Saturday, October 11, 2008

Something else to ponder...

I’ve been thinking a lot about humility lately and came across this story… The reward of humility may be that it keeps us from getting in over our heads.

The Devil appeared to one of the Desert Fathers, disguised as an angel. “I am the angel Gabriel and I have been sent to you,” the Devil said. The humbled brother responded, saying “You must be mistaken. See if you were not sent to someone else. I do not deserve to have an angel sent to me.” Immediately, the devil disappeared

- From Jack Kornfield and Chrsitiana Feldman, Soul Food: Stories to Nourish the Spirit and the Heart ( HarperSanFrancisco, 1997), 274.


  1. I'm inclined to believe that a strong sense of the value of oneself is the highest tribute to God. The belief that one deserves all that is spectacular about life and living is a way of honoring the blessings that the universe/God has bestowed. ...however one may define or enumerate those blessings. Of course, there is a distinct difference there between that, and an inflated sense of self w/regard to others. That is always a misguided notion.

  2. Oooh, that was an excellent answer on his part. I wonder who among us would answer the same way?

  3. I don't know, I think there are many that would be shocked and answer with a confused, "me?"

  4. Epiphany, You're right. I think we're to live in a tension. We can't sell ourself short. Theologically, that would be denying the having been created in the image of God. On the other hand, we always run the risk of making an idol out of the self. As Mark Twain said, "God created man in his own image and we returned the favor."

    Kenju, you're right, many of us would think we'd won the Publishers Clearninghouse Sweepstakes!

    Kontan, You're also right!

  5. Many of us believe what we want to believe rather than Biblical truth. I would've probably fallen for "the angel" thinking it was part of God's plan.

    I love the Mark Twain quote, btw.

  6. ...and who among us can truly say we know what the "Biblical truth" actually is, unless we were sitting there next to whomever was writing it at the time.

  7. Indeed.

    Thanks for this one without further explanation.



  8. Thanks for giving away what the correct answer is should that situation present itself. If not, I would for sure been headed "south". ;-)

  9. Scarlet, many of us fall for what we think are blessings. I don't use phrase Biblical Truth As a Christian, truth isn't a book, it's God's Word as revealed in Jesus Christ--those who cite their basing their actions/decisions on "Biblical truth" often (in my opinion) have turned God into a book which seems to me to be idolatry. I hope I'm making sense

    Epiphany, see above comment... I think the Scriptures are more assessible if we are guided by the Spirit and also the teachings of the church (gee, I'm beginning to sound more like a theologian than a fishing dude)

    Sherman, thanks!

    Murf, you're saying your angel in disquise is a Southerner?

    Karen, yes, pondering is good--hammock season is over (although it's suppose to be 80 today). Soon, it'll be time to ponder by th fire.

  10. I like that a lot. I'm doubting I would have given the right answer though I know I would've been very skeptical.

  11. Interesting. I had to reread what you wrote twice, but I got it. You left me with something to think about.

  12. Like Scarlett, I too had to ponder this one too! Fascinating.

    For me, I find the greatest joy in getting outside of my own head and getting involved with worthy community projects. It lends a warmth to my heart! :)