Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Introducing Nevada Jack

Nevada Jack’s writings often appear in this blog. His preferred genres are satire and parody. I thought I better introduce him. Nevada Jack was given to me by some friends right before I first moved west. At first, I called him "Yukon Jack," after the Canadian-copy of Southern Comfort (both terribly sweet whiskies). But then I was asked to do a program for some kids and decided I could use the bear as a prop, but that some of the kids might know Yukon Jack and it wouldn’t be appropriate. So Yukon Jack got on the wagon and has been known as Nevada Jack ever since. He’s a great companion. He never complains and is always even tempered. I hope all my readers have at least one friend so dependable and stable.

I began to use Nevada Jack as a pen name when I was living in Utah and writing for an underground newspaper and didn’t want my house to be burned down by left-over Danites.

If you look back in my blog history, you’ll find many Nevada Jack articles:

November 24: Bush’s New Surprise: America Going Metric!
November 17: Good News for Dark Beer Drinkers
October 20: Organizations Unite to Challenge American Girl
October 16: Al Queda Barber to the Rich and Famous Nabbed
September 22: News you need to know, the 100 minute Bible
July 21: Condoleezza Challenges Satan's Lack of Credibility
July 15: The Short Summer of the Jesus Street Light in Chicago
June 13: And the Winner Is… (on the Michael Jackson trial)
May 28: A Warning for Viagara Users: The True Story


  1. I learned the value of a pen name after writing a letter to the editor of the state rag that said what the majority thought but wouldn't say out loud and left the minority very angry. Although only my name and town was published, I received lots of "fan" mail thanks to the ability of finding people via the internet. (My search for your park on Tuesday a great example though without bad intentions.) After that, I decided that when ever I voiced an opinion that might be unpopular among some, to the point of possible retribution, I adopted a pen name. So after much thought, I chose the name of a man who was deceased and who was the king of pissing off people, Edward Abbey.

  2. Nice to meet you Nevada Jack. You're cute and fluffy :)

  3. Nevada Jack is certainly a cutey!!

    Bhakti has told me all about your site. I want to tell you about a new blog that I have started. I think you might be interested in sharing!

    Thank you.


    Discreet Disclosures

  4. Hi Nevada Jack; great name and very interesting history

  5. Your little bear looks cute! I have my babies (pups) that never complain and loves me unconditionally. (smiling)If they could talk English...the stories they could tell. (LOL)They understand way too much as it is..extremely intelligent.

  6. That Nevada Jack, what a great writer! And with those beautiful blue eyes, who couldn't help liking him?

  7. Aww hello Nevada Jack! :)
    Thanks for the 21 century quote sage!

  8. Hi There, Nevada Jack....(Thought I was visiting sagebrushhills??lol)

    Here from Michele this morning, and happy to be here....!

  9. good to finally have met you, nevada jack!

    michele sent me this way today. :)

  10. yukon jack is way way too sweet... better to call him nevada jack, or even better... jack daniels!

    michele sent me