Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Honduran Pictures

Here are some pics from my travels...

A good days catch! Not really, I borrowed these fish from a roadside fish seller. Near Lago de Yojoa.

For those tired of tortillas, there's white bread. I don't think the name carries the same meaning in Spanish as English (it's not a Spanish word in my dictionary). It's always nice to have friends who are good sports.

This kid has a toy gun shaped by a machete. I remember my dad cut my brother and I guns out of lumber--but this requires even more imagation.
Below is a woman tending a traditional stove (notice the long wood being fed into the stove.

Above is a guy cleaning up a cemetery for All Saint's Day. He's using only a machete and a hooked stick which lifts the vines so that he can cut them. I tried, helping him clean a bit, but didn't get any pictures.

Below is a picture of town of Jesus de Otoro.

I know there are at least two Auburn folks who occassionally read this blog--just wanted to let you know with the pic to the right that the Crimson Tide fan club is alive and well in Honduras.

The two girls to the left are from an orphanage. Honduras has very tough regulations about out of country adoption.


  1. Ok, the captions didn't come out like I wanted,but I think you can figure out which ones go with which picture.

  2. I love the bottom pic! HOW CUTE! all are great, thanks for sharing!

    Bama fan club, HA! well, if they are going to sport a team logo, glad it's one from dixie. although i must say orange and blue would have been so cute! lol

  3. I, too, love the photos.

    You state that there are strict regulations about adoption. It's difficult for non-Hondurans to adopt, right? But are there many people IN Honduras that have the means to adopt, or are these children pretty much going to spend their lives in the orphanage?

    By the way, what do you do for a living? Are you a volunteer for a charitable organization? I love the fact that you care so much about the world. You are special, that's for sure.

    Thank you.

    PS I sponsor a child (Huy) in Vietnam. Have you been there??
    He has brought so much joy to my life, it's amazing!

  4. You have given a very interesting glimpse into a very different life.

  5. As several of you said, the kids are great. When I've mentioned these were from an orphanage everyone has was wanted to adopt them. That's why I mentioned the difficulty the Honduran government poses on out-of-country adoptions. Actually, a lot of Hondurans I know are raised by people other than parents and or have children that are not their own they are raising. As a whole, they seem very concern about their children.

    As for the Alabama shirt (Kontan, are you also from Auburn--if so, there must be an Auburn conspiracy to take over blogging), it seems that old American clothes often end up in 3rd world country. I have a pic of an old man in an Aspen sweatshirt, with a skier across the front--I looks so strange on him.

    As for what I do--for privacy reasons, I don't discuss my professional work or homelife in my blog. Sorry. And although I would love to go, I have never been to Vietnam (I was just a few years too young to receive one of those imfamous government subsidized trips). I have travelled in Japan and Korea.

  6. I don't discuss my million-dollar super-model contract with Revlon, nor do I blog about my torrid love affair with Brad Pitt, so I TOTALLY understand your confidentiality clause.


    But, seriously, I was just wondering if you travel for fun, or for business. But--you don't have to answer that! I still LOVE your blog!!!


  7. I'll have to pay more attention to those Revlon ads--the trip was for both business and fun, but mostly fun since I didn't have to go! Thanks for the affirmation on my blog. I'm not always traveling to exotic locations.

  8. The little girls just make you want to take them home.
    Michele sent me :)

  9. I would take these two beautiful girls in a heartbeat. I'm so glad to see smiles on their faces!

  10. The pictures are great....thanks so much for taking them and sharing. I bet whatever that woman is turned out must tell us about the food deal and all you had to eat.(smiling) Food on my trips are a it.

    Now you know what a die-hard Auburn fan I am.....we are going to have to get that girl a shirt...but I guess if it has to depict a state...then way to go. (smiling) That was sweet of you to post that photo.

    The children are gorgeous....I know you being a has to break your heart with them being makes you want to give them tons of hugs and money. I would probably never come back....oh my...

  11. bama born sage, auburn fan by default. :)