Tuesday, April 05, 2011

At the Coast and Explaining my Absence

My daughter (like a true Yankee) enjoying the water long before the locals!

My brother took the day off and he’d been talking about a cookout on the island. So, ignoring the weather channel, we loaded the boat with some firewood and a cooler with drinks, hot dogs, Texas Pete hotdog chili, Cole slaw and chips and headed out onto the water.  Heading down to the north end of Masonboro Island, with the wind to our back, was a pleasant ride.   But once we stopped, we realized how strong the wind was blowing.  We anchored the boat off a ways, making sure the anchors would hold with such wind.  Then we hiked out to the beach and found a nook up between dunes were a hole was dug for a fire.  After building a windbreak (he’s brought a piece of plywood for such occasion) and soaking the wood with lighter fluid, the inferno began.  
Porpoise at Carolina Beach Inlet

It was impossible to keep sand, which was doing its best to sandblast the hair off my lower legs, off the dogs. But they still tasted good and once filled, we decided to head back before the tide dropped too much. The ten mile ride back to Carolina Beach was choppy, but not too bad. As we crossed the inlet, we spotted a pod of porpoises and spent a few minutes exciting my daughter as we watched them playing (or had they come upon a school of smaller fish and were enjoying their dinner?). It was a good day…

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’ve not been around much lately and am on “spring break” down in North Carolina.  As my parents don’t have internet, I haven’t been online much except via my Blackberry and I hate using it for Blogger.  I’ll catch up with folks next week.
Yucca plant on Masonboro Island


  1. THAT looks like some pretty amazing scenery! I can't even imagine seeing that big 'ol fish:)

    Have a wonderful time down there!!!!

  2. Sounds and looks lovely. Enjoy your time, Sage. :)

  3. Looks like you're having a wonderful time! I think I could enjoy being there! :)

  4. As long as you enjoy. Good to get away sometimes too.

  5. I know you love being here, Sage! Have a good time and a safe trip back home.

  6. What a lovely time you are having. See you when you get back.

  7. As far as I know, my daughter was the only one to wade in the waters off Panama City, Florida this past Christmas. Rather than blame it on being a Yankee, perhaps you should blame it on being young with excellent blood circulation.

  8. Sage
    ....continue having a great time, we miss you, but you're in good hands! Praise God for Spring break.

  9. So that's where you went! Mmmm...sandy hot dogs. Can't think of anything yummier. :-)

  10. On this side of the Atlantic spring break is a much more penitential exercise and stands about as far from the picture of sipping shots from some young wans belly button as could be conceived. None with a modicum of sense would come within an asses roar to the ocean. What with horizontal rain with a slightly upward tilt to it's line of invasion and wind from all point of the compass with you at the center of the vortex. Well, only the semi-mad would dream of such a trip. But there is something truly lovely about the entire doings.
    Oh that kid of yourn will remember the walk she took alone on that beach.

  11. It sounds like you're having a great time! Enjoy it!


  12. Dawn, I hate to correct you, but that ain't no fish! Porpoises are mammals :)

    Hilary, it's great, thanks.

    Tim, I bet you'd have a blast, but yesterday wasn't as idylic as the day before

    Charles, time off is a precious thing

    Kenju, unfortuately, I won't get through Raleigh as I came down via Charlotte and are going back via DC

    Lynn, I'll be back (at the coffee shop right now)

    Ed, growing up on the coast, we always joked about the yankees who came down and swam before the water warmed. But youth does play a part.

    Sleepyhead, I'll miss you guys at coffee this morning (just slightly!)

    Murf, it's the setting...

    Vince, yesterday was the opposite. We had thunderstorms and a tornado watch in the morning hours!

    Randall, Thanks

  13. Enjoy the break and quit worrying the internet ain't going to be gone when you get back.

  14. Nothing like simply getting away from it ALL. Thanks for checking in...

  15. Love the pics! With exception to a few storms it looks like you guys had a great visit!