Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why shouldn't I be Governor?

There was some brightness in the World Series last night. This dialogue took place during a commercial break, right after watching Dick DeVos' beautiful daughter endorse her silver spooned father for Governor of Michigan.

"Gee, He now wants us to vote for him because he has a beautiful daughter. If that’s the only requirement, I should be running for governor," I say. Then turning toward my daughter, I ask, "C, would you do a TV commercial for me?"

“Dad,” my daughter C draws the word out as she rolls her eyes, “I think you better stay with your present job.”


  1. Hello from Michele's.

    C sounds like a clever kid :)

  2. I'm sure your daughter wants more of your time for herself.

    But it does seem difficult to cut through the marketing to the message and the person with most politik-ing nowadays.

    Enjoy your World Series.

    And hiya - here via Michele.


  3. Why do you think I voted for Gore? He had a tri-fecta of hottitude. Grooowlll.....

    As for C.... she might come around for a Toyota Corolla and a credit card.


    Here via Michele today.... but also a lurker.

  4. as *my* daughter refers to him... DeFucker doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell!


  5. Caramaena, she is smart!

    Keda, thanks

    Rashbre, heck, I want more time for her!

    Prego, if you're voting for candidates by the looks of their daughters, you'd have a reason to vote for Bush too. And Bush's daughters are probably more fun. After all, Gore's daughter published a book while Bush's were out partying.

    Karen, Let's hope tonight is a better game than last night!

  6. If you do run some day, don't forget...I have first dibs on being your campaign manager.

  7. I retract my resume. I think you are beyond my help.