Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

Life is hectic; why does Christmas have to come so near to the end of the year? I’m trying to track down the last of my gifts for the holidays. If you were a member of my staff, this is the kind of gift you’d be receiving tomorrow (I got the shipment in last week. The Moravian cookies are wonderful. They’re from Old Salem (now a part of Winston Salem) and are paper thin and stored in a wonderful tin box. My favorite is the Walnut, but the Ginger, Sugar and Lemon Cookies are also really good. For the nuttier staff members, there’s fruitcake. I know, make your jokes, but you can’t find anything any better than a Southern Supreme Nutty Fruitcake (they’re like the ones my great-grandma made). They’re baked in Bear Creek, North Carolina (better have a good map to find it) and are wonderful. No, they’re not soaked in brandy (but my great-grandma didn’t soak hers either). What do you have to do to finish getting ready for Christmas?


  1. Sage, I LOVE the ginger cookies! (hint, hint)

  2. Oooh I just can't do fruitcake!

    You reminded me that I have no Moravians for the holidays...I go pick up a Honey Baked Ham in Winston this weekend and I must get some!

  3. bake bake and bake some more.
    Oh and clean. Wanna help?


  4. exchange a few things that I somehow ended up with doubles, buy a few things, and clean!

    maybe I'm the oddball (probably) but I don't mind good fruitcake!

  5. Fruitcake always seems to get a bad wrap and I happen to like it. I've been hoping Santa sends me one for several years now but have been disappointed.

  6. Kenju: You just have to run over a ways on I-40 and can pick 'em up yourself! I have to ship 'em!

    Deanna: Try one of these fruitcakes! It may yet make a believer out of you.

    Mistress: I'll trade responsibilities :)

    Kontan and Ed: It warms my heart to know there are a few true believers in fruitcakes out there!

  7. By the way, I like you knew blog header. It's probably been that way for awhile but I just now noticed it.

  8. sage - I love the new photo at the top of the page - spectacular! I must, must, must finish knitting the second sock for mom, make a few more pairs of earrings and do my grocery shopping! Lasagne for Xmas eve and Ribs for Xmas day!

  9. Gingerbread cookies always sound good to me. All I have left for Xmas with the in-laws is tracking down some lactose free vanilla ice cream for London Fogs. Those are a blended combo of ice cream, coffee and large sums of rum. I can't get through the holidays without them.

    I hope you have a great Christmas, and I'll second or third the remarks on the new picture. Very lovely shot.

  10. I just had my dinner and you made me hungry again! When you come to India, I want a tin. Any flavour would do!

    I am waiting for you to visit India!

    I wish you a Merry Christmas. May it be filled with joy, laughter and happiness. Great Gifts and EATS! May better sense prevail and most gift you books!

  11. Yes, love your new blog header... very peaceful.

    Have a wonderful holiday season which includes a Merry Christmas, of course!

    Off to finish getting ready for a small family get-together at my place tomorrow.

  12. Hi Sage, Michele sent me.

    The treats look yummy, what a nice boss you are.

    I still need to finish 24 wooden ornaments (I make them) and get the calendars I made for my family printed. I'll be spending tomorrow baking and a fair amount of Monday and Tuesday cooking.

  13. I think my father just needs to get some bread on Christmas Eve.

    Michele sent me here.