Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ranting and Raving and Confessing

The glass shattered easily. It was that type of neighborhood.
(This is my minimalist attempt at Bone’s 3 Word Wednesday writing exercise. This weeks words are: “easily, type, shattered. I took the photograph in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh in 1986.)

Yesterday it was beautiful here. The mercury in the thermometer soared to 81 degrees, the sky was clear. But as evening approached, bands of thunderstorms made their way through, dropping the temperature and bringing large amounts of rain. Today, it’s a typical spring (or fall) day—gray and wet. But the maples are beginning to bud. Just since yesterday, the buds have turned red. Of course, for those in the maple syrup business, this means the end of their harvest, but for everyone else it means that the seasons are changing and it’s time to stock up on allergy supplies.

I feel I need to confess my role in North Carolina’s loss to Georgetown on Sunday night. I should have kept my mouth shut, but I was bragging about them to Kenju (who lives in NC, but whose husband once played for Georgetown). The basketball gods, knowing that there is nothing in need of more humbling than a bagging fan, decided to teach me a lesson. Carolina lost in overtime to the team Bill Clinton was rooting for (at the beginning of the NCAA tourney, he came out publicly for Georgetown). I found that even worst than Carolina’s loss was the fact that I was on the same side as most Republicans. They were cheering for Carolina only because they couldn’t support anyone or anything that Bill supported.

Hopefully tomorrow or Friday I’ll have Sage-type memory posted concerning one of my great-granddaddies.


  1. I really liked this post--most have been because the "minimilist" 3WW made the words flow

    As always look forward to a Sage-type memory

  2. That's too funny, Sage. You do know that Bill went to Georgetown, don't you? Not something they brag about a lot, but still.....

    I think many of us needed a dressing down, so poor UNC, as good as they were, couldn't buy a basket in the last 10 mins or so.
    Pooh. Next year, baby! Next year!

    (assuming they don't all go pro)

  3. In my pool (entry fee - $5), I picked UCLA to win it all, then thought better of it, whited out UCLA and switched to Florida, thereby guaranteeing a UCLA championship

    Me thinking too much is always a bad thing

  4. thanks Pia

    Kenju, yes I knew Bill attended Georgetown--I should have stated that as the reason he didn't see the light and rooted for Carolina.

    Diane, I was cured of gambling at an early age (8th grade) when I had $5 on Carolina against UCLA (this was back in the early 70s when Wooten was at UCLA). BTW, me thinks your thinking ain't too bad.

  5. While you stock up on allergy relief supplies, I'm taking this time to rest before those horrible 'helicopters' begin raining down and filling the gutter. Someday I hope to enjoy this time. :-)S

  6. I love your minimalist approach!!
    I played too!

  7. They were cheering for Carolina only because they couldn't support anyone or anything that Bill supported.

    LOL That's great, Sage. And probably more true than not.

  8. For me, less was more. I used to write 6 word poetry at one time and 55 word stories.

    look forward to the great-granddaddy post.

  9. Murf, don't you love it the way spring makes you get outdoors--if just for cleaning out gutters.

    Arlene, thanks for stopping by

    Bone, Thanks, I'm glad someone caught the meaning of that line

    Gautami, sometimes using fewer words makes the writing more difficult, but often, with the three words and image comes to mind. This week, I happened to think of a photograph (slide) I'd recently copied, which is how you an illustration with my 3WW.

  10. Since the hubbub has all died down, I thought all this basketball madness was over with. However, now I have a sneaking suspicion that they are merely taking a break.

  11. "Carolina lost in overtime"

    and i didn't even come over and gloat {evil grin}

    Did you see 'sheed's miracle 60 footer at the buzzer a couple days ago... AWESOME!

    Pistons and Red Wings will be headed for the playoffs again, keepin' fingers crossed.

  12. Ed, I'm sure the madness will be back this weekend! But I no longer care.

    Karen, You should have come over and gloated--I'd done the same for you. I don't watch the NBA--but will root for the pistons anyway. As for the RedWings, I don't understand hockey, I'm a Southerner, you know!

  13. s'matter witcha, sage!

    don't you know 'bout the Carolina Hurricanes!?!

    :clears throat before yell:


    where you been, guy. {grin}

  14. Well, regardless of politics, as a good American I know you'll be pulling for Florida.

  15. Interesting Exercise! Good illustration.

  16. Good point, Sagey. Outdoors but yet very close to a reasonably clean bathroom and no cougars. Heaven!

  17. Love the pic!

    NEVER "talk smack" you WILL be put in your place LOL

  18. Karen, I have to humbly admit that I forgot that Carolina won the Stanley Cup. For those of you who want to know my understanding of hockey check out this post:

    Pat, yes, rooting for Florida, (just so Diane can win her pool and because I can't stand Georgetown or UCLA)

    Tim, thanks

    Murf, we must have different ideas of heaven--cleaning out the gutter isn't in my visions of paradise (by the dashboard light...)

    Kontan, I've been put in my place many times in my life! :)