Sunday, July 27, 2008

A dream

Photo of a stormy morning at Cape Lookout, NC, November 2007.
I woke this morning dreaming the most bizarre dream. I was on a cruise, but the ship looked more like a large research vessel. It was early in the evening and the ship was sinking. I started running around, from one end to another, gathering stuff and getting ready to abandon ship. The lights kept blinking and I was worried about them going off, but was assured I’d be okay as I had a head lamp with me. I had my priorities! I gathered in my laptop backpack my laptop, ipod, a notebook (a black leather one I write in) and some apples (I often take an apple like this to work). The other bag was a canvas shopping bag (the type you take to the grocery store to avoid having to use plastic bags). In this bag I stuffed as much food as I could find, some canned goods, bananas and an old package of spinach and some broccoli. I don’t know why I didn’t think of water. Many people were just staying on the ship drinking, resigned to their fate, but four of us eventually got off and onto a lifeboat. But the lifeboat somehow became a barge that was rusty and listing badly… We got back on to the ship to get more stuff; I kept saying get food but this one guy insisted on collecting all these pipes and pump parts. He had a huge box of parts. We then got back onto the barge and, early in the morning, the ship sank, rolling over on its side and slipping beneath the waves. As I was busy figuring out what we had, the guy with the mechanical parts fixed a pump and began to pump water out of the hull of the barge, the water spraying like a fireboat’s water cannon. We weren’t sure how much we should pump since the water in the hull was acting as ballast. Then we were approached by a Russian destroyer, who had seen the water spray. They came along side of the barge to save us, but before we got off the barge and saved, the alarm rang… Wow, am I under stress or what?


  1. BTW, you didn't notice a redheaded Cuban woman aboard that ship, did you? :)

    I hope you're not being prophetic. My ship sets sail in five days!

  2. Yes, I would say there is a significant level of stress when you are looking to the Russians for rescue. You didn't happen to read the news article about the Russian sub turned museuam that was pulled out of Providence Harbor did you?

    Love the pic.

  3. I hate to tell you this, but Sigmund Freud would have had a stroke upon listening to that.


    Chill out.



  4. Never had a boat sinking dream. As far as I am concerned, you can keep those dreams.

  5. Scarlet, yes, she jibbering way too fast in Spanish! (not really)

    Kontan, I didn't hear that story--or maybe I heard and it only registered in my subconscience

    Sherman, it's going to be okay, but if interested, email me and I'll explain

    Ed, I don't like them either!

  6. This dream tells you, my friend, that a woman (probably a Russian babe) who is from afar is coming into your life. She crossed the oceans and the lands searching for you before... something else happens!

    Nah, I'm full of crap. But I do know that stress is good for you dude, at least it gives you odd dream, let you vent it out here, and let all of us laugh about it!

    We're better off with the SageHen ticket dude!

  7. Some dream that was. I could never undrstand dreams. I still have one recurring dream of myself dying on the road. I also know the exact place.I have had it since I was 17 years old.

  8. Geez, I better be nice to Ed the Engineer in case we ever get stuck on a sinking boat together. Since I'm 25% Russian I would have thrown on a babushka and grabbed some root vegetables, vodka and kielbasa on my way off the ship to be used by me or as payment to my Russian rescuers. :-)

  9. I would say you are definately stressed. You must really be feeling like you're sinking and can't get out from under your load!

  10. Finally someone else with dreams like mine! Thank you for writing it down in such excruciating detail! Mine leave my mind like a mist or a vapor after I've been awake about ten minutes. And I have the compulsion to tell people my dreams,too! Sometimes they don't want to hear them, but I insist!Do you have recurring themes in yours? I do! One of my dreams I've been having since the eighth grade and don't get me started on the recurring spider night terrors that will resume any day now since I'm about to begin teaching after summer break. I am actually a very happy person, but my dreams rarely are. I did have a great one last night, though. Ah, what a GREAT dream it was! It's one of my favorites I've ever had in my life involving a ritzy hotel and beautiful clothes and an attentive old flame. We were so happy in that dream. That's why I love me some dreamin'. Keep writing them, Sage!

  11. That was a rather technical dream Sage.

    It's make a good book!

  12. Whew! I'm tired from just reading about the dream . . .

    something there strikes me that you're as wise as you are stressed for you did get off the boat, didn't you, taking responsibility - that seems a hopeful thing.

  13. #1: Gorgeous photo!

    #2: I hate weird dreams. I never used to remember my dreams, but this past year, whenever I'd have a really strange/disturbing one, it would stick with me. The other night, I found out I very much dream in color as the blood was for sure red.

    Hope you get rid of some of your stress soon.

  14. Sounds like stress to me. If I am correct in remembering water in dreams is emotional stress.

    Try to relax, although I know it can be a tad hard.


  15. I enjoy reading about people's dreams, and like to delve into dream research and interpretations sometimes, as well.

    I recently went thru about a two week stretch of weird, stressful dreams myself. I don't know what was causing it or what broke it. But I'd wake up each morning already feeling mentally exhausted.

  16. That's kind of crazy. Did you wake up exhausted or what?

  17. That was quite a dream! And remembered in quite vivid detail.

    I had a very strange dream last night. I dreamt that I was eating a delicious bowl of soup except that it was permeated with live snakes. Now what does one make of that one? ;)

  18. Dreams are so baffling sometimes, and what's even more odd is that you remember the really strange ones so vividly. I do the same thing.

    Yes, I do think you're under a lot of stress! :)

  19. Sage,

    You can find me here now:


  20. U sure it wasn't titanic? Dreams can mean many things to many people. It was such a clear, progressive and real scenario buddy. Wish to know the ending make sure dun set your alarm for some time :) God Bless.