Friday, June 06, 2014

Spring Scenes Along the Thornapple

I've taken six trips along the Thornapple River in my new (used) kayak during April and May and decided to post a number of photos.  Here, you can watch as the trees slowly over themselves with leaves and see some of the animals I saw (those I was able to capture through the lens of a camera).  Enjoy.

Charlton Park is at the west end of Thornapple Lake.  The created "village" serves as a museum of the way things use to be.
In early April, there were tons of turtles out sunning themselves.  Now you don't see quite as many.


  1. Lot of redbuds out down here too. With my legs as they are, I could no longer canoe, much less Kayak, I fear.

    1. Charles, you might try a sit-on-top kayak as they'd be easier to get in and out. Also, most of the other boats you see in the photo (except for mine) have a large cockpit that makes it easier to get in and out. You have some good country to explore around you down there and a kayak would be a good way to see it.

  2. Wow Sage the Thornapple River looks like an awesome place to do some kayaking. And I love that shot of the turtle :)

  3. looks like a lovely river to kayak along. i never did learn to roll a kayak,

  4. Redbuds are such pretty trees! It looks like a lovely place to kayak!

  5. Love the photos, especially the reflection ones. Very Van Gogh like.

    I'm probably approaching 20 years since I last rolled a kayak and I am in the unusual position of not owning one anymore. One of these days I'll have to remedy that. Is rolling your kayak after thirty years like getting on a bike after 30 years?

  6. Beautiful pix. I love the turtles and the red bud and the water ripples are better than modern art!!

  7. I don't know why but your recreation always looks like too much work. {;-o}}}}}}}}}}}

  8. nice...i like those reflection shots...they really capture the color...
    and its cool seeing those turtles as well....