Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Non-Political Poll

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I like it and shot the photo late yesterday on a county road.

Diane (who's about to go to Yellowstone and making me jealous) is polling her readers about the first 45 and the first album they purchased. Since I’m not feeling all that creative right now, and because the last thing our world needs right now is another presidential poll, I decided to steal her idea. For those younger readers, a 45 was a single vinyl record (not really a single song because it had a hit on one side and some filler song on the flip-side). 45 referred to the speed—the record would go around the turntable 45 times a minute. An album is the equivalent to a CD and ran around the turntable at 33 rpm. I know some of my readers may have come of age in the 78 era (I had a few of those when I was a kid, my favorite being the theme song from the movie “Ole Yeller,” but I never actually purchased a 78). As for those who first album was an 8-track, we collectively feel sorry for you.

Now, after the above nonsense, let me tell you about my first 45 record. It was a solo by a one hit wonder band (this song was #1 in both the US and Britain). Zager and Evans was a band from Lincoln, Nebraska and there one hit, and my first 45, was titled “In the Year 2525.” This purchase was made in the summer of ’69 and shows that even then I had an environmental leaning.

My first album purchased, which was about the same time as my first 45, was the soundtrack for Hair. I know that some of you will find this ironic, especially when looking at the pictures in my first post of 2008 showing the giant bald spot on the top of my head. I longingly remember the lyrics to the chorus: “Gimme head with hair, long beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen.” My mother was horrified at the thought of us owning this album and was sure my brother and I (we pulled together our resources to buy the album) had gone over to Satan. She was even more horrified when I offered to bring the album to a church event—they were looking for a copy of the song “Easy to be hard,” which is on the album, to be used during the weekend retreat. My mother, in a desire to keep up the appearance that her sons were righteous, didn’t want anyone to know that we had this album.

Okay, what was your first record? And was it a 33, a 45 or a 78? Or did you first purchase an 8 track or cassette? Fess up! And do you have any interesting stories to go with your first purchase of music?


  1. Man, soon we will be in the year 2525! Glad you liked my post. My best 8 track memory is from about 1979 . . . driving to see the Clash while listening to London Calling on 8 track tape - something about the clicking sound it would make as it switched tracks was oddly incongruous with the punk rock tunes . . .

  2. Sage~ come back over, I've answered your question.

  3. Oh the big one the 45? Let me just say my first purchases and let that be it.

    The big record was Huey Lewis, the little record I didn't purchase but I think it was John Denver. I was little, not certain. Tape??? I don't remember my first. CD, I think it was Aerosmith maybe. I purchased so much music that I can't remember the little things...


  4. Hearts of Stone was my first 45 purchased. You won't remember that one! I mostly had lps (33rpm), and I don't remember the first one I bought (it was toooo long ago, Sage!)

  5. My first was Shaun Cassidy's self-titled album (I guess that would make it a 33?) featuring the hit 'Da Doo Ron Ron'. It came with a poster of him which was also the first poster I ever hung. Shaun was my first for a lot of things during my coming of age.

  6. Never bought an album for myself but I did by one for my father. It was Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.

    I did have eight tracks but I bought a box at a garage sale for a few bucks to play on my car stereo. But the first single musical item I bought for myself was a cassette and oddly enough, I don't know which one it was anymore. I do remember my first CD being the soundtrack to Top Gun.

  7. murf - you will jealous to know that I took my cousin to see Shaun Cassidy in concert in 1978, and he actually put on a good show, though it was hard to hear him over the girls screaming

  8. Diane, interesting insight into the clicking of those 8 tracks!

    Karen, thanks, I may have to do a post about the Michigan primary before the 15th.

    Kontan, nah, the big ones are the 33s

    Kenju, fess up, did you ever purchase a 78?

    Murf, your secrets are safe with us :)

    Ed, do you buy all your music at garage sales?

    Diane, I feel your pain--I never posted about it but I was at a Hannah Montana concert last month and the concert wasn't nearly as fun as watching all those little girls (including my own), really get into the music

  9. When I have the time, I enjoy nothing better than going to an auction where you can get all kinds of things cheap. Garage sales are not the same but occasionally I do find something for the right price. Music and books are my two favorite garage sale items to buy.

  10. Diane - I'm envious. I take solace in the fact that Shaun doesn't look so good nowadays.

    Sage, there is something a bit disconcerting about you being at a Hannah Montana concert and watching the little girls. :-)

  11. I think mime was The Sound of Music, 78! I do not remember but I do have it still although the record player has gone.

    Have you finished reading Mary Oliver's A poetry Handbook?

  12. I don't remember the first single--there were so many :)

    The first album--I was nine--Chubby Checker and The Twist--the cover had a checkerboard

    My favorite movie was Yankee Doodle Dandy--at seven. My parents bought me a light opera version which just didn't do it

  13. My first non-childlike album was The Monkees Greatest Hits followed by Olivia Newton John's Physical

  14. Sugar, Sugar by The Archies was my first 45.

    It brings back memories of my aunt dancing with her friends and singing (with a Spanish accent), "Chugar Chugar..."

    Thinking back now, that's how I used to sing it as well. ;)

  15. My first purchase was probably a cassette although I played a number of 78's growing up that my parents had bought. Don't remember what my first cassette was though. I typically bought either Southern Gospel or contemporary Christian music at that time.

  16. First 45 I ever purchased I believe was some Shaun Cassidy nonsense when I was 7. The first album I can remember purchasing with my own money was Michael Jackson's Thriller. Which is not indicative of my current musical taste at all, but it was indicative of the album everyone wanted at that time.

  17. Recomended Blog this one of yours.

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  18. I hope Shaun Cassidy finds this blog. His musical career gets mentioned three times. More than it has been mentioned in the past 30 years, I'm sure! That's gotta be a good stroke to the ol' Hardy Boy ego.

  19. Ed, I've purchased plenty of books at garage sales, but little music, much of it being stuff I'd not want to hear

    Murf, don't worry about it, i at Hannah Montana with my daughter and believe me, it was a big sacrifice for me to be there!

    Gautami, the Sound of Music came on a 78? I would have thought that would have been later than the 78 era--I have to confess, I've misplaced my Mary Oliver handbook--I read about 1/2 and got into the part about the counting--maybe it wasn't an accident I misplaced it--I think it's in my office and I haven't been there much in the past two weeks

    Pia, the twist, that's a classic!

    Mistress, I remember when the Monkeys TV show started!

    Scarlet, Sugar,Sugar was another classic!

    Tim, the 78s I had were hand-me-downs too. I think the Ole Yeller one was my uncles

    Courtney, you and Murf!!!

    Lapa, thanks

    Murf, If there is a Cassidy come-back, in which my blog plays a role, I think I'll shot myself.

  20. I think Cassidy produces now - tv shows that is. I sort of remember that there was a pretty successful show that the produced fairly recently . . .

    Hope that is vague enough for you!

  21. we have snow also, but I am NOT sledding

  22. My first 45 was the Bee Gees and Jive Talkin', I am still a big fan. My first album wasn't until the 7th grade when I bought Grease and Saturday Night Fever not too far apart, I remember really having to watch my allowance to get those.

  23. I believe my first 45 was Van Halen's "Jump." I think my first LP (33) was Thriller.

    And my first cassette may have been "Rio" by Duran Duran.

    Great post idea. Interesting comments.

  24. Barry Manilow - Live.

    I'm so ashamed :)