, I used a new (to me) recipe: slice tomates thickly and dredge in corn meal. Saute them in a little olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Just as the tomatoes are almost brown enough, sprinkle them with a little dark brown sugar and cook them just long enough to carmelize the sugar. They are delicious!!

  2. P.S. you can eat them with anything; a meat and another vegetable, usually. You will want seconds!

  3. Kenju, you really use olive oil for fried green tomatoes? That's so unsouthern! Less, of course, you're talking about the south of Italy or Greece. What about bacon drippings? I was joking when I asked if you used virgin or extra virgin (isn't that redundant?)

  4. *sigh* I miss fried green tomatoes...

    I am beginning to think this place is NOT the south (and definately not the south as I remember it growing up in Georgia and going to school in Alabama). And ACC football - now there's a phenomenon for an SEC girl.

    Maybe it's all the transplanted retired Yankees here...

  5. Ms. Meh--maybe it's just that fried green tomatoes isn't a tarheel thing. I'm sorry you're not becoming enchanted in with home state. As far as ACC football, all I can say is to wait until basketball (does the SEC even use roundballs?)

    from a Southerner who's replacing some Yankee who has transplanted himself down south...

  6. :) Round ball? Honey, for baseball only, please, and preferably the Braves.

    I tried explaining all this to my Virginia-raised boyfriend (and we're talking suburban DC here), and he didn't get any of it. But he did agree that NC BBQ is a strange phenomenon and that he liked boiled peanuts (which he had for the first time ever at an Auburn game).

    I wonder how Scarlett would do in the Carolinas.... Hmm...

  7. Okay Ms Meh--lay off the barbeque--that's good stuff and eastern NC barbeque (chopped with a vinegar based sauce) is the standard.

    As far as the Braves--they've become the National League Yankees--the best team money can buy (except they don't have the success the Yankees have). And just like with life, the Braves reinforce the lesson that money can't buy happiness nor the world series.

    I don't think Scarlett would do well in the Carolina's, but I'm sure Rhett--with all his charm--was a Tarheel!

  8. Steelers rock my world!!!! Glad to hear we have more things in common. Can't speak to the fried green tomatoes but I loved the movie!! Make one really hunger for bbq.

  9. Rhett as a Tarheel? Possibly. I dated a few Tarheels in my day, but I think a Virginia Catholic school boy turned Florida beach bum was definately the best match for me. Not enough Tarheel in my personality, I guess.

    Vinegar? In BBQ? Seriously! Save it for the cole slaw (I don't do that mayo-based mess if I can help it) and get some brown sugar for that sauce! :)

    And the Braves... well, where they went wrong was getting rid of that killer pitching staff and trying to inundate the roster with power hitters. Carolina needs a baseball team. Bad. I know lots of rabid baseball fans here, but they all pull for far-off teams and go watch the Kinston Indians (which is a lot of fun).

    Ah, well. Proof that "The South" has many different parts to it, as well.