Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Groundhog day and stuff

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. As Punxsutawey is not far from Pittsburgh, I’m sure that if they can entice the Groundhog to leave his burrow, he’ll be sporting a Steeler scarf. Most-likely, if the weather in Western Pennsylvania is anything like it is here tonight, our favorite rodent will sleep in. Tomorrow would be a good day to watch the movie Groundhog Day. Had I planned ahead, I could have ordered it from Nexflix. It’s a movie I could watch over and over again… Wait, watching the movie, you watch it over and over again. Having Andie MacDowell in it keeps the repeats from being too boring.

The wind is really howling and the chimes on the back porch are singing. If they stop, I’ll probably mean they’ve blow away and are on their way to Sault Saint Marie. The blizzard that everyone has been talking about for the past few days is finally here. They’ve already closed all the schools which is nice as it means we don’t have to get up and check in the morning. No one is going out except for me. I had to go find a battery for my daughter’s anemometer, not really an emergency, but hey, if the wind is howling it’s nice to know if it was a 25 or 45 mph gust. Besides, there weren’t many people in the store and I was waited on by a kid who seemed happy to have something to do. From what he said, they were busy before. There was one other guy complaining that all the whole milk was gone and he couldn’t bring himself to drink skim mile (I’m the other way around, drinking only skim and thinking 2% taste like heavy cream). The assistant manager said that he could take two ½ gallons and be charged the same as a gallon. The wind was blowing so hard that by the time I got home, fifteen minutes later, the tracks I’d made between my house and truck had already filled in.

Before my outing to the store, I went skiing on the cusp of the storm. The storm was just coming in and it was fun to watch the boiling clouds and to listen to the haunting sound of the wind as it blew through the bare hardwoods. The wind was chilling, especially up on top of hills. It wasn’t bad when my back was against the wind, but when I had to go against it, blowing snow pelleted against my face and stung. It was exhilarating to be out in the weather.

Back to the groundhog, a friend dropped off this picture of Punxutawey Phil with his Steeler scarf. Underneath the photo was this sentence. “Another 52 weeks as world champions.” Here’s hoping that’ll happen whether or not Phil comes out tomorrow morning. The photo below is from my afternoon ski.


  1. The storm has just begun here.. maybe about an hour ago. It's been ultra windy all day though.

    I'm like you about milk. 2% is like drinking cream. Whole milk is unthinkable.

    Keep warm!

  2. Stay warm, indeed, Sage! We even had wind here in Arizona!

  3. Oh very nice, the photo looks so perfect as the calm before the storm....I'm actually surprised Michigan got hit...watching the weather last night it looked as if you'd be spared....as Michigan has been lucky most of this winter....compared to say Minnesnowta! Stay safe and keep warm!

  4. Nothing less than whole milk for me. Got to live a little. And now I am hungry for my cereal.

    I hope it snows so hard that they can't even find that rodent or his cage. But all in all it ain't so bad on this side of the state yet. Little wind and about 5-7 inches. *shrug* Just another day in paradise.

  5. Hilary, we had steady wind, but not true blizzard winds, lots of drifting

    Michael, don't worry, I love winter and we haven't had much of it this year--lots of 1-3 inch snows, no big storms

    Karen, we have been spared much of winter this year. My guess is that we have 10-12 inches (but it is still snowing). This storm hit S. MI more than up north

    Walking Man, i'm sure someone has done a doctored photo of them pulling out a frozen rodent!

  6. Wish I was sleeping in today. Up at 6:00 to get in my frozen car.

  7. I stopped in for some business at Punxutawey during the summer of 2009. I didn't see any groundhogs.

    I'm not sure the groundhog was right. He said spring was just around the corner. Well I just got inside from two hours of clearing my driveway of drifts over six feet tall and 18 inches of snow on the flat and looked around the corner. It looks like Snowpacolypse out there!

  8. Oh wow - I just saw this. I blogged about that movie this morning, too. I do love it - such a great message.

    The skiing sounds wonderful!

  9. You could always stream it (the movie) at Amazon.

  10. You can keep the snow. Take a few snowpacolypse pics!

  11. I'm the same as you about skim milk. If I try any other kind, it's like I can taste every single fat globule.

    And I spoke too soon about our snow being over. We got about an inch yesterday. Which in most years would have been our biggest snow :) But this year it only ranks about 3rd or 4th.

    Hope your Steelers win, yet again.

  12. Agree with you on the milk...if I drink it even at all!

    Nothing better than taking pictures while on a ski. The surroundings always seem so incredibly beautiful while gliding over snow. Half my time is spent snapping photos:))