Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching my breath...

The photo is of the old Soo Line near Ladysmith, WI.

I’ve noticed over the past week that the golden rod have begun blooming. The days seem to rapidly be getting shorter. In the evening sky, the constellation Scorpios is dropping lower in the western horizon and if you’re up before dawn, you’ll see Orion in the east. Summer is coming to an end. If it wasn’t for all these visual signs, I’d know it because my head has been stuffy and it’s time to start snorting stuff up my nose again (in case you’re wondering, I’m talking about nose spray, not that white powdery stuff).


The past week and a half has been crazy at work. The project that has consumed my life for the past several years is finally coming to an end. We moved the offices last week and are now up and running. Everything else will be moved after Labor Day. Next week, I’m taking off a bit for a three day/two night canoe trip on the Manistee River. I can use the break. Hopefully, tomorrow (Or Friday), I’ll get my next post up on my trip out west earlier this summer as we visit Tonopah.


  1. I can tell you that moving a place like yours can be divisive and strengthening both. But once it is all over, everything is up and running back on schedule, it is oh so nice. I'm glad the end is near for you.

  2. Every time I look at the stars and think about constellations and I can't figure a single one out, I think "Sage would know."

    Really, it's not as creepy as it sounds.

  3. Orion is my favorite. Always glad to see it again. The winter sky is more spectacular anyway.

  4. hope you enjoy that upcoming trip...they can to wonders to clear the head...of all that is going on and maybe a bit of that congestion...smiles.

  5. I wish I would quit reading so many "Glad summer is coming to a close" posts. Fall may be fine but then comes the winter.

  6. I absolutely love [photos like these. Hoping work settles down for you. Look forward to the upcoming posts.

  7. We had a nip in the air for the first time this week. Even though it's August, I could "small" fall around the corner.

    Stay sane, and


  8. I hope you enjoy your trip Sage - that is really something to have a project you have been working on for years to come to an end.

  9. Ed, most things are going well--it's actually been five years that I've been working on this...

    TC, you and Bone probably overrate my knowledge... :)

    Ron, yes, the winter sky is the best--I hope you're far enough from LA to have a decent night sky. Here, we are blessed with too many cloudy nights (I miss the western sky)

    Brian, water or trails, either one has the ability to clear my head

    Walking Guy, sorry, but I love the winter!

    CO Caster, I hope to be casting for some brown trout come Sunday

    Randal, it was really cool this morning--50 degrees--and felt great!

    Charles, yep!

    Lynn, it is bitter sweet, but I can use a little time with less deadlines.

  10. TC, you and Bone probably overrate my knowledge... :)

    Hey, don't ruin our image of you. lol

    I notice the shorter days on the golf course. Gotta kinda hurry now to get a round in after work.

  11. Oh you scared me. I thought you meant the white stuff. Never
    There are all kinds of fall signs here and they depress me. It was the hottest summer but wow--it gave me license to relax

  12. i took astronomy in college and it was the most difficult class ever, dont know how I ended up with an A. I look at the sky now and can't remember squat about all the stars and the end of summer.
    your job sounds so interesting but haven't figured out what it is

  13. Hey Sage, thanks for visiting my blog (Life 101)earlier today.
    I worked for THE MAN for thirty three years.
    The last five were spent on grueling projects that left me weary and unfulfilled.
    Then in February of this year, the corporation made the decision to downsize.
    This is not a sad note, because I'd worked to become debt free, and I worked to develop new skills.
    Since March, I've been living a dream.
    I love your blog, and will be following you posts.
    Rick Watson