Friday, February 17, 2006

Misc. Friday Stuff

School was out today so I spent most of it with my daughter. She needed to make a musical instrument, for science, by Monday. She wanted to make a violin (which she plays), but I thought that was too much. We talked about all kinds of things and, while looking for material to make a horn, I found the conchs I collected off Shackford Banks back in December. Jokingly, I suggested we make a conch horn. She thought that was great. Since I had no idea how to make one, we went to the internet and found instructions. She should have the most unique instrument for a second grader. After all, there are not too many conchs in the upper Midwest.

We also went to a late afternoon matinee for "Eight Below." It was a great movie to take my daughter. When a seal suddenly jumped out of a whale carcass, she jumped into my lap and stayed there for the rest of the show. Disney does a good job making movies about animals and the folks who love them and, in that sense, this movie delivered. It was a good show for young girl who loves animals, especially dogs. However, am I the only one who thought it was odd to have so much sun in Antarctica on the 21st of June?

The rest of the day was spent doing as little as possible. I went to the gym, did some reading by the fireplace and began a new puzzle as we watched the Olympics. Why do snowboarders have to show off?

It’s finally cold here, but Spring Training is underway down south. One of the most exciting things I’ve heard from down there is that Jim Leyland is Detroit’s new manager. I remember watching him rebuild the Pirates back in the mid-80s. He led them to the National League finals for three straight years 1990-1992). Although I’d left Pittsburgh by then, I went back each year to watch a playoff game and had tickets for the World Series each of the years, but they always lost in the playoffs. Later, Leyland went on to win the World Series at the helm of the Florida Marlins.


  1. How cool you are to help her make an instrument. In my mind's eye, I can just imagine the two of you doing the research and then getting it all together. Cool familyhood.

  2. Very cool of you to make that for your little girl. I am sure you two had a blast!

    Here via Michele.

  3. That was a very good way to bond with your daughter.

    Here via Michele's.

  4. I lurked about here last night, but didn't comment. Now Michele has sent me back in reproval!

    I have a small conch, but it is too small to make a horn out of it. It is almost an antique though. It belonged to my grandmother, who got it sometime in the 50's.

  5. That's an awesome instrument & I'm positive you're right that she'll have the most unique one...found you at Michele's.

  6. Sounds like a great day spent with your daughter!! I'd love to see a photo of her conch horn if you can get one!
    Michele sent me!

  7. Just a heads-up that I've linked to you in my latest post :)

  8. Beautiful post as always Sage.

    Think we have more morals in common than you think ;-)

    I really just want kids to grow up knowing that they can trust their parents, their teachers, other adults, and the government. Enough political stancing.

    Read that snowboarders act that way because it's a new fun sport and that they are showing the rest of the world that American's can take things not seriously and have fun with the Olympics--it was an editorial in the New York Times

  9. Hello Michele sent me. Making a great noise sounds like a good idea. So do animal movies. How come Hollywood always goes to the dogs, or pigs. Even Milo and Otis got no more time for the cat. Funny that.

  10. You'll have to let us know how the conch horn went over at school! Thanks for the review of Eight Below. My kids are begging me to see that.

  11. Nice profile picture. I can't tell if it is the sun or not but it looks kind of Red Green-like with the suspenders.

    I haven't watched 8 below but I noticed that in the previews. Since mid June is middle of winter, it should be overcast and well colder than a balmy -8.

    I did watch Brokeback Mountain this weekend. It was an excellent movie in my opinion but a real heartbreaker. Oddly enough my wife didn't really like it. Normally we are identical on our movie tastes.

  12. My conch wasn't huge, maybe 10 inches long, but it does amplify the sound...

    Pia, I was being sarcastic about the morals things... Yes, I think we care a lot about the same kind of things.

    OZ (and anyone else) I responded with more information about prostitution in Nevada (a state in which I use to live).

    Ed, the pic was taken on a backcountry ski trip across Cedar Breaks in SW Utah. The suspenders are red--holding up heavy wool pants.