Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Stuff

Photo of a Carolina bay located in Carolina Beach State Park.

I took the above photo last September when I was home visiting my parents.  Just recently a beautiful redheaded Cuban tagged me for a meme.   I don’t often do these, but this one had possibilities for some smart alack answers and, besides, I was desperate for blogging ideas.  I’m supposed to share 11 random facts about myself, answer 11 questions provided by the Cuban Redhead, then tag 11 people with some questions on my own.  I will do the first two, but I don’t like people feeling obliged to me, so I’ll forgo the third item.  As the band Meatloaf sang, “two out of thee ain’t bad.”   Of course, if you want to consider yourself tagged, go ahead and answer the questions I answered.    

11 Random Facts about me

1.        My second toe is larger than my big toe (which is the classical ideal if you look at statues from that era)
2.        At one point in my childhood, I wanted to study volcanoes.
3.        During my sophomore year in college, I seriously considered majoring in geology.
4.        I was a terrible student through high school.
5.        At one time, I had all of Steely Dan’s albums and tapes (I still have a number of their CDs)
6.        My Myers-Briggs profile is ENTJ.  That should give you psych nuts something to chew on.
7.        I am barely on the “E” side of the scale which means I also cherish time alone.
8.        I love harsh weather and feel alive with ice in my beard.
9.        A favorite possession is my grandfather’s fly rod.
10.     From my other grandfather, I have his kerosene lantern that still works.
11.    Anything that combines cherries and chocolate is good.

Below are the Redheaded Cuban questions and my answers: 

1. Who were you named after, if anyone?   I have two answers to this question, the first is true (believe it or not), and the second is another of my creations:  1. My uncle’s best friend in the first grade…  He no longer remembers this guy, but he suggested the name to my parents and they liked it.  2.  After the British poet Geoffrey Chaucer, only my parents didn’t know how to spell. 

2. If you could spend two weeks anywhere, ALONE, where would you go?  I don’t know exactly, but there would be a river and some mountains

3. Who is/was the love of your life?  Other than a red headed Cuban?  I have a few…

4. What do you hate about blogging?  It would be crass to say “memes”, wouldn’t it?

5. Do you have a "comfort food?" If so, what is it?  French Vanilla Ice Cream

6. What drink could you not live without?  Unsweetened Ice Tea (I know I’m from the South, but I gave up sugar in my tea when I was in college)

7. If you could only own one DVD or movie, which one would it be?  “A River Runs through It”  Come to think of it, it is one of the few DVDs I own...

8. Name one thing you'd like to do before you kick the bucket.   Remove the noose from around my neck.

9. What famous person have you been told you look like?  When I was a kid, it was Ron Howard (when he was on Andy Griffin).  As an adult, no one has every suggested I look like someone famous.  There is a reason I’m not famous.

10. What qualities do you look for in a friend?  Someone who’s fast at grabbing the bill at a restaurant…   A second quality would be someone with life insurance as I’ve had many friends (starting in high school) who have died.  Actually, it would be someone who can listen as well as they can talk.

11. Who makes you laugh like no one else in this world (could be someone you know personally or someone famous)?  Lately it’s been the Republican primaries, but then I realize it’s not really that funny because one of these dudes might end up with a finger on the nuclear trigger.


  1. so have you ever tried Ben and Jerry's cherry garcia ice cream? Yum! I'm a big fan of chocolate and cherry too :)...and I bet you're not real pleased with this mild winter everyone's having; I on the other hand have been very happy with it! I have windows open today. #8 and #11 of the questions made me laugh out loud. And "A River Runs Through it" is a terrific movie!

  2. It makes me horribly uncomfortable to see how many things overlap me here. I read this on another dude's blog as well. On the other hand, matching up with somewhere with mountains and a river is not uncomfortable at all. The thing is, this morning I had seen something random on tv and started walking around going "Show business kids, makin' money all the time, you know they don't give a -- about anybody else..."

    I stopped laughing at the primaries. I try, but I can't seem to find it funny any more.

    1. The GOOP is starting to get into some serious shit now. Hell none of them are anything but applicants for a job and they are already working to obstruct the business of the nation. Naw this is going to be a warm spring and a hot summer.

  3. This was better than most short story submissions we get at White Cat Magazine.

    And it's easy to laugh at Democrats. It's easy to laugh at Republicans. It's just not easy to laugh about that nuclear trigger thing!

  4. I love harsh weather too, though I don't get much of it down here other than some rain. You are brave to admit your Steely Dan habit, man. Very brave. :)

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  6. really enjoyed this!!! and I know through blogging that readheaded cuban.

  7. Great answers. I wanted to study geology. It didn't work out so well. Instead of rocks, I battle numbers.

  8. Hmm. The sculpture in stone does that with the elongated big toe for stability purposes. Indented and there would be a weakness in the contact with the ground so the thing would snap and toppling over. You don't think there is a possibility the Sculpture was up to something in that vein with you. You'll note that women have the provision for upright pregnancy. :-D

    1. sculptors and Sculptor even. Bound to happen when I was being a smart arse.

  9. That was one of the many things I loved about being a small ship the weather let you know how insignificant you really can be.

    If I were cleverer I'd have had the same #4 answer on that Cuban Seductress' meme questions.

  10. Great answers Sage, sharp and wittingly informative, I loved the "kick the bucket" answer!

  11. I was an actual Geology major for two semesters before feeling the allure of German literature. I don't regret it in the slightest, BTW.


  12. Always interesting to see what people come up with in memes, Sage! :)

  13. I like learning more about you. :) The Meyer Briggs thing is always interesting - I am INFJ. I'm on the cusp between I and E.

  14. It's fun to learn more about you, Sage!! I am fascinated by volcanoes and probably should have studied them in school.

  15. Well, Mr. Smarty Pants, you've certainly made this post entertaining. :)

    I can see you studying volcanoes, living by a river and mountains, and liking French Vanilla ice cream, but a bad student in high school?? Nah, I don't buy it.

    Thanks for playing along and sharing some interesting facts about yourself...although now I have to google fly rod (?). :)

  16. Your interrogation by the red-haired Cuban reminded me of a passage in James Salter's travel memoir, There & Then:

    "The city [Rome] was first shown me by a clever, uneasy woman . . . The second time we met she tested me secretly with five crucial questions concealed in conversation, the answers to which would pass or fail me. She never told me what they had been."

    I have been tested on several occasions. I do not think I have ever done well.

  17. As to the second question, my immediate answer would not be some desolate, desert place but an old and grand European hotel of the sort that forms the backdrop of "Last Year in Marienbad". Two weeks alone, roaming its elegant, cavernous rooms so vast that they seem empty however many people may pass through. If I knew no one there, then stray conversations with other guests would count no more against my solitude than an order given to a waiter or instructions to a room maid.

    If the purpose of the question was to find me out by my answers, I think then this would be much more revealing than if I were to name my favorite mountain top or desert fastness.

  18. I'm an ENFJ--what is the T part on you?

    Blessings my friend,


  19. Fun! that is one has spare time to do them and they aren't too involved.

    As for where I would like to go to be alone - definitely somewhere around a brook running through a wilderness forest. :)

  20. Precious blog post with some good questions and their answers.

  21. I chuckled at your answer to #4 for sure. And I had to go take the personality test again, because I can never remember what I am. ISFP.