Sunday, September 30, 2012

This, that and photographs

Lake Michigan at Little Hog Island

I’ve been busy or on the road a lot over the past few weeks as you might image since I haven’t been very active blogging.  However, I did find the missing card from my camping along Lake Michigan that wrote about as I made my way to the Porcupine Mountains.  I have included a couple of photos below that I took at sunrise along the lake. 
The lake behind Little Hog Island Campground

Waiting for the sun...
Billy, Nicky & me
  Last week I was in North Carolina where I had a wonderful time.  On Saturday, I got up with Billy and Nicky, two friends from Bradley Creek Elementary.  I’ve seen Billy a few times, as he lives in the area we grew up in, but Nicky is in Arkansas.  I haven’t seen him since high school and didn’t see him much then as he ended up going to a different school than me.  Billy borrowed some kayaks from friends of his and we spent the afternoon kayaking on Hewitt's Creek (a place I canoed a few times in high school, but that was a few years ago). 

Billy and Nicky kayaking on Hewitt's Creek
 I also did some fishing with my dad while in Wilmington and posted a few pictures of Masonboro Island.  We fished one day offshore (but it was too rough to drag out the camera) and another day when it was even rougher, we stuck to the inlets and creeks around the island.  We caught a few fish (I got a 4 foot shark along with a nice Spanish mackerel while off-shoe.  Around Masonboro, I caught a  puppy drum and a flounder (that needed to grow 2 inches).    While walking around on the island, we meet a guy working for the state doing a Loggerhead Sea Turtle research.  He showed us some nest.   Interestingly, the biggest threat isn't human involvement but red foxes that like to eat the eggs.  They had placed a mesh over the nest to keep the foxes out.

 Enjoy the photos and I hope to get around to finishing my Porcupine Mountain hike story soon. 

Behind Masonboro Island
Bird taking flight in the marsh behind the island


  1. What do you do with sharks that you catch? Are they protected like game fish?

    Great pictures... as always!

  2. cool pics....even cooler that you still get together with friends from elementary school...they must be great friends...and afternoon kayaking sounds good too...

  3. Great pictures! It's so beautiful up there! I miss Michigan!

  4. Good to get together with old friends. Love those images. Makes me want to get out fishing.

  5. And it'll all be covered in snow soon enough...


  6. Hi Sage! I too caught up with some guys from High School Track! It's great to reconnect!!!

  7. That marsh is gorgeous! Love the shot with you and your friends.

  8. What's a puppy drum? 'Cause it doesn't sound like something that should be in the water. Just saying.

    I always love your posts...and the beautiful photos make me feel like I'm there but without all the messy bugs and stuff. As always, living vicariously....

    1. A puppy drum is a type of fish that grows quite large--the larger ones are called red drum and can be 40 plus pounds (and generally aren't any good to eat because of parasites). This fish would have been perfect eating size, but the limit is now 18 inches, so it was a little shy.

  9. I wish I'd been there! What a great place to spend some time...