Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Busy, But Prepared!

I've not forgotten you all nor have I become an ice cube in this deep freeze we've been experiencing this month. Life has been busy, but it all goes on hold Sunday evening when the Steelers return to the Superbowl! I try not to wear a tie anymore than I have to, but that may change this week thanks to a gift from my staff. The perfect tie!

I've been working on several memoirs and have several book reviews I hope to do soon. I also need to find time to catch up with everyone's blog, so bear with me a bit. And GO STEELERS!


  1. Don't they know you hate ties? You need some flannel Steeler lounge pants instead, I think.

  2. Oooh, flannel lounge pants. I <3 FLPs.

    Still though, if they're trying to con you into a tie, Sage, at least they gve you a stylish one :)

    Good luck to your beloved Steelers Sunday!

  3. Are you going to be mad at me if I cheer for the underdog! :o)

  4. I worked for the publishing company that put together their Super Again book and it was a blast being a part of their last Super Bowl win. What a great job that was!

  5. Enjoy the game... Love the Steelers, and my folks were from Pittsburgh. But we really like Warner too- he was great here a few years ago and will root for them. But heck- I don't have a tie...

  6. Speak only for yourself on the ice cube thing Sage...man it has been too cold for to long now.

    Uhhh...nice tie, I think I own one and it may be around here somewhere.

  7. "I become an ice cube in this deep freeze"

    I think a poem ought to be developed around this line...

    Wot say?

  8. I think I may want to watch the Superbowl this Sunday... all because Bruce Springsteen is going to sing.

  9. Well, even our President is on your Steeler team, sage! :o)

  10. Sorry, I haven't been very faithful getting around to see folks the last two days...

    Murf, probably the one thing I'd hate more than ties, flannel pjs!

    TC, I actually have plenty of ties--including many comic strip ones--as well as many classic, conservative types!

    Karen, YES (I see you redeem yourself laster by admitting that even our President has seen the light (or at least the Steelers' secondary)

    Scarlet, wow, you're connected!

    Beau, what's that command about honoring your father and mother? Sounds like for you, not rooting for their home team falls into the sin category.

    Walking Guy, You own a Steelers tie? Or just a tie?

    Gautami, we've had a cold winter with lots of snow--a few more inches overnight

    Fantasy Gal, you're right, but on occassion I do pull the noose around my neck

    Mother Hen, It's too bad half-time isn't longer, I'd love to hear more music. (A few years ago we got 3 songs from the Stones, it was just not enough)

    Karen, trying to redeem yourself, eh?

  11. I will watch Bruce. But for you Sage I will actually care, a bit, about The Steelers

  12. You don't actually sleep in them, Sage. Just lounge.

  13. You poor misguided soul. Arizona + Cardinals = WINNERS. Frozen feathers of a flock stick together...so I hear.

  14. I'll probably watch for the commercials. The halftime shows are usually a letdown to me for some reason. Pyrotechnics. Women showing their breasts. People being paid to dance and pretend they're excited. It's like 4th of July at a strip club.

    Maybe Bruce will be different.

  15. We'll be here when you get back... Life has a tendency to get in the way at times.

    Yep, GO STEELERS!! Stupidhead Cardinals!