Thursday, December 21, 2006

Getting to know folks

Kevin over at Silver and Gold has been doing profiles of folks in his blogroll. I feel humbled by what he said about me. I learned that he found me through our shared interest in mining history (something I’ve only written a bit about here, but is a field I have some knowledge of). From my blog, he branched out and read some others who regularly post here and has become part of this interesting community. In this post, he makes insightful and encouraging comments about Murf, Jadedprimadonna, Tim and, in the comment sections, Ed. I encourage you to read Kevin’s blog as he writes about lots of stuff. He’s one of the most well-read individuals I know and also writes with passion and compassion about his family and faith.

Kevin comments got me trying to recall how I met some of you. I think, but this was a long time ago, Murf came to my blog via Appalachian Intellect’s blog (AI). He’s now known as the Appalachianist and is about as far as one can get from those lovely mountains of our Southern Highlands, as he’s deployed in Iraq. Check out his reports from the war zone and wish him well. I think, but am not positive, I came across AI from Jadedprimadonna’s blog. I started reading Jaded’s blog early in my career and was attracted by her stories of growing up the Southern hills and how she’s now in a PhD program at Clemson. She’s a pretty good gal even if she’s from the lesser of the Carolinas (I know, that joke is getting old as I use it to describe anyone from South Carolina). I came across Tim’s blog from our shared interest in Honduras. Tim is one of the kindness bloggers I know and an incredible photographer who sees picture possibilities everywhere. He’s also now has a girlfriend. Ed and I got to know each other through another blog which took a far right-handed turn. Murf and I got kicked off for questioning statements and shortly thereafter Ed got booted too. It ranks right up there as the weirdest experience I’ve had in blogging and one of the weirdest in my life and you can read about it here. With a name like Ed Abbey (the name of one of our great western writers), I just had to like the guy.

I’ll post my Christmas memories of 1966 tomorrow. Some day I'll have to write more about others who post here (let that be a warning!). Have a blessed day and may you avoid the Christmas rush and have time to enjoy the season.


  1. I will have to stop by and read his stuff.....I have often thought of doing a kind of bio on my blog buddies, or rather how I see them. I think that might be fun.

  2. It's like feet getting lured by another goodie round the corner. Thanks for the links.

  3. BTW - that Suzie sounds like a fun gal . . .

  4. Ooooh, I LIKE that lesser Carolinas thing. I work with a woman from SC and she refers to UNC as Un-Carolina. The nerve!! I'll show her.....LOL

  5. I like how you spread the blog-joy here. Thanks for the directions to these fascinating, new-to-me reads. Time to go introduce myself to some folks...

    Hi from Michele's tonight!

  6. I'll have to check him out. I dabbled in mining research as a paper for one of my grad classes. The focus was my hometown county. Very interesting.

    RE: Dressing. Guess it must be a Southern thing. Maybe you know it as stuffing.

  7. Well, Sage, your memory isn't slipping (yet). You are correct. AI did bring us together. I'm sure he would welcome your gratitude for it. :)

  8. Deana, be sure to warn me when you do my bio, okay? jk

    anil, thanks for stopping by

    Diane, yeah, if you're masochistic

    Kenju, What blasphemy! They let her live in NC?

    Carmi, they're all good folks who'd like your very positive spin on things

    Kontan, there's something about mining that attracts a certain type of person... I'm not sure if it's good or bad!

    Murf, maybe AI will see this, but he's around a lot less freqently now that he's out in the desert (fighting Bush's war). Hopefully some folks will send him well-wished.

  9. Awwwwww Sage, is that your baby picture? LOL

  10. Sage, I am honored by your comments regarding me and my blog. Thank you. And I so enjoy coming by your blog. You tell so many stories that touch my heart.

    I'm afraid my blogging and blog visitation is "suffering" a bit now that I have a girlfriend. But I won't disappear. You and my other blogging friends are too important to me.

    Thank you for everything.