Thursday, February 04, 2021

Thoughts on the Capitol Riots of January 6

 I recently had a piece published in an online magazine "Journal of the Plague Year" that contained thoughts of the events of January 6 from a religious perspective. Let's just say, bad theology has consequences!  Here's the link to my piece:


  1. It's a very interesting piece, Jeff. Do you mind if I link to link to it from my blog?

    I had no idea Metaxas was involved with Trump in such a radical way. I've read a couple of his books and really enjoyed them.

    Is the Gallup figure 42% of all Americans or 42% of those claiming to be Christian? Either way, it's a surprising figure.

  2. Excellent piece, one of the best I have read on the matter.

  3. Thanks for sharing your excellent article, Sage! You have addressed some issues that have been infuriating and perplexing me.