Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Reflections on the news and Sage’s crazy life

the politically incorrect reporting of Nevada Jack

I hear they arrested Warren Jeffs today. That’s not going to make much news around here, but where Sage and I use to live, it will be a big deal. Jeffs is the “prophet” and “leader” of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a group that makes regular Mormons seem almost normal. Jeffs has been wanted in all kinds of crimes, but mainly arranging the marriages of underage girls to guys Sage’s age and older. He’s supposedly married to more than three dozen women and has been on the run for two years. The police were probably tipped off by a mad wife when he forgot one of his anniversaries. He was recently promoted to the FBI’s top ten list, which is not the kind of promotion you call your mom and siblings to brag about.

I couldn’t help but notice that Warren Jeffs looks a lot like Prince Charles. But the guy is definitely not royalty. He also looks a lot like John Mark Karr and with his background, he could be his father. But then, I’m just a bear and ya’ll humans sometimes all look alike.

Compare Warren Jeffs mugshot to these two guys

I was reading over Sage’s shoulder this afternoon as he scanned the newspaper shaking his head. With all that’s going on in the world, reading the news gives me a headache. The headlines were earthshaking. The lead story is about the “Danish Festival Queen” in a town sixty miles away giving up her crown when it became known that the 19 year old had appeared in wrestling videos wearing lingerie. “She did absolutely nothing wrong,” her father insisted, saying that the videos were a “legitimate way to teach self-defense techniques.” I suppose a woman in lingerie might need to know self-defense techniques, but that didn’t sound like the nature of these videos. The unreported story is that her father has just signed a contract to appear in a new reality TV show focusing on the lives of the naïve. “It’s cast-typing if there was every such a thing,” the show’s producer was heard quipping backstage.

Meanwhile on the home front, Sage has decided that one daughter isn’t enough. He’s going to try to double the fun this year with a second one. Like the first, she’ll come not speaking real good English, but unlike Ed’s new daughter (check out Ed's post for August 29), I don’t think Sage will have to worry about finding nannies and changing diapers. She’s an exchange student from Korea and was supposed to arrive yesterday, but someone got the dates wrong (luckily this was discovered 30 minutes before Sage and crew headed to the airport). She’ll arrive tomorrow we hope. This two day delay has caused Sage’s daughter, who had made a pink welcome sign for her (in English) and was waiting by the door ready to drive to the airport, to conclude that the world is out to get her.

Enough for now. Sage wants his computer back. Maybe he’ll write about his travels in Korea.


  1. For a bear that is some of the most interesting stuff I've read all day. Poor young girls having to marry sickos like that...makes my skin crawl!
    Nice of the Danish Queen's dad to defend her to the end.

  2. I just saw the Jeffs thing and had no clue about the guy. The Karr media frenzy is so depressing. Iraq and other world news gets placed on the back burner because some nutjob/pedophile wanted 15 minutes of fame. Though I bet the news channels ratings were up a bit so perhaps some blame rests with the viewers.

    The Danish Festival Queen story was pretty hilarious.

    And great job on fostering or sponsering (or whatever the correct term is) an exchange student. Hope that goes as smoothly as possible.

  3. Congratulations, Sage, on sponsoring an exchange student in your home. I have so many fond memories of my parents hosting foreign exchange students or workers on a short term basis.

  4. I always wanted to be an exchange student. Good for you guys, Sage! Hope she gets here soon.

  5. I was going to give you grief about him resembling Prince Charles but there is a bit of a resemblance in looks and behavior although Charles likes women on the opposite end of the age spectrum and probably would have married Camilla along with Diana if he could have.

    Your homefront news nearly made me pass out until I read further and learned the truth. I was beginning to lament that even you could reproduce again before I get a first shot at it. ;-)

  6. We hosted two boys from Costa Rica once and it was a lot of fun, fun learning about their culture and fun showing them around ours. I hope you got a rice cooker bought if you don't already have one. That girl is going to be wanting some rice from time to time, say every four to five hours! I know from experience.

  7. 1) You and Bone should get together and compare pictures of people--interesting

    2)Sage's poor daughter--who really needs a name--understand totally

    3) Please let Sage write about Korea

  8. Deana, yeah, that bear does get some interesting stories...

    V, yeah, can you imagine the Danish Queen being the headlines of a major newspaper?

    Tim & Kenju, exchange students are always wonderful opportunites

    Murf, sorry for the heart attack. I didn't think about the Charlie boy as a polygamist. I'll have to tell Nevada Jack.

    Ed, Its a good thing I like rice. When in grad school, I spent a summer sharing a small 2 bedroom apt with a guy from Korea. I also have visited Korea and found that rice for breakfast was okay, but I can't do kimchi before noon.

    Pia, sometimes Bone reads my blog, maybe we can get together on the pic comparison. Maybe I should start calling her Little Sage. When we were in Utah, she love smelling sage when we'd hike (she was generally on my back in a pack). She'd have me pick a sprig of sage and rub it in her fingers, so the name is fitting.

    Although I don't use my name here, Warren Jeffs sounds like he has two first names and I'll let you know that his name includes two of the three of the names my parents gave their boy children...

  9. Oohh...a hint albeit a tricky one. ;-)

  10. Heh. Out here, as you probably know, the Jeffs issue was BIG news. I'm glad they caught him. The fundamentalist branch wouldn't be worth talking about if they were just polygamists. It's that they also marry off VERY young girls to much older men.

  11. Life with an exchange student should make for some intersting posts. What a nice ting to do.

  12. Fantastic post - what a journey from sad/bad news to the good .. well worth reading.

    I was an exchange student once to the US. It was a wonderful experience, beneficial to both myself, and the lovely families that hosted me. Enjoy!

  13. Oops - and here from Michele's today ;)

  14. OK, I see what Pia is talking about now :) I posted some celebrity lookalikes a few days back.

  15. SO happy they caught Jeffs. I had started "Under the Banner of Heaven" a few years ago and don't know why I put it down (it was in my "I can't focus on a book" period) but I'm anxious to finish it now. Krakauer had a lot of inside info about that crazy loon.

    Unfortunately his capture won't end the abominable practices of his "flock".

    And congrats to Sage... hope the exchange student has arrived safely by now!

  16. Sage is a guy? I didn't clue into that before now.

  17. Panthergirl, overall I think Under the Banner of Heaven is a good book. I think he does stretch some things to try to make the polygamous groups seem more together than they really are, but that also makes it more interesting to read. I read the book three years ago, and if you have any questions on it, I'd be glad to help address it as having lived there, I know something about it.

    Humanyms, I suddenly have a need to express my manhood! Yes, I'm a guy (I came up with this name because I love hills covered with sagebrush. BTW, that's a real pic of me--a few years old, but it's real