Saturday, September 10, 2005

7 Things...

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7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Complete the Pacific Crest Trail
2. Canoe the Seal River to the Hudson Bay
3. Publish my dissertation
4. Write and publish a creative non-fiction work dealing with the South
5. Live on a sailboat
6. Spend a winter in a cabin in the northwoods
7. Attend my daughter’s inauguration as President of the United States (gotta live at least 28 more years)

7 Things I Cannot Do
1. Read without glasses (this is a recent phenomena)
2. Tie flies
3. Play the role of Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof"
4. Attend my own funeral
5. Play a musical instrument
6. Grow hair on the top of my head (this has been coming on a few years)
7. Speak Swahili

7 Things That Attract me to the opposite sex
1. Expressive eyes
2. Inviting smiles
3. Long wavy hair
4. Wit, humor, and intelligence (they go together)
5. A sense of adventure
6. Concern for those who can’t help themselves
7. Long, nicely shaped legs

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. Whatever
2. How ya’ll doing (my southern upbringing)
3. ‘eh? (I’ve spent too much time around Canadians)
4. Yeah, right.
5. You’re wonderful
6. You’re crazy
7. He’s an idiot (tends to be mumbled while watching or reading the news)

7 Celebrity Crushes (I don't know if they're really crushes since I had to look up the names of three of the actresses).
1. Joan of Arc (19 year olds in chainmail? I’m with Mark Twain on this obsession)
2. Monica Bellucci
3. Sylvia Platt (circa 1950) eh--make that Sylvia Plath
4. Veronica Lake (circa 1940, funny and beautiful from another era)
5. Andie MacDowell
6. Shelly Long (funny and beautiful)
7. Chana (Ali McGraw got the boot)

People I Want To Do This List
If there are seven of you who’d like your name to be here, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll not play by the rules. (it wouldn't be right if I didn't break at least one rule)


  1. Nice list! ;)
    I want to attend that inauguration also! Save me a seat please.


  2. Great list. I do not recognize most of the names on your *ladies* list, but those that I do, quite ecclectic.

    Michele sent me.

  3. And here I though I was your celebrity crush all this time! ;)

  4. Hey Chana, you might make it yet.

    Who should get the boot? Joan of Arc, Vernoica Lake and Sylvia Plath (I mistakenly wrote Platt) are all dead... Joan is desirable because she was so pure and that armor and chain mail did something for her. Vernonica Lake is one of my all time favorite actresses. Sylvia Plath wrote haunting poetry.

    So, how do you lookin chain mail and how are your poetic skills?

    I might could slip you in for Monica Bellucci since she's Italian... But she was hot in Melena--which is a wonderful movie.

    But I think I'll trade in Ali McGraw, she's way past her prime--she was hot when I was a kid. I love her with Steve McQueen in The Getaway.

    Okay, you get Ali's spot.

  5. Yay - you did it! Fiddler on the Roof, eh? An excellent idea!

  6. OMG! You did it for real! lol
    I am so honored!