Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Speaking of food and some other stuff

Many of you have wondered just how Bob Evans makes Eggs Benedict since they don't do any poaching (or at least the restaurant in Big Rapids Michigan doesn't poach). I sent Nevada Jack out to do some snooping and he found this recipe in a dumpster behind a restaurant.

Bob Evan's Eggs Benedict (aka White Trash Eggs)

Stale white bread
Scrambled eggs
Some kind of yellow/orange sauce

Toast a piece of stale white bread and place some scrambled eggs on it. Bob likes to cook his eggs in bacon fat, and then make sure they’ve dried out well so you get all the cholesterol and none of the taste. Eggs Benedict is also a dish that allows Bob to recycle those eggs that stayed under the heat lamp too long, a great recycling program. Bob considers himself a Green (which, I'm not sure is a badge of honor when you're in the egg business, unless you’re Dr. Seuss). Next, fry up a piece of bologna and place it on top of the eggs. Top the eggs with sauce. Use outdated package Hollandaise sauce, replacing butter with the cheapest margarine you can find. If packaged Hollandaise sauce is unavailable, melt some processed cheese food over it.

Sage’s note: Although Bob Evans doesn’t serve alcohol (it sounds like he should be a distiller of cheap bourbon), if you making this at home you might compliment it with a aged bottle of Boone’s Farm or MD-80 wine. As for where the name Egg Benedict came from, supposedly it was first served to Benedict Arnold by an American Loyalist, in an attempt to poison him after he changed sides and joined the British.

Other things happening in the world:

Congratulations: Be sure to stop over and congratulate Ed Abbey and the Misses on the birth of Little Abbey! You might include some helpful hints about diaper changing and midnight feedings. Let’s pray that Little Abbey is out of the hospital soon so she can enjoy the nursery Ed has been remodeling for the past nine months.

A Couple Sites I'm Enjoying: For incredible storytelling (check out his post about male bathroom ediquette), look up Bone. And for some wonderful poetry, visit Pat Paulk at Laughing Ghost. Ever wonder why all the best writers are from the South? I’ll have to add both to my blogroll when I get around to it.

More about food: Laurie, down in the Old North State and already on my blogroll, is trying to eat locally produced food. She recently had a link to the best food in NC. If you can’t eat locally, at least make sure it’s from North Carolina! Check out the quiche dish, they don’t serve that at Bob Evans (and notice, Bob didn’t even make the “honorable mention” list).

Some more speaking about food: I've been pretty busy lately (which is why I haven't been blogging as much), but I did get around yesterday to cooking for the contractors who are volunteering at the Habatit for Humanity's "Blitz Build." There are some 400 houses being built this week across the nation, one just outside of our little town. A couple of us fed about 25 construction workers (boy can they eat!). Lunch was a dutch oven feast of baked chicken, potatoes and onions, salad, cobbler and ice cream. Of course, the salad and ice cream didn't get cooked in the dutch ovens.

And finally, a softball update, we beat the Assembly of God Church last night by some incredible amount (I stopped paying attention when we were up 19 to 3). I played half the game, went two for four, scoring one run. Although they’re not nearly as good as our rivals, the Baptists, they seem to have more fun as they don’t take the game as seriously.


  1. Oh, sure...start off my day with talk of yummy foods. evil!

    I played softball for years and was quite serious about it. Then I played just for fun and it was such a joy. No pressure, just fun.

  2. Quit speakin' of food... ya hear me! I'm in one of those *eat everything that's not nailed down* days! {grin}

    But I'll pass on Bob Evans after the enlightenment. {{double grin}}

  3. Thanks for the nod, Sage. The Eat Local Challenge month ended May 31, so I'm not as strict now, as you could see if you could see the chocolate covered pretzels on my desk. But I'm doing my normal thing, which is probably about half local.

    I keep seeing those Bob Evans places but have stopped there, now I certainly never will!

  4. Sage, you think anyone will want to go to Bob Evans after what you just wrote? ;)

    But the food you helped make for the Habitat for Humanity "Blitz Build" sounds oh so delicious!

  5. lot more fun when both teams are out to have a good time!

    Bob Evans must have been a really bad experience to get dishonorable mentions today too! LOL

    congrats on the win

  6. Thanks for feeding HFH volunteers!

    And we don't have Bob Evans around here. I wonder, do Denny's and IHOP serve a mean Eggs Benedict or are they in the Bob Evans category as well?

    So what's your softball team's record so far?

  7. Dawn, you can't really think the White Trash Eggs sound good--of course, I know you're talking about the dutch oven dinners and being from AZ, you probably know what I'm talking about.

    Karen, I'm the same way about eating--don't put it in front of me.

    Laurie, You're eat locally challenge was an interesting concept--up here we'd have to do it a little later in thesummer if we wanted to get good food.

    Tim, I'm not a big fan of chain restuarants anyway, but the food at Bob Evans wasn't bad, it was just odd that a breakfast place couldn't poach an egg.

    Kontan, I'm getting too old to play ball too seriously!

    V, we're 3-0. They played last night and i wasn't able to be there do to a meeting I had to be at for work. Actually, I'm going to miss a lot of the games over the next two weeks due to traveling and also will miss some in mid-July including the tournment due to vacation.

  8. I agree with you about liking this book less than I liked Blue Like Jazz, but this one is definately bringing all of my longings for change and newness to the surface. It makes me want to pack up and hit the road. Which is dangerous, because it's so tempting!

  9. Ewwww. Glad we don't have Bob Evans around here.

  10. Well now, guess which vegetarian won't be trying Bob Evan's egg on bologna on stale bread coated with yellow/orange sauce? ;-)

    All the great writers aren't just from the south, my friend. Ing is fab and in northern Cal, for one!

    I do like a game of softball. Yahoo at winning! I didn't know Baptists were allowed to play, by the way (come to think of it). Only in America, but then...

    thanks for saying hello! Sorry that I have been lax in responding. Busy bee me. I might look human, but I'm a busy bee.


  11. Hey Whitney, welcome. I reviewed the book "Through Painted Deserts" back in February. See: http://sagecoveredhills.blogspot.com/2006/02/lifes-journey-two-book-reviews.html

    Poopie, I'm going probably have Bob Evans hit men come after me.

    Ginab, yes, ing is a good writer and so are you (and I don't think you're from the south). I was just promoting my homeland from where many fine authors have either come or have sojournered.

  12. OK, I've had a stomach virus for the past two days and reading this recipe is going to give me a relapse. Thanks a lot! ;)

    Looking forward to your Coulter rant. I got two hits from Google searches SECONDS after I posted it. I'm hoping people will go to Amazon and post comments there as well.

  13. Thanks for the visit, Sage. I guess you heard Ann's latest gaffe. I cannot believe she said what she did about the 9/11 wives. he ought to be banned from print, radio and TV.

  14. Sage, I just noticed the link to Garrison Keillor in your sidebar. He has been one of vaforites ever since I happened onto a Prairie Hom Companion on day on PBS and loved it with a passion. Thanks for that link. I will read it everyday!

  15. I'm surprised I didn't get a mention in your 'other news' section rofl ;)

  16. LOL... great recipe. If I ever use it, I'll be sure and give you the credit! ;-)

    Hello from Michele's

  17. I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants either and have never eaten at a Bob Evans. I have several working theories on restaurants. First, any restaurant named after the owner's first name is likely to be good so that they don't ruin their reputation. Eat at Lucy's but don't eat at Grandma's. Second, the more calanders hanging on the walls, the better. A five calander place is better than a one calander place. Finally, I look to see where the local police cars are parked. They know the town inside and out and where they go, is probably where the best food is located. So by following those three rules and avoiding chain restaurants, I rarely go wrong.