Sunday, April 06, 2008

Catching Up

After a hectic week compounded by my body battling the shingles, I rested this afternoon. My big excitement was watching two crows who have moved into the neighborhood terrorize the squirrels. Maybe my sadistic side is coming out, but after years of trying to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeders, it’s nice to have allies even if they are crows. Interestingly, the crows seldom come to the feeders (I think the feeders are too close to the house, but that doesn’t stop the squirrels and deer). I’m also not sure what the squirrel’s beef is with those over-fed rodents. Speaking of deer, one of member of our local her was struck by a car last night out in front of the house, a lovely thing to see on the way to church. Luckily, the city will come by and remove the dead animal.

The scabs are falling off and it looks like my bout with the shingles may be passing. My head still aches occasionally, but nothing like it did. Maybe I’m on the mend; I hope so for this will be another hectic week.
This weekend was a blessing as friends from Utah stopped in. Robert, who has a thing for gravesites, wanted to go to Gerald Ford’s grave, so we headed up to Grand Rapids this Saturday. We spent the afternoon reliving our high school years in Ford’s museum, followed by a stop at his gravesite along the banks of the Grand River. I had forgotten a lot of the things that happened during the Ford administration, such as his daughter hosting her high school senior prom in the White House (and I had to go to a prom in the gym)! Ford was president when I graduated and going to his museum was kind of like going back to high school and reliving those debates about what we’d do if the United States went back into Vietnam to save the South… The photos are taken outside the museum, one is looking across the river at Grand Rapids, and the other is looking at the city reflecting in the museum’s windows.
Another thing that was fun this weekend was visiting the Mackenzie Animal Sanctuary. Mackenzie's is a rescue dog operation located a bit north of here. For my daughter’s birthday party, she had her guest bring doggie toys and treats (instead of her collecting more toys that she doesn’t need). We dropped off a box of toys and treats this Friday and got a tour of the shelter. They do a wonderful job and still have 20 or so dogs they’ve rescued from Katrina as well as dogs that have come in from around the region. They are always looking for donations and volunteers as well as homes wanting to adopt a dog. I was amazed they have simulation rooms that are like rooms in regular homes where dogs are taken to learn how to live inside, and that if you want to adopt a dog and already have one, you can bring your dog there to see if the new dog will be compatible.

By the way, on a sad note, the NCAA basketball season ended last night (at least for me and other Carolina fans).


  1. Glad to hear you're on the mend. What a thoughtful idea your daughter had - toys and treats for the dogs in the shelter. And I share your sad feeling on NCAA basketball - UCLA lost too.

  2. What an awesome idea!!! Next time one of my girls has a birthday we will have to find a good charity to donate to!

    I rank attending Ford's memorial very high on my list of most memorable moments. The museum would be very cool to visit.

    Glad you're on the mend. :)

  3. "what we’d do if the United States went back into Vietnam to save the South…"

    shhhhhhhhh! Don't give McShane anymore hair brain ideas !!

    As far as Carolina, well, uh, hmmm, hem, haw, ah, um, sometimes our team doesn't win.

    Now let me think back to when your team beat my team and you let me know. But being the *good person* I am, I won't try to rub it in or anything silly like that!


  4. 1. I'm glad to know you are on the mend from the shingles, and I hope you are not in pain from them for a while - as can happen.
    2. Your daughter's birthday party was the type I can get behind! Btravo to her for that!
    3. UNC played horribly, but I still love them.

    Thanks for the visit, and yes, that is what BP looks like (although I am sure he never dresses like that....LOL).

  5. OOPS!

    McShane = McSane = McCain :o)

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling better

    Sorry to hear about the deer

    Thrilled that your daughter found a great way to give to others on her day

    Bummed that neither NC nor UCLA made it to the finals

  7. Dan, I remember those UNC-UCLA match ups in the final four back in the late 60s and early 70s

    Kontan, it was a neat museum! It doesn't seem that long ago that he was president, wow does time fly

    Karen, like when UNC beat MSU? Or Applachian State being Michigan? Just which incident are you referring to?

    Kenju, the pain is less, but not completely gone, I'm still sleeping 8 plus hours a night

    Karen2, I knew who you were referring to, I don't think he'd want to go back to THAT war.

    Diane, what's this with all you UCLA fans? Oh, that's right, you're both from CA! Sorry about your loss. Unfortunately, there are so many deer here that they do often get hit (but not normally on a road with a 30 mph speed limit)

  8. That didn't sound right. Make that "unfortunately the deer get hit," not that there are so many (even though in the city there are probably more deer than are healthy).

  9. The deer are out in force in my neck of the woods: I had two feasting on the blossoms of my Japanese plum last night.



  10. Crows terrorizing squirrels always makes for a fun afternoon, a little more exciting than visiting gravesites. :)

    I'm glad you're starting to feel like your old self again. Nice pics and I like the way your daughter celebrated her b-day. She's definitely daddy's little girl. :)

  11. "I don't think he'd want to go back to THAT war."

    Don't count on it; he IS McSane!

  12. I have a thing for gravesites too. I guess knowing that I'm within six feet of someone whom I never would have met otherwise is something that intrigues me. However, I mostly keep it within the family.

  13. You spent your high school years in Ford's museum?! No wonder you did so poorly in school

  14. Mr. Sherman, the deer eat just about everything!

    Scarlet, YES, she is (pray it will continue!)

    Karen, that war should give him nightmares

    Ed, although I really want to be cremated, If my remains are going to be placed somewhere, I'd like it to be in a regular graveyard, not in a private setting, so I can sit around like the folks in Our Town and talk about the weather...

    Murf, I spent my high school days (or at least a month or so of them) studying Canadian geography

  15. Did I ever tell you about the time I had shingles in my eye?

    My deepest sympathies.

  16. Glad to see you're feeling more the thing.

    Leave the squirrels be! If you don't want them I have 2 huge pine trees they can come play in. I love squirrels!

  17. Jay, I feel bad complaining about my shingles. Last year I had a friend with shingles in his eyes, it was terrible! I'm glad you're better.

    Mistress, I'd send them to you, but more would move in and take their place.

  18. Sage I only watched the first half of Kansas and UNC, it was very sad. Heard the second half was better, sort of. I think you transmitted some germs through the computer down here. I ended up in the ER Friday with cellulitis, a skin infection that went into the lymph nodes in my left leg. Got off the crutches today. I'm cleaning the keyboard and screen before entering and after leaving.

  19. Sage, I think anyone who has the shingles has the right to complain at least a little. From what I hear and what you say, it is no fun thing. But I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend. And it does sound like you had a good weekend.

    Right now I have a sister in Thailand that has been in the hospital there with a bacterial infection in her blood for around three weeks. They are hopeful that she may come out of the hospital the end of this week.

  20. I was so bummed that Carolina went out that way. That just stunk. But I am glad you are feeling better.

    There are always dead deer on the roads around here too. I hate to see them hunted but I know their population goes way out of control if they don't and they just cause so many accidents. Of course, if we'd quit taking their land.....

  21. I love your daughter's initiative in planning her birthday party. How refreshing!

    I remember standing on a beach in Florida, looking up at an American flag as it stood at half mast in honor of Mr. Ford's passing. I took a picture of it, and in doing so indelibly burned the moment into my brain. You have now succeeded in adding the museum and the city to my list of must-visit places.

    Popped by from Michele's on this lovely afternoon to send you be absolute best.