Saturday, May 29, 2010

A rant on last night's ballgame

Life is a whirlwind and I haven’t had time to do any writing for my blog nor have I been very good at keeping up with those blogs I enjoy reading… And the next few weeks look crazy and although great things are happening, this summer promises to be the craziest on record.

Yet, I did get out yesterday evening a minor league baseball game; the West Michigan Whitecaps taking on the Dayton Dragons. The Whitecaps lost it in the ninth and also lost a catcher as he was creamed trying to block home plate. That said, Dayton has one heck of a 3rd basemen in Frank Pfister. With his glove and arm, if last night was at example of his talent, I doubt he’ll play at the Single A level very long if the Reds (their franchise team) has need of a 3rd baseman.

Minor league ball has a lot of silly stuff that would never be tolerated in the big leagues. Most of it is fun, but I had to take an exception with “President Barack Ollama.” The donkey (or was it a llama) was dressed in a blue suit with red white and blue boxer shorts made his debut at in the 7th inning, leading the singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” from one of the cooperate balconies. Then, the character started dancing and showing his boxers and vomited confetti onto the crowd below. Later, he appeared on the Visiting Team dugout, singing and wetting those sitting around the dugout. As I didn’t have my camera, the pictures I have of him are from my blackberry (and are not very good). I found the whole skit to be disrespectful and, although I enjoy parody, lacking of taste. It felt like something from a minstrel show of the 1920s. Proudly, my daughter and her friend both made the similar comments. She couldn’t believe I was taking a picture of something so rude (she didn’t know that I wanted it for evidence).

I should say, we didn't come away from the game empty handed. They gave out "Sparta brand Barbecue Sauce." I should be grateful, but now for the rant. I read the ingredients and wasn't impressed. I've had candy with less sugar. And where were the peppers? Being from Eastern North Carolina, the number one ingredient in barbecue sauce has to be vinegar. If you want to be fancy, use apple cider vinegar. I'll even use a little tomato sauce, but corn syrup, never! Well, maybe someday I can use this bottle to make some of those sweet meatballs... But as barbecue sauce, never.


  1. Spartan brand is not a stand alone BB-Q sauce..add a bunch of other stuff and it can be better! Last time there it was freezing, so the crowd was small and we all got a bunch of promo give aways!

  2. One of the problems with our system, (though not enough to necessitate a change) is that our Head Of State and Chief Executive are the same person. In most countries, that's not the case; think Queen Elizabeth v. Prime Minister.

    The former is responsible for representing "us" as a nation, while the latter performs political functions.

    What people forget is how to distinguish the two. For example, protests are OK for political decisions and appearances, but never acceptable at purely ceremonial functions, regardless of the identity or political affiliation of the person occupying the office.

    For that reason, the display you cite would be grossly inappropriate in my view.

    Your mileage may, of course, vary.


  3. That's something I wouldn't even expect here where it's Black Bike Week and the only beach town I know where people actually leave for Memorial Day Weekend

    So far I've noticed crowds in stores and restaurants that are never crowded--people actually spending money. More people than in the prior two years in all our local establishments
    And this is a bad thing in a depressed city?
    Sorry had to get that out and it fits your post

  4. Good stuff!

    Dale Murphy--my old hero from the Braves was at our Capitol City Bombers opener. Course I didn't drag my lazy butt out there!

    Although that would have been a neat autograph!

    I don't have ONE SINGLE autograph from anybody! Is that weird or what?


  5. Well said, Sage. I feel that way about going to a musical concert only to have the artist soapbox about politics. You are right. We are experiencing manners going down the toilet, I'm afraid.

  6. Buffalo, it wasn't a big crowd on Friday night, but judging from the cars heading north no 131, I was thinking everyone had left town.

    Randall, chuckling at your "mileage" comment!

    Pia, this part of Michigan is probably more Republican than SC, but I was still shocked at the character.

    John, do you want me to send you a "Sage" autograph? LOL

    Michael, agreed. Just because someone can sing or act doesn't mean their ideas are any better than mine and it's normally a turn off for me to hear them push their views.

  7. As your blogroll's number one Reds fan (I think that's a safe assumption), I want to thank you for that Reds minor league report. Keep 'em coming.

  8. I may be sending you some tomatoes for your sauce, lol !

  9. Maybe Bone will come up to visit and you and he and Murf can take in a game. Michigan can be his next stop on the blog reality tour.

    I don't think I've ever looked at the ingredients in a bottle of BBQ sauce before... now I might have to start.

  10. Bone, maybe I should rename you in the blogroll as the resident "Red's" expert (I wonder what who have on their political blinders will think)

    Heff, you gotta try NC style bbq!

    TC, I don't normally look at the ingredients, but I also don't generally buy bbq sauce (except for Carolina Treet which goes well on Chicken, but not pork)... We'll have to get Bone up here, I can always use another Southerner...

  11. Oh my what a rant! I can't tell what bothered you most: the parody or the bbq sauce.

    You should have tasted the grilled chicken we bought for lunch on our sunday picnic (my kids called it "alien style chicken" because of the shape it was cut, slit open and flat on the grill. It was really weird) and what can I say about the bbq sauce... I would have loved your Sparta, LOL.

  12. Well, I'm totally with you...that stunt sounds juvenile, and horribly stupid.

    I always find myself wondering, "Did they think to run this idea by anyone first?"

    As for the bbq sauce, you'll keep it for a few weeks in the pantry and then you'll toss it.

    Game over.

  13. Definitely out of place for a baseball game. They should save the lampooning for SNL or such, so folks can simply enjoy some time with family and friends.
    Do you have a favorite BBQ s
    auce or recipe to share?

  14. Come on Sage, be inventive ... you could spice up the sauce, then have bragging rights to how you improved it! besides its something you can mess with, and not have lost any money! .... you can do it.