Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Nevada Jack Rant on Palin's Speech

Nevada Jack hasn’t been around much lately, but he’s back being his cynical old self…

I stayed up later than I planned last night to watch Governor Sarah Palin speech. I wasn’t overly impressed. First of all, I felt like I was getting a scolding. We animals know body language and if she’d pointed that finger of hers at me like that in person, I’d gnaw it off and enjoy a snack. And when she wasn’t pointing her finger, she was making a loose fist, another not so good sign for those of us in the animal kingdom. She seldom opened her hands when speaking, which made her look like she was playing her cards close to her chest, but I won’t go there. And was that a snafu when she quoted Harry Reid, from the Great State of Nevada? She said that Harry Reid couldn’t stand John McCain and got a huge applause. Then, after 15 seconds of near ecstasy from that crowd of funny hats, she reinterpreted Reid as saying he meant he couldn’t stand up to McCain. Did she misspeak and accepted the applause and then somewhat correct herself? If so, that’s a cheap trick. As my side-kick Sage has done some community organizing in his life, I resented it when she suggested that such people don’t have responsibilities. They actually have more responsibility than politicians as they have to be accountable to donors who are not forced to support their programs, unlike politicians who live on taxes (The exception to this is the current administration. Instead of taxing now, they just go ahead and spend and pass on the bill to the next generation). After Georgie Boy, listening to Republicans speak about being fiscally responsible is a joke. And then there is her husband, whose great accomplishment seems to be that he’s a champion snowmobile racer. Those things create such a racket in the woods, they disturb my hibernation. Of course, a side effect of racing them is that he’s probably deaf which is a benefit when you live in a house with five, soon to be six, little ones and a wife that’s a politician. What is it with you humans? You have the Democrats whose ticket, counting spouses, look like they walked off a J. C. Penny catalog. And then the Republicans, with their sexy librarian and her deaf husband in a snowsuit, running with that ugly old guy and his hot wife who, like a lot of people with too much money, dresses about as tacky as they come.


  1. That last bit is hilarious! You've been gone too long Jack. Sage isn't nearly this funny.

  2. LMAO! Nevada Jack must have been using the summer to catch up on some sleep he's been missing in the winter.

  3. I recently read a book review of a lady who wrote a biography on Sarah Palin. One of the interviews was done in her office when she was governor of Alaska on a couch covered in bear skin. ;)

  4. Nice style for a take on a subject upon which people take strong sides.


  5. Nevada Jack is a welcomed voice. I adore him!

  6. Thanks Nevada Jack :) As s former community orgaizer--low income housing, then geriatric social worker --one of those weird pinko professions I too resented her

    Don't forget Todd makes a great looking woooden spoon house husband

    My fear is that we have become too complacent and once again too nice

    I have never seen what's elitist about Obama but one day I got it--many people don't know educated Blacks--and therefore any Black person with an Ivy League education....

    I didn't see her speech last night--was out with some of those Black people---one of my best friends I call Myrna, who graduated Bennington--and I'm going to do a post on that and link to you

    Thanks Nevada Jack for a great post--and your sidekick Sage is pretty cool also

    Here in NY--we're praying and hoping that Hanna misses land

    I hope Sage's parents are OK. W've been getting calls from SC all morning and everybody is scared

  7. Murf, you can get by saying Sage ain't funny. Unlike me, he won't bite your head off!

    Appalachianists, ain't you that guy who uses dogs to chase my cousins? You better watch your back!

    DesertRat, my grizzle cousins in Alaska are going to be on the watch for her next time she goes out moose hunting. She's such a little thing, she make a better door mat than a living room throw rug.

    Sherman, thanks.

    Scarlet, flattery is always appreciated

    Pia, Sage's parents have been through a few storms before, but if it's too threatening, they'll head inland.

  8. This is really funny! :)

    Sarah Palin reminds me a kindergarten teacher talking to a group of parents, in which she takes the role of a Mother Hen. I have a chill down my spine if I were to imagine her assembling the Supreme Court, or reacting to the International pressures, or just being the Commander in Chief.

    And seriously, that was the first time I heard of a sport called Snowmobile racing. Hhmm, is that Sport played only in America, specifically, in ALASKA?! :)

  9. Sarah Palin makes me sick to my stomach..and as to your last paragraph, you win extra kudos from me.

  10. Newest campaign slogan --- "Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor."

  11. New revelations on the Palin *bitch* over at my place.

  12. What are you guys so afraid of?! I thought the speech was terrific. Would you have her just stand there and talk quietly, politely, without rancor or rebuttal to the other side, or that of the media? She's running for VP for goodness sake- and all that yelling and harangue from Hillary over the past hundred (seeming) years; Is that better because of her politics? I applaud Gov. Palin's willingness to stand up and be who she is, even if I don't agree with her.

  13. There is a whole lotta tacky going on for the Rebublican side. I was just amazed at how diverse and passionate the D convention was. The R was all scrunched up white faces holding their purse strings for dear life.